One music tour in 2006 may pack more lines of code and more IQ points than any other: the meeting of BT and Thomas Dolby. This should be a really fantastic tour given the buzz on each artist lately, and if you want to see people doing unique stuff with computers as performance instruments, this should be it. Thomas Dolby just posted his tour dates on his blog:

Thomas Dolby; An Evening with BT and Thomas Dolby 2006
BT and Thomas tour flyer

US-only, but a fair number of cities, so check to see if the show is coming to your town. If you’re on the other side of the world, there’s a DVD on its way, too; more on that soon. And, as pictured below, “it’s good to be the Dolby.” (Circumstances explained by Thomas — “it was sometimes hard to keep my concentration.” Yep, I know most of my gigs tend to go this way.)

Let us know if you make this one (I’ll try on the East Coast). Know of other musical events around the world we shouldn’t miss? We’ve got readers all over the planet, so do let us know; stop by the forums. (And we’re still interested in that calendar idea.)

  • D

    Any cute girls headed to the House of Blues Anaheim on Nov. 28? I need a date. 🙁

  • D

    (kidding i swear)

  • Svensyntetics

    If you like to see a realy fat bombastic live multimediasow look out for some Gigs of COLDCUT. At the Moment they just touring in November and December in Europe. There are a lot of Laptops on the Stage, but none of them looking the same. They doing live Graphix…A Scratcher, Rapper and Singer is with them. it is one of the biggest coolest Things I ever see…COLDCUT LIVE

  • Nicholas Vegas

    I saw Thomas Dolby about 20 years ago as the Earth still was Flat. But i never left to follow his IMHO genius works so that i would be glad to have the possibility to see him again.

    ( and thsi girls too of course ;))

    but unfortunatly i live here in Europe.

    So lets wait & see whats happend.


  • Alex

    no love for boston :'(

  • Damon

    Despite BT's mega pretty boy good looks, Mr. Dolby still manages to look way more charismatic in that promo poster. No substitute for character.

  • Well…I live in Houston and Texas is getting a lot of love -> Houston, Austin & Dallas. I'll post later.

  • deb

    hey, just to let you know that my friend and co-conspirator Ben Grossman is on the tour in the BT band. Electro acoustic Hurdy Gurdy. I'm serious. check out his site, there is some amazing stuff on it:

    (i don't know how to make this a link, so i guess cut and paste is the way to do it)

  • bliss

    I love this site! I swear. 🙂

  • Rozling

    Gah! It seems I am doomed never to see BT live – missed his recent LA gig by a matter of hours and happen to be leaving NY just before this one. European tour please!