The Processing gang have just released a new version. Syntax changes and bugfix details are here, and there’s a new thread on tutorials and resources in the Processing forum.

Download link! Or of course you could just start Processing, it will tell you all about the download page.

via Random Etc

  • Dont you mean version 0117?


  • Haha. 0117 was mentioned when I made the post but not yet released. They are fast

  • Wow, that was brisk. The most significant changes still seem to be in 0117: a long-awaited, massive overhaul to PImage (which I'm guessing will finally make copying image data into PImage objects, etc., much easier), support for JOGL 1.0 final, and lots and lots of bugfixes and performance improvements. This is sort of the major clean-up release, with more significant changes to Processing presumably to follow (based on previous messages).

  • Let's try version 0118!
    Most recent version listed is 0118.. Im sure by the time you read this and blink it might be 0119..