Quick: you’re building a massively parallel, powerful supercomputer cluster! What computer will you use as a node? Why, the hugely-powerful Commodore 64, of course, silly! And then you’ll write music for your sixteen Commodore machines:

The Vintage Computer Festival has selected Commodore 64 Orchestra to be the first to [sic] the historic Commodore 64 Parallel Super-Computer. The project is slated for completion for exhibition at VCF 6.0, where the 20th anniversary of the Commodore 64 will be celebrated. The first prototype will utilize 16 Commodore 64 machines in sync with a musical application that Commodore 64 Orchestra will program to write its Symphony No 1. series. Founder Nico of the Commodore 64 Orchestra states that “We are pleased to have been chosen to compose on the world’s first Commodore 64 Parallel Super-Computer and would like to thank The Vintage Computer Festival for their support and vision.” The Vintage Computer Festival is an international event that celebrates the history of computing. The mission of the Vintage Computer Festival is to promote the preservation of “obsolete” computers by offering people a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution.

Commodore 64 Orchestra [MySpace Page]

My only question: 20th Anniversary of what? (The C64 was released 24 years ago, in 1982.) Update with answer: James from Retro Thing observes this is probably actually old (2003) news. Obviously, I’m familiar with the C64 Orchestra … not sure why they’re commenting on this now. But since 2003 is part of the Age Before CDM, feel free to go check out that MySpace page now and rock out to some happy 8-bit, while I wonder if between this and the pornographic 8-bit image I just posted accidentally, today was the day I got punked. 😉

  • Is it just me or is there a pornographic picture on that screen?

  • octatone

    NSFW at all. lol.

    Peter LOOK at your images before posting them.

  • frank line

    nice image. fun for the whole family! lmao! you're killing me, peter!

  • Jeez, I don't know what's on your mind today, guys. Everything's totally innocent in this story now.

    (Okay, yeah, just changed it so I don't get anyone fired. The MySpace page of the C64 Orchestra is a little … unusual. And I evidently am VERY easily distracted by retro computer equipment.)

  • frank line

    ahh…much more civilized (admittedly less funny though…)

  • Oh, BELIEVE me, the fact that I did that made me laugh harder than the image ever could have.

  • I suspect the "massively parallel C-64 project" was intended for the 64's 20th birthday. After all, VCF 6.0 ran October 11th-12th, 2003.

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