You’ve waited. You’ve suffered. Some of you bought Intel Macs and couldn’t run your plug-ins. Others have been holding off on that slick new MacBook while your PowerBook dies a slow, prolonged death. Finally, though, the final wave of plug-ins are coming to the Intel Macs. There are still more to come, but the pace seems to be quickening.

From Arturia, both the CS-80V and minimoog V are now Universal Binaries. (I’m still waiting on the TimewARP 2600 Mac Intel release from Wayoutware, speaking of emulation.) Okay, that’s not actually the CS-80V plug-in pictured here; it’s Arturia’s image of the original Yamaha keyboard. I hear that doesn’t need an Intel Mac update, incidentally, though a black MacBook would look awfully cute next to one. Old meets new, and whatnot.

From Antares, best known for AutoTune, the AVOX (Antares Vocal Toolkit) has made the leap (along with AutoTune) to Mac Intel, in both native and (Pro Tools) TDM versions.

IK Multimedia‘s popular SampleTank has added Intel Mac compatibility, and the upgrade is completely free for v2 users. This release also adds Pro Tools 7 support, better search, better program change support, and other enhancements. (Thanks for making it free, IK; I wish more developers would follow suit!)

My personal pick of the Intel Mac update litter this week that you might have missed, though, is the new 0.93 version of Plogue Bidule:

Plogue Bidule 0.93 update

Plogue is a bit of the underdog in the hosting category, part host, part modular environment a la Max. It’s got a few fans here among CDM readers, though. The new release adds a “split by note” MIDI Splitter. (Erm, not sure why they’re just adding that now, but carry on!) More interesting: AU sidechain effects. For power users who want control over their host, Bidule could be the way to go (it’s also on Windows). I hope this is also the way the Max/MSP interface will go: zoomable, OpenGL-based interface, and pretty patch cords, not to mention true OSC integration (client/server).

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  • I think a 'split by note' would be great to let us record polyphonic midi performances on our external Mono synths.

    That is, a 3 part harmony could be split by note. Each time through playing the MIDI file, we enable one of the three splits and send that to the monosynth, yada yada.

    (this all depends on how split-by-note works, but a feature like the above is what I've been wating for my whole life)

  • Janus

    I've got an old DAW (PC) with 3 Creamware Scope pro bords. The trouble is that Creamware is no longer an operational company, and therefor no longer provide any drivers or software for these boards. I know that the isue of PCI Vs. PCI-express can be solved with a magma casis. but it does not solve the problem of trying to run the software on a universal binary. so as of now I am stuck with an old PC that will not let pro tools run on it and a mac pro that might not be able to run the Scope software. and due to the price of magma casis I am not just gonna buy one before I have assurens that it will work. I would be extremely happy if I could get some kind of solution.