I’ve managed to acquire a Wii remote — tricky commodity to find these days — and have gotten it up and working with both Windows and Mac. Here’s another quick teaser: Mac users are going to be in for a tougher ride as far as live music and visual control, as the BlueSoleil Bluetooth software for Windows (the one I’d recommend for any PC-based Bluetooth activities) is more cooperative about pairing. (By comparison, the homebrew Wii efforts are having to hack their own app for pairing on the Mac from scratch because OS X refuses to do it!) I haven’t tried Linux yet, but it looks like work there is progressing nicely.

More soon, but in the meantime, the good news is that the main Wii hacking site, Wiili, has found a .Mac mirror:
Wiili Wiimote

That should be your first stop for answering any questions. (Just go easy on their server. Save to a local file and then let it cool down!)

Early next week, I’ll have a music report for you, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can join our forum and share your experiences (like the first challenge, which is finding Nintendo hardware):

Wii Remote Music + Visual Control

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  • A. Silva

    why don't they use the same technology as an interective glove instead of the remote control for the Wii System, it's a lot easier than the remote control that is causing all the accidents and incidents.

  • Julian

    Just curious,

    the new PS3 controllers are BT based as well.

    Has ny1 tried hooking those up to a mac ???

  • If the PS3 controllers use the HID joystick service, then the procedure for using them should be nearly identical. (HID = Human Interface Device; class-compliant, in other words.)

    I think having an object to hold makes a lot of sense, personally. You would have difficulty containing the sensors and circuits (and vibration function!) in a glove without making it somewhat uncomfortable — which even the PowerGloves were (with fewer components). And an object lets you more easily access conventional buttons / d-pads. Anyone who's throwing these things around the room is likely to have problems with damage from devices other than just the Wii controller. 😉

  • cmora

    My name is Carlos and trying to control Ableton live and couldn`t until today. Notice that the only function that respond my Wii control are the buttons, but not the movement (X, Y, Z).

    Can you help me to fix this problem?

    Tks in advance,

    Carlos Morra