I’ve tried, Behringer, really I have. I’ve tried to support and defend you, to explain your quirks and help people use your promising but terribly flawed BCD2000. How do you repay me? You make some OSX drivers, fix compatibility with Traktor, give the BCD2000 a new coat of paint and then sell it as the BCD3000.

There is time, however. You can save yourselves from utter scumbagdom (at least in my eyes). This thing is obviously the same hardware as the BCD2000, so you can do it. Update the BCD2000 drivers and firmware and we’ll never speak of this again.

The alternative is to get crushed by Numark’s NuVJ and Total Control/ION’s iCue, Vestax’ VCI-100, MAudio’s Xponent… Seriously people, when the BCD2000 was announced it was basically the only kid on the block at the price point, 18 months later there are similarly functioned devices from all of the major players, and all you’ve managed is a coat of paint and platform support which was put together by a hacker sniffing USB packets?

Dude, ouch.

  • Adrian Anders

    Funny that they're dumping their attempt at DJ Software (a cut-down version of XYLIO's Futuredecks) in favor of Traktor LE…

    But that's behringer for you, they're a bit flakey when it comes to aftermarket support.

    I'm SOOOOO glad I've waited until this year to pick up a DJ MIDI controller. Right now it's a toss up between the new Torq Xponent & the Vestax VCI-100. It all depends on how the reviews are for it, and what the value for money ratio between the two are. I like the Torq offering because of the integrated soundcard and the bundled software, but the Vestax offering will have the better faders and other controllers for sure.

    Tough to say, all I know is that I'll be way happier with either of those over the BCD3000 which this year looks like a fucking toy when compared to the new stuff coming our way.

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  • So, does this mean Behringer ripped off their own product this year, essentially re-releasing the BCD2000?

    Personally, I'm a bit excited about Korg's Zero4 and Zero8, but I don't need the jog wheels.


  • Kako

    The Exponent and Vestax are both way pricier than BCD (499 for Vestax, 749 for Exponent). They are in another price range – and quality.

    Which is not a excuse for Behringer. I would like that BCD3000 is the same hardware as the 2000, but I guess that there are differences in firmware. And I doubt that BCD2000 is upgradable.

    Let´s wait and see. I have a BCD2000, and, *for the price*, and with the tweaks made by some heroes at Traktor forum, it works very well.

  • the products against which you compare this "new" product cost at LEAST twice as much, maybe even more… so yeah this is a real low blow from behringer, but there is no comparison as far as price… maybe this will drive the 2000 prices even lower šŸ˜›


  • cyran

    Behringer gives us more reasons every year to stay the F away from them. hell, they are so bad, i need to get rid of my "B" pachbay… nasty.

  • PsyClone

    Does anyone know if this thing is going to use USB2.0? The bcd2000 was an absolute rip off for me. I have not been able to use it with my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop (which i bought especially for the portable dj factor), because the laptop's usb ports are too new, and behringer havent made drivers to fix it yet. It works for a bit then freezes, and/or creates a horrible digital distortion. Its no wonder people are sceptical at laptop dj's, with crap like this on the market

  • The BCD2000 had great promise, and it was way ahead of the other manufacturers.. It's just saddening to see that in over a year Behringer haven't been able to improve it past fixing the original compatibility problems with the device.

    The other B-Control devices (BCR, BCF) are absolutely superb kit. If you're staying away from Behringer because of their reputation then you're ruling out some excellent gear…

    Unfortunately, as SelArom has noted, the BCD3000 is still very competitive on price. The (apparent) out of the box Traktor compatibility will definitely pull some sales away from the other recently released DJ controllers. Perhaps the others will think about pricing revisions.

    PsyClone: There was a driver patch which was supposed to fix problems with Dell laptops, have you tried that?

    USB2 isn't required for a device like this. USB1.1 can easily handle the bandwidth requirements for 4 channel audio + MIDI.

  • Duke4ever

    PsyClone: freeze problem has nothing to do with USB 1.1 : it is related to onboard wifi (don't ask me why!! šŸ˜‰ so just disable your wifi while DJing with your BCD2000 and you'll be just fine šŸ™‚

  • Sean

    Man now i am really pis*ed off! Why are behronger being so stokey. Do you think there is any chance that BCD2000 users will be able to download some driver thing to make it run as smoothly as this "new" 3000

  • PsyClone

    Yeah I tried the driver patch and disabled wifi plus other hardware that would cause problems,and also installed windows hotfix KB898108 and still no luck. Admittedly its a little better, like the freezing doesnt happen anymore, but i still get digital distortion creeping into the mix. As for the driver update, it fixes problems with intel 82801FB host controllers, but not the new 82801G's, such as mine. Guess I'll just have to put my life on hold while behringer decide whether or not they want to support the people who give them money.

  • DLJM

    *spits coke across the room* the long awaited OS X drivers. Dirty bastards.

    I'm finally going back to retailer xyz tomorrow and taking my 2000 back with the list of build quality faults about to grow substantially within the next ten minutes.

    *deservedly annoyed smile*

  • Gilbert Bernstein

    Not to trivialize how much this sucks for everyone who has a BCD2000, but if you don't have one this could (possibly) be really good news.

    I had been eyeing the BCD2000 for a while, since I don't really have much gear to speak of–I'm just getting started with electronic music/visuals. I really need an audio interface for my laptop, (preferrably at least 4×4 in case I want to use turntables/Ms. Pinky as controllers) and I need some better midi controls (ie. buttons/knobs/sliders) than my usb keyboard provides. (one mod wheel) I'm a little bit dismayed about them bumping the price up to $300 (US) but if this works, it might be a really good all in one hardware solution on a budget.

  • Honestly, people, stop bitching and moaning, Behringer brought this product to you at an amazingly knock down price, At the time i was looking for a dj mixer and standard Vinyl mixer were near the price of this one, as far as i'm concerned, i learned how to use the BCD2000 within hours and have done MANY, MANY mixsets with this amazing machine.

    If your expecting to win the DMC championships by using the scratch feature on this then forget it, you will only get the vinyl feel of scratching with final scratch, and that's all there is to it.

    Everyone's knocks Behringer but they have always been innovators to me, and they're support is not very good because we have all bitching and moaning people out there who don't know when to respect such a cheap and quality leader in the music industry with respect.

    By the way, they probably can't upgrade the BCD2000 to 3000 specs using firmware upgrades as they have changed the smoothness in the product.


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  • Bo

    Put a soundcard in the new Numark total controller and ill throw my BCD2000 away … untill that happends, I love my BCD2000 šŸ™‚

  • Ayoub

    BCD2000 for $150, is still lot of hardware for your money (only if it works as advertised)

    Jaymis,thank you from keeping me away from BCD2000, I will wait till somene puts his hands on BCD3000 when it is released to the public Apr07, remember BCD2000 was delayed for a year.

  • is the 3000 out now ?? I see so many places to buy it for 200 dollars, and the 2000 for 150.

    what are the reviews on the 3000 ?

    Im new to House DJing, used to be a vinyl hip hopper in 1995, let the hobby go for a few years, but now I want back in with Mp3's. But I want to start slow, cheap, and easy, yea sure a Pioneer midi mixer for 1500 is great, but to get the feel of mixing tribal and house, would the 3000 get me going using my new Macbook Pro ?

  • it looks da same but my biggest prob with da older version was da fact I couldnt plug in a "balanced" XLR 2 it w/o using another mixer which effected my blends N cuts…… real nitemare if u know what I mean… N E ways I was hoping dat da jog wheels would be bigger, but Ive got use 2 the smaller jogS or atleast raise da jog wheels 2 avoid hitting da volume dats right beside da jog wheels

    other then that, if it doesnt crash as much as da 2000 does at times Ill upgrade 2 this one

    BCD2000 won me 4 good when I found out dat da VCI-100 had no soundcard!!!!

  • Ayoub

    Is this thing out ye, or do we have to wait another year

    I’m fed up looking for availability

    Is there a better alternative midi controller with dual sound output like the bcd3000???

  • Rich

    Sell it on ebay,

    dont frustrate yourself and spend hours looking on the forums for a fix.

    I tried, i really tried, its seems your doomed if you use a laptop with the bcd 2000.

    I got 75% of its value back on ebay and was extremely thankful for it because to me it was completely worthless, wouldn't work on its own software.

    Such a shame because you can taste the potential use of the thing. Seems completely stupid of Behringer not to support it and turn it into a world beater.

  • underbiteman

    The two are completely different hardware! You obviously didn't notice that the cue and play buttons are reversed on 3000. A Feature I didn't even know I wanted. Thank you Behringer. Here is my money.

  • Errol Doherty

    Can someone please answer one question for me?

    Well, more than one actually, now that i`ve started!

    I bought a bcd 2000 about 5 months ago.

    It was opened, and then put back in the bloddy box again!

    I have tried, oh God, how i have tried to get it working!

    But all i get is a console that makes the software jump, ie. the volume on screen and the pitch bend etc.

    And sometimes, it feels the need to just, shutdown.

    I dJ in a small venue, i thought that this would be ok to use, i was wrong!

    Everyone on here, seems to be a computer graduate, no offence, it`s actually a complement.

    And i really can`t make any sense of the techical jargon you use.

    Does anyone know of a dj software programme, that i can buy/download, that is already configured for the damn machine?

    Thanks in advance,


  • matt

    I bought the Bcd 3000 last month and used it for a dj gig, it continued to freeze once tractor shut down, I had to get new gear brought in it was the worst show ever!!

    As much as i wanted to throw the bcd 3000 through the window, i have used it several times and while it gets better, and the sound quality and features are good I cant really mix so called "liquid" sets while it keeps freezing.

    I have a brand new laptop, sony viao 1.86 duo 2 processor with vista, 2 gig of DDR and 50 gig free space on my local hard drive, however i use my external 320 gig hard drive through a usb to play my music files, Ive tried to get support through Native Instuments but it keeps telling me to update my version which i did and it still tells me to up date!!

    pretty frustrated can anyone tell me how to stop this freezing ,

    thanks, Matt

  • ayoub

    BDC3000 finally arrived, wow what a toy, I think this thing should keep me busy till new years party just to get it running as it should. I had so many problems as this beast is very fussy on the hardware requirements. I had many problems with Traktor mainly pauses, hiccups, crashes and shutdowns, you name it I had it, but these problems are mostly related to my computer(s) and not to the BCD3000, in the five days that I had the BCD3000 I have learned the following essential rules.

    1. Always connect the BCD3000 to the same USB socket. The driver will not recognize BCD3000 if connoted to another USB and will set up the BCD3000 as a normal USB audio device.

    2. Follow the installation instructions on the screen by the letter, this is not a standard driver installation, we all get excited when we see this bountiful gadget and rush things. Your have to run the installation software first and then connect and power up the bcd3000.

    3. Make sure that your hard drives and your IDE ATA/ATAPI are set to the highest UDMA level. This is the cause for the 5sec. pause, mine was set for PIO mode, this will also help your windows boot mush faster.

    4. Make sure that your music files are not corrupt and have a PERFECT ID tags and file names with real characters, other wise Traktor will crash when browsing or adding files to library. Mine still crashes as my library is huge and needs a lot of cleaning.

    5. Make sure that you analyze ALL your track collection before doing any serious work as file analysis consumes all you CPU usage, this I discovered the reason for hiccups especially when loading un analyzed files.

    After all that has been said, things are running in a satisfactory manner but not reliable enough for a 4 hour live gig performance, still lots of work needs to be done by me and Behringer to get this thing to a higher class of performance, perhaps NI with Traktor DJ Studio 3 can publish a MIDI file to work with BCD3000 with the lights like in the Traktor LE version.

    THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT and for $200.00 at your door step it is a bargin.

    So many thing to say but I will leave that for later time

  • Edwin Rietmeijer

    Thankfully I didn't pay store-price for this panora's box, it would've been a reasonably good buy i f the software didnt keep crashing on me! After about an hour of fiddling I would have to push buttons twice to get a single reaction out of the damn thing, and every once in a while the damn software crashes and reboots my pc without even asking! Don't be surpised if you see a BCD2000 on ebay for a knock-off price. Either that or I'll probably tossed the thing out the window. Behringer, do your homework!

  • Mini

    I used the BCD 2000 since it cameout a while back. Very few probs with it crashing Traktor 3 on a Centrino 1.5Ghz with 1GB ram and done lots of gigs with it. Almost every time though had the same startup probs as Ayoub mentions about which USB port it is plugged into. If you get this wrong its Re-installing the drivers, reboot PC and console, sometimes several times to get it working. Major hassle! Once up though, pretty stable. As Ayeoub also suggests, anaylsing tracks 'on the fly' isnt the best and probably the reason for most folks crashes or distortion. I pretty much always used live with an external soundcard (Edirol FA101)and mixer (DJM–500)and just used the BCD for midi control. This probably took a fair bit of load off it. If using it in standalone mode all functions worked fine, except the jog wheels of course :-. Sound was reasonable for the price, except the headphone amp which was very poor and renders it totally useless for monitoring above any moderate PA. Dont know if this was improved in the 3000, but i'd not reccommend using the 2000 for sound in anything other than a domestic hi-fi or low level pub gigs unless with an external soundcard and DJ mixer. I now using an AKAI mpd24 so that i can control 4 channels. I only need Play, tempo bend up, tempo bend down, loop on/off.

    I think the BCD2000 is a fantastic product for the money – great for midi control – limited by budget sound quality. What more do you expect from £100-130?

  • PsyClone

    Hey if anyone is able to get their bcd2000 to work on a laptop withno problems and no mucking about endlessly with system configuration can you please post your setup here? Cheers.

  • Noah

    I've been using the 2000 for the last 3 months or so for live and studio gigs and have never, I repeat NEVER, had a problem with it. No freezing, no glitches, no crashes.

    It took me 30 minutes to get set up, another couple hours to tweak to my satisfaction, and viola. Nothing but pure fun.

    I'm running a 2 year old Vaio, 1.2 ghz, 1 gig of ram, 80 gig internal HD. Nothing fancy, nothing clever. Windows XP, however. I wouldn't trust Vista at all, and I did notice that it helped to turn my wireless card off. But otherwise, smooth as a whistle!

    One word for dead easy set up – Midi Rules

    Hope that helps. I just bought my 3000 and am eager to get rocking again.



  • PsyClone

    Cheers Noah,

    Is it a what sort of CPU and Chipset, if you know it?

    I figure I'll just buy another lappy

    Thanks again

  • PsyClone

    Thanks Noah,

    Do you know the chipset and processor?

    I think some chipsets (like mine) just cant cut it, and I would've picked Sony as being one of the few that can.

    Thanks again, I think I'll be getting a new laptop.

  • PsyClone


    sorry thought it didnt work the first time so I retyped it…

  • I have a BCD2000 which I bought from suggestions from others. I did have my problems as well with the hardware (especially with the bundled B-DJ program), but it works well enough for me to use in live settings.

    I used Virtual DJ 5.0rev2 with the BCD2000 2.1 Mapper and it is so much fun with the mapper. Read the documentation and have fun! It makes the BCD2000 have almost complete control of Virtual DJ. I am having so much fun now. I have some freezing audio issues sometimes, that I think is attributed to the ASIO drivers. Behringer needs to bug test the driver with Virtual DJ and fix it. There has not been a driver update in a long time and I still read of problems like the ones posted above. I want to love Behringer since when the product works it works really well, but it is hard with the issues I sometimes have. I can use it for fast scratching with no problems as well

    @ Errol Doherty

    You can use Virtual DJ with the BCD2000 2.1 Mapper which is found in the plugins section of the Virtual DJ Web site at http://www.virtualdj.com. Follow the instructions in the documentation for excellent results.

  • DaGMan

    GargantulaKon, I read the VirtualDJ forum and see you can't seem to get the BCD2000 and VirtualDJ working without using external sound cards? Is that still the case? That is not really working then, is it? More like just a midi controller with extra 2 sound cards to handle the sound. That means you loose the master volume, headphones volume and headphones cross fader. Can one call that a solution, disabling half of what you paid for and buying extra gear??

  • DJ Jonny

    I'm dissapointed after reading some of these messages, i wanted to get a controller for use at home to give me something to practice on and eventually use 'live' but it sounds like the BCD products arn't fit for purpose, shame as is seems to have the right features to make a simple laptop/controller system that could easily be carried around.. i'll keep waiting for controllers to get a little better and more reliable i think.

    still might be worth the toy value to have a play with, but if its gonna cause me grief then…..

  • Cliff Cape

    I have 2 – bcd2000's and one is built into a case with a mainboard processor and h/drive below it,the other is running with a celeron 1.6 sahara laptop with gig of ram and win xp pro (the cheapest laptop u can buy),virtual dj 4.2r1, I am resident dj in 3 different clubs and I play from 9pm to 4am, 4 nites a week, I run it thru one channel on the club mixer cause the mixer is connected to the main rig and the mike input on the bcd wont work with virtual dj, i have been using it for a while and it works bloody well with no latency ,the clubs hold 2500 people so the sound system is huge and if the sound quality was bad i would hear it instantly (I am 35 years old and have been playin in clubs since I was 18).All the clubs here use the standard cdj100 or 200 cd players and I got tired of hauling cd's around so I went digital and I like the virtual dj software but I didnt want to spend a fortune for equipment to control it as I am paying for it, I couldnt expect the clubs I am playing in to fork out for something they didnt need.

    It took me a while to get it 2 work this well and I supply and maintain computers (my day job) so it must be hell for some people 2 get it 2 work.

    any questions email me: capec@xis.co.za

    I will do my best 2 help u out

    Cliff (Durban,South Africa)

  • Ayoub

    Hi , It me back again with the good news, I can say that problems are solved just in time for the new year party. It took me some time but the solution is simple. Many problems were solves as I mentioned earlier but still things are not stable on many computers especially on Core 2 Duo with Intel ICH7 chipset.

    Behringer engineers identified the problem and have been working ‘hard’ for the past ‘three’ months, and will keep on doing so if they think the problem is with their driver or USB 2.0 port.

    BCD3000 problems can be categorized into three main parts:

    NI Traktor Problems such as of display jitter, MIDI compatibility, crashing when exploring files, BPM calculation, to many to mention here, this we can not solve and will leave them NI.

    BCD3000 problems with slow computers or computers not configured properly, IDE being in PIO mode, slow processors, low on memory, and running too many applications in the background etc. This will cause hiccups and can be solved as I mentioned earlier.

    The last main problem is with modern laptops. I bought a brand new ACER T7200 2GHZ 4 MB 1GB Ram 120GB SATA hoping it will solve the hiccup problem only to discover the disaster everyone is complaining about “THE PAUSESâ€Ā, this is the 2-3 sec. pause every few seconds, making Traktor and other DJ programs useless with BCD3000. Strangely enough things work fine with the internal sound card even better with an old external Creative USB sound card but not the BCD3000.

    Searching the internet for a reason, I discovered that there is an excellent free utility called DPC Latency Checker that can identify the reason, being hardware or Software, causing the problem, this utility can be found at:


    You can run this utility and as in my case discover the high latency problem every few seconds, you now have to disable / enable hardware one by one from the system device manager to isolate the cause of high latency. The same can be made for running processes in the Task Manager. But mostly is is a hardware problem.

    In my case I disabled the DVD/CD Drive on my ACER and TOSHIBA laptops and problem is solved….

  • Ayoub

    To follow up on what is mentioned above, I no longer need to disable the drive, the problem of DVD / CD latency was solved by a firmware upgrade, this you can find at :


    Not only the problem is solved, but the drive now has a better performance and is REGION FREE with and RCP1 firmware wow. This should only be done by computer professionals.

  • Aymen

    to Ayoub & everybody else :

    I have another issue with bcd3000; it works perfectly with my laptop (with vdj 5.0 rev6)

    but won't work with my main setup, an XP x64 pc, it seems that the drivers aren't compatible with x64 ????!!! is there any solution to resolve this ? (even copying manually the files ??)

  • Ayoub


    I Thinck you have to wait for x64bit driver,

    Behringer still can't deliver a reliable 32bit driver to date

  • OAC

    Dear Friends:

    I am frustrated with my new BCD3000. When I use it wiuth Traktor LE or Traktor 3 the controls dont respond until the sound disapears and the screen freezes (not for a moment), but If I change the parameters of latency in the menu the sound appears again.

    However in the Virtual Dj the problem is the headphones stop working so I have to change the latency parameters and the sound appears again.

    I have tried all combinations: Changing parameters, downloading ASIO4all, etc. I dont know what to do. I am using a PC Intel Dual Core 2.0, 2GB Ram.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Ayoub


    What is the make and model No. of your laptop

    From the control panel System Hardware:

    Disable batteries ACPI

    Disable DVD drive

    Disable Wireless Network device

    Disable Ethernet device device

    Switch On BCD3000 and make sure that you have the BCD3000 icon on your taskbar the run Traktor.

    Run the software configured with the laptop sound card as your audio device, and BCD3000 as MIDI controller, your midi controls should work fine if configured with the proper T3LEMidi.tks file.

    ASIO4all will only give you 1 channel sount output.

    The time I wasted configuring the BCD3000 shoud have bought me 10 Numark or Vestax by now, still BCD3000 is fine if you like the challenge.

    BCD3000 should only be sold / run as a MIDI controller only with separate ASIO external 2 ch. sound card.


  • OAC

    Thanks Ayoub. I tried to disable all background programs as you mentioned but the same happens. By the way do I have to choose in sound card the line where says DS BCD 3000 or ASIO BCD3000?.

    I want to tell all users I received a mail from Behringer recommending to switch of computer!!. In fact other user confirmed me also what I think Behringer wants to keep in a secret: BEHRINGER BCD 3000 DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY WITH DUAL CORE OR CORE2 DUO PROCESSORS, ONLY WITH OLD PENTIUM III/IV . Now I have to get and old laptop with single core or wait until Behringer releases an update for Dual core processors. This is unbelievable since they confirmed the minimum requeriments are a PIII with 512 Ram.

    I wanted to buy a Total Control but I didnt like I had to buy a DJIo interface to connect the headphones ($100). Thats why I chose BCD3000 ( A REALLY BAD DECISION).

    Hope all users read this before get this model.

  • Ayoub


    I asked you do disable hardware from the Device Manager and not background programs

    You can do that by going to the Start Menu / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager

    Then disable the following:

    Disable batteries ACPI

    Disable DVD drive

    Disable Wireless Network device

    Disable Ethernet device device

    Try this and I’m sure thing will dramatically improve.

    I have and Acer Core2Duo machine and things are working fine,

    Yes BCD3000 works out of the box on an old Centrino Toshiba Tecra but with added memory.


  • Ayoub


    you have to select BCD3000 ASIO driver for propper 2ch. output configuration.

    DS BCD3000 will act as a normal 1ch. USB device (good for winamp and other media players.


  • OAC

    Thanks Ayoub. I downloaded the DPC Latency Checker and I found a hardware which was giving high latency peaks. I disabled it and the VDJ is running ok (without affecting the headphones signal). I´ll follow this to check if this was the real problem.

    With the Tractor now I found a problem with the headphones. If there is a song on deck A and I want to pre-listen song on deck B , the deck B channel must be up. I mean both channels must be up in order to hear them on headphones. I cant find a way to pre-listen the track if the corresponding channel is not up.Also the mix voulme in BCD doesnt work but it moves in the screen.

    About the configuration in Traktor I use DSBCD3000 as sound card and ch 1 and 2 for master and 3 and 4 for monitor. If I put ASIO the programs freezes automatically so with this I dont know if I need to change the soundcard or it is the same proplem of NON-Compatibility with XP.


  • JRU

    I've been using the BCD3000 for the last 6 Months in club sets and on the radio with a 3 year old Macbook and I've had absolutely no problems with this device. It is a hell of a lot better with the full version of Traktor 3 as opposed to the LE version though. I did initially have latency problems but after a while discoveresd that it was my fault and that I hadn't actually set the CPU speed properly. Ever since then it has given me no probs. The longest club set I've done with this was five hours and not once did it give me any hassle. Best 145 Quid I ever spent.

  • djbenny

    hiya JRU, how did u configure ur macbook to work and how did u set the cpu speed. because i just cant get it to work in mine properly


  • Radioogaga

    When running on Vista use it on Windows XP (service pack 2) compatibility mode (Traktor Properties Folder). Booth Traktor 3.3 and BCD 3000 (driver properties folder).

  • Dj DeViL

    Hello Everyone.

    I have been using cd's to mix long time now.i discovered virtual dj through a friend.I started using it 3 years ago.last year i bought bcd 3000.Unfortunately back then it disn't work with virtual dj.after 6 months virtual dj 5.04 works with the bcd 3000.I bought a laptop Acer Aspire 8930g intel centrino 2 (intel core 2 Duo Processor p7350) but it doesnt work with virtual dj!!!I downloaed the windows vista driver (for bcd 3000) i installed virtual dj 5.07 and it worked!!!!But…after a few minutes it stopped playing!!!I am really really tired of trying everything and i need a solution fast.if anyone knows anything my e-mail is djdevil8@hotmail.com.Thanks

  • Ayoub

    Hi everyone,

    Check new Vista/Xp ver. 1.2 driver for BCD3000, it could solve all your problems.


  • Ayoub

    have a look at this photo


    Fiction or Real???



    BCD2000 + Toshiba intel P4 2.16 GHZ Dual Core 160Gb of Ram + Vista + External Hd (Maxtor) No Problems I repeat No Problems. Even after 5 Hours of live mixing.

  • Dandare

    I have had my BCD 2000 for a couple of years. I have had the occasional blue screen of death, but at times it can run for hours with no problems. Currently running it on my laptop, which is not powerful.

    Pentium dual core 1.6GHZ (does work on duals)

    1GB of ram and onboard sound, Vista, 80GB hard drive – where some music is stored. I did a 3hr set at my mates party, no probs…….I am tempted by the new one because of Traktor.

  • Dude

    is there a way to use the 3000 drivers with the 2000 unit?

  • Dude

    Just viewed bcd3000 driver executable with resviewer. It's internally named "BCD2000 installation driver"! Ha ha, cheap asses.

    Awaiting with hope for somebody to present a hack that allows BCD3000 drivers to be used with BCD2000 unit.

  • Aidan

    Have been using BCD3k for about 6 months on an Intel Dual Core ICH7 chipset with no problems. It's a brilliant mixer for the price and am now planning to get a BCR2000 for effects.

    For those of you with a BCD3000 and who would like to scratch (not with the jog wheels!), then Traktor Scratch (digital vinyl system) works with the BCD3000 with NO NEED for an Audio2/4/8 DJ – I tested it on a mates system where we swapped his Audio 8 for my BCD3k, and it all worked as it should.

    Best £70 I have ever spent on DJ equipment… my sets are now waaay more interesting than A>B>A>wakka wakka>B.

  • Aidan

    Dude, I doubt it… I think the hardware inside the 2k and 3k is different… the drivers would have to be re-written, rather than hacked!

  • bikram aditya

    Hi Im a dj in India using bcd 2000 for 3yrs ,its a great machine at this price , it works very fine on even a very low config. computer / laptop.Please dont get angry with bad comments about this machine try to be calm & try using different dj softwares on this machine it will give u a better feeling coz its only the dj software which is actually running this machine,get yourself pract on a different dj software on which your fingres & brains both adust believe me you will be happy

    thanks & regards to all djs,peace

  • dj_tony

    hey all.. i have a bcd2000 which i cant seem to get to work with my acer laptop running on vista.. is there a certian version of virtual dj i should use??? or is there a mapper i need to download??? if so, where can i get these??? pls email me at scoolbar@rocketmail.com… thanks and peace!!!

  • I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post,Thanks for sharing.

  • Gavin

    I need the circuit manual has anyone got any plan

  • Gavin

    I need the circuit manual has anyone got any plan

  • Gavin

    I need the circuit manual has anyone got any plan

  • robbie

    where can i find the driver for bcd 2000 for real not bs.Ā  please heeeeeeeeelpĀ Ā Ā  facechat21@gmail.com

  • robbie

    where can i find the driver for bcd 2000 for real not bs.Ā  please heeeeeeeeelpĀ Ā Ā  facechat21@gmail.com

  • robbie

    where can i find the driver for bcd 2000 for real not bs.Ā  please heeeeeeeeelpĀ Ā Ā  facechat21@gmail.com

  • Lincoln henry

    hi i have theberinger 2000 but its not installin on my computer what must i do

    • Ehab

      your pc must be 32 bit to work, and people have another problem, the bcd freez while playing sudden, and that make me go nuts

  • Lincoln henry

    hi i have theberinger 2000 but its not installin on my computer what must i do

    • Ehab

      your pc must be 32 bit to work, and people have another problem, the bcd freez while playing sudden, and that make me go nuts

  • Lincoln henry

    hi i have theberinger 2000 but its not installin on my computer what must i do

    • Ehab

      your pc must be 32 bit to work, and people have another problem, the bcd freez while playing sudden, and that make me go nuts

  • nuwan

    hi i have theberinger 2000 all button dobel click read. Please one click settings…. help me …. Studiosampathbu@gmail .com