We’re not going to be satisfied until every touch controller in the house is functioning as an X/Y pad for music. Nintendo DS? Check. Wacom tablet? Tablet PC? Claro que si. So what’s up with your Palm? That stylus isn’t doing anything. miniMusic has the hookup:

AxisPad miniMusic [Product Page]

Interestingly, the X/Y pad here can both control internal sounds (designed in miniMusic’s own software), or act as a MIDI controller for sending data to other devices or software. US$19.95, with a full demo available; could be worth it as illustrated below. miniMusic also make various other nice tools for the Palm platform, this being just one of them.

In fact, the only hardware left out is the Windows Mobile / PocketPC platform, unless anyone knows of a solution. (I wonder if miniMusic’s stuff will work with StyleTap, which lets you run Palm software on Windows Mobile gear.)

Other X/Y controllers? Do let us know.

  • Stefan Nowak

    There is a Pocket PC application called PPC Tablet which could be useful. It doesn't transmit MIDI but lets you create an interface of buttons and mouse pads on the Pocket PC which a server application on your host PC interprets. You can specify what keystrokes the Pocket PC client sends to the host so it would be quite straightforward to create something that works with an application such as Live that can accept key commands. I have successfully tested this with a Wireless link to Live (you can also use Active Sync via a cable or bluetooth). You can also use it with other applications such as Powerpoint and Media Player and it has built-in templates to do that but designing your own is very easy. Its worth a try as you can download a fully-working 15 day trial and the full app is only $16.

  • Reset

    This is the most interesting thing I heard about using these new PDA right to a creative way so long…tnx S:)