Matt writes us to let us know he’s gotten his hands on Akai’s MPD24 MIDI pad controller, which just started shipping. (I know some of you have already purchased one and are still waiting to get it!) He’s got some first impressions up with a series of photos, to give you a better sense of the hardware:

Matt writes: “I’m absolutely LOVIN the MPD24 so far, had it almost a week now :)” and asks if we’re reading for some “gadget drooling.”

Akai MPD24 MIDI Pad Controller Review [MakeTunes]

The MPD24 looks terrific for someone wanting a real MPC-style experience from your controller, while still using your favorite software. I still like the Korg kontrolPAD for its X/Y touch controller, more compact design, and emphasis on drum performance, but the MPD24 looks good if you want additional controls. The big question for me, though, is how the pads compare to Akai’s MPD16, the Korg, and the M-Audio Trigger Finger. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a unit soon.

  • I really dont like the m-audio's pads… Anyone know if the mpd feels like a mpc2000?

  • same pads i hear

  • i love my padKontrol, nice and thin and the x/y pad has so many uses for me beyond rolls and flams.

    but i like that the mpd24 has some more knobs then the padKontrol.

  • cyran

    is this a left-handed model? shouldn't the knobs be on the left? i always use my right to play and my left to tweak, this just seems backwards.

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  • Swann

    I just purchased the mpd24 and i can tell you this product is awesome

    i currently own a microkontrol but the mpd as actually changed the

    way i produce my music it feels more like your programing on sampler

    then a controller but what i have learned is this controller as much more

    use than just drum programing i have been laying down everything from

    bass-lines to leads strings and violins it makes everything sound much

    faster and expressive pads make you it notes you would normally would not even try on a regular keyboard if you produce hip-hop pad controller is a must in my opinion the lcd is as cool has it gets and

    makes using the mpd easy and inviting when you play the mpd it feels

    exactly like the mpc this is a very sold unit the build quality is excellent

    the pads are very sensitive and feel good not to knock the m-audio

    trigger finger or the roland but the mpd is much better then either

    one of these units the mpd for the price is the biggest bang for the

    buck product i have seen if you have always banged out your beats

    like me on your keyboard you will be kicking your self after you

    use the mpd it will change the way you produce your beats it

    even gives you that chopped up mpc sound love it.

  • I have the new mpd24 i am using protools i have tryed for todays to get sound out of the thing with no sucess maybe i have it hooked up wrong any body no how.

  • kstyles

    Hi Swann ! I also purchased the mpd 24 ! Got some questions though ! I connected everythin to reason ! works fine besides that some faders are not really recognized… 1st question : HOW did u get the faders workin how did u connect ? standard usb device ? maybe thats wrong? My other question is: how can i programm a sequenz ? i mean isnt it possible to save a drum loop or sth ?! i dont get how ? i have to play everythin by myself , i mean if i want to make a whole beat i would first have to play the drums live and record them … afterwards the bassline by the same way … that sucks … is there any other way ?! i mean programming the drums i played so mpd24 plays them buy itself so i only need to lay an baseline over it and save that again … ! I Mean does mpd support somethin like this as an mpc does ?!

  • rufio

    i wanted to know if i can use this with a new macbook it runs on mac intel

  • hey KSTYLES,

    First, to get your application to recognize the midi inputs; right click and assign to controller….move the knob, slider, etc…done deal. that pattern sequence thing your speaking of is easily accomplished. I haven't acquired the MPD24 yet, but i do have the MPD16. Regardless using Reason or FL you will play out each section, the MPD wont play it, its MIDI its only sending information, not notes, the sequencer your using is doing that for you. start recording, bang out your pattern, go to a new track (or instrument) while the other tracks are playing bang out another and so on. Individually go in and tweak the patterns for timing. I work my pads like a MPC utilizing DR REX, sampler editors, and the MPD utility.

    hope that helps.

  • lanre

    i just bought mpd24, but can't get it to record from audio source.i just wanna know if it can record from sources, like turntable or cd? And how

    can i connect it?


  • AntHill

    LANRE. It is just a controller. U will need a mixer of some sort that is connected to your computer to sample from a piece of hardware. Think of it this way. An MPC is a sampler with pads. These are just the pads and the computer is the actual sampler.

  • I cant record on reason with the MPD 24. If anyone knows something i can do please email at Really appreciate it

  • BiGcHiPS

    I'm Thinking about coppin' a MPD24 and I was wondering can I studio produce with it and if so what application(s) would be the best.Also whats the diffrence from the rest of it's MPC fam, and how easy is it to sample on it.

  • I just got my Akai mpd 24..Im used to mpc 2000 xl and am having trouble getting started as far as recording sequences..please sombody help me ..what program do i need to record ?? and how can i put samples i have on cds to the pads????having trouble here HELP??????PLEASE

  • biotic

    hey….download fruity loops 7 or which ever one then go to fruity loops then go to midi settings then hit enable on evry audio device then go to plugin presets then go to generartors then go to FPC then right click empty then select it to the channel then drag your drums to the pads.

  • I have an mpd24 and a m-audio 88 keystation hooked up to reason the mpd will play sound but wont record.

  • dj-ss

    i want to know how you can get the controllers knobs and sliders to stay the same every time you load up fl studio. because every time i re-load i have to re-assign the sliders and knobs. if anybody can help it will be much appreciated.

  • nki

    For those with problems getting the mpd24 controller to work with reason, go download the reason controller map files from the Akai website. They come with instructions, follow them and your record problems will be fixed. đŸ™‚

  • Craig

    hi everyone

    I bought a mpd24 but I'm a extremely no sense of music. I just want to play mpd24 like someone in the video(Youtobe). I got Logic and live 7 and I am mac user. So how can I start to play the mpd24. I mean should I download some samples to my computer first? And is there any mpd24 with software teaching on-line? Please show me. Thanks a lot~~

  • Heres all the help youll need with the MPD and Reason software.. its the only online tutorial online so far.. it got mine going in just a few min.. and the driver software download is there too.. check it on out and good luck! its at: