“It’s kinda ghetto”, notes creator Cousin Throckmorton, but a series of pennies becomes a touch interface for Ableton Live and drums in Battery. Apologies if you’ve seen this; I hadn’t. (That or else I had, and they didn’t push the whole “pennies and popsicles” angle.)

The $.08 Ableton Live Controller

His MySpace blog, 13unluckysongsaboutlove, is filled with more video goodies like this. And we thought MySpace had no redeeming qualities. Ableton Live scene control after the jump.

He also has some tips for working with magnetic strips as a controller, a friend’s project that made the blogosphere rounds a while ago.

  • Michael

    He doesn't go into the 'how' of it though. Anyone have any clues?

  • He must be using some sort of hacked device or microcontroller in the background. Whether he's using some inductance trick or other technique he spent a whole LOT more than 8 cents on that controller!

  • deerthroat

    As far as microcontrollers go, he might be using Arduino.

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