The BCD2000 has been somewhat of a contradiction for me since purchase. On one hand the hardware is fantastic; robust and seriously cheap. On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation. I’ve always hoped that Behringer would update the BCD to have similar (extensive) MIDI configuration options to the BCR and BCF. That hasn’t happened, and almost 2 years after its initial release the BCD is almost in the same position as it started. Almost.

Behringer BCD2000

Evinyatar has commented on our early BCD2000 Not Mac Compatible post to announce that he – sick of waiting for Behringer to actually do something useful with their gear – has written and released OSX Universal drivers (MIDI only so far):

My first subject is Behringer’s BCD2000. When it was released about two years ago it was rumored that MacOS X drivers would be released by the end of 2005. Rather than waiting for those to appear (which they probably won’t) I decided to have a go myself. The result is quite good, if I say so myself. It works, which is more than I expected.

Currently only MIDI in and output works. Audio does not. That means you can control Traktor the way you would on a Windows computer, but you won’t hear anything through the BCD2000’s audio ports or record anything trough them. You can still, of course, use other audio outputs, built-in or external, that do work with MacOS X.

Right now the MIDI input and output are should be identical to the Windows driver in B-DJ mode. Which means a reasonable amount of pain is implied when trying to configure Traktor for the BCD2000. Basically, the same hack that works for Windows (using MIDI-Rules and a loopback device, in our case Apple’s built-in IAC) is also required for Mac. I hope to incorporate similar functionality inside the driver in the future, eliminating the need for the hack. For now, this will have to do. A more detailed guide to setting this up will be posted sometime later this week.

3 days later there’s a release, and he’s gone further: Working on a system which will allow OSX users to actually customize mappings on their BCD:

I have just finished building and testing the Universal Binary driver for the BCD2000. So now you should be able to use the BCD2000 on your PowerBook, iBook, iMac and PowerMac, as well as your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro. As always, you can find the download link over at the “Links” box on the right.

On other news, I’ve been working on a GUI for MIDI Rules, which should make setting up Traktor a bit easier. After that’s done being polished, I’ll release it and write up the HOW-TO for getting Traktor up and running with the BCD2000 on Mac OS X.

Right now, though, I’m being rather intrigued by how audio works on the BCD2000. My pleas for documentation have fallen on deaf ears at Behringer (you’d think they’d be a bit more supportive when you’re doing them a favor like this one), so I’m staring at hex dumps from USB Snoop on my Windows machine trying to figure this stuff out.

This is absolutely stellar news for users, and shockingly poor form from Behringer. That they had both an obvious demand and a 2 year head start and were still beaten to OSX compatibility by a hacker with hex dumps is a pretty apt reflection on their pathetic attitude to customer support.

I’ll be picking up a Macbook (my first) in the coming month or so, but until then I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been able to give this a spin on their Mac. I’ve emailed Evinyatar to get some further information on his process, and I’m thinking of propositioning him to work on an updated Windows driver. Any other frustrated BCD2000 owners out there willing to chip in to fund work on this?

In the meantime, lucky Mac-based BCD2000 owners can download Version 0.0.1 Universal Binary and give them a go.

  • Adrian Anders

    It's not just Mac users who get shafted by Behringer's terrible post-purchase technical support. Us PC users who own a BCR2000 or BCF2000 are stuck using an old version of Java Runtime Environment because the later versions of JRE cause a bad crash in the Java-based software editor for those MIDI control boxes.

    I've been waiting for an update to their software editors for awhile now… I can promise you that it will start to cause serious problems in my workflow in the near future as I come across programs and applications that require the latest JRE, while at the same time still needing the old version on my DAW in order to run this one outdated piece of code from Behringer.

    Really irritates me. Even with their low price/high value ratio, Behringer may not be worth buying when it comes to computer gear, as it looks like they're not the type to support their products after purchase.


  • JB

    A simple rule i go by when purchasing gear, really simple : don't buy behringer products, they're the McDonalds and WalMart of the music equipment industry.

    Just imagining Behringer software makes me cringe.

  • Reynish

    Just got my new mac book a week ago and was considering selling my BCD2000 only problem is there doesnt seem to be an affordable alternative.

    I'll try it out now, just gotta install ableton first

  • dj.loganmorrison

    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for putting the time into this. No more re-booting from X into XP thru Bootcamp, no more trying to convert 80+gb iTunes library's xml data file from Mac to PC….. you're a legend. Thank you again.

  • dj.loganmorrison

    So far I've found this to work really well. I've used MidiPipe to intercept the jogwheel midi messages (sent as a CC) and translate them to a note on, followed by an immediate note off. I'm sure other people have a much better way of doing this (and I'd love to know!) but i know (knew!) very little about midi so it's just a stop gap at the mo.

    Promisingly, I did take cycokraut's ruleset using the MidiRules program and got it up and running on my mac as well. Normally the MidiRules program is a windows only exe, but it is java based, and had the source on the sourceforge site. I had to change some of the file names to get it to work, but I almost fell off the couch when I ran it and it made all the BCD2000's lights go on and off (as meant to when loading the MidiRules) and it worked in Traktor!!

    The only trouble I've experienced with the BCD2000 with the above driver is *sometimes* once I've begun to use the unit or *sometimes* after a long use in Traktor, if I move the xfader deck volume or deck volume too fast, communication between the BCD and my mac ceases and the BCD requires a power off/on. This happens whether I'm using the BCD with the MidiRules, MidiPipe, Traktor directly, across the board. I've checked with Midi Monitor and there isn't anything coming through. Nothing in system/console logs, and is still really hard to trace. I'm going to see how it goes on my Mac mini and see if there's any difference.

    Hope this helps anyone else along.



  • In responce to what DJ.LoganMorrison wrote this morning, I just wanted to know what version of Mac OS you're running. As well, if you're using a macbook with the Intel processer.



  • dj.loganmorrison

    Hey there, OS X 10.4.8 on PPC.

  • dj.loganmorrison

    Sorry! Meant to add 1.33ghz PPC PowerBook. I can try on a 1.42ghz PPC or when my flatmates MacBook arrives back from servicing, a MacBook 1.83.

  • To dj.loganmorrison

    I've been getting a number of reports of problems with PowerPC hardware. I'm still trying to figure out what's going wrong. My only PPC hardware left is an ancient G4 400MHz so development on that is a wee bit slow, but at least I can reproduce the problem and will try to fix it.

  • dj.loganmorrison

    Hi evinyatar,

    Thanks so much for letting me know. If it's any help, it's almost like the rate the CC messages are being sent are freaking the Mac out and then dropping off, cos if you do it slowly at first then it seems ok (most of the time).

    For what it's worth for those who want a play, here’s what I used to get things going (sorry I wasn’t more specific in my last entry!) in addition to the aforementioned MIDI driver:

    1. Download External MIDI I/O plugin for Java This allows Java on OS X to see and interface with external MIDI devices (which Apple missed adding the capability for as standard) and allows the Java-based MIDIrules program to see the BCD2000. This needs to be downloaded and placed in your /Library/Java/Extensions folder.

    2. Open your /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI setup app, and click on the MIDI devices tab. Double click the IAC Driver icon, and click “Device is online” and Apply. This enables the built-in MIDI routing capability in OS X.

    3. Download Latest MIDIRules ruleset… Currently this is Save this somewhere useful like your Doc’s folder.

    4. Download MIDIRules application… Now you’ll need to change the shell script and loads of file names to get the java prog to start, so I’ve done this and you can download it from here Place the unzipped folder in your Applications folder (no name changes or it’ll break).

    5. Start Traktor, open it’s prefs, in MIDI interfaces, and double click to checkmark the Apple IAC driver interface only – not the BCD2000. In the MIDI Setup section, load the appropriate TKS file from the folder in step 3.

    6. Then, finally double-click the “Start MIDI-Rules.command” file in the MIDIRules app folder to start MIDIRules. You’ll get a terminal window appear, then shortly after an Open window. Choose the .drl file from the ruleset folder in step 3. Type the number next to the BCD2000 device and press return. Then the number next to “Bus 1” (the IAC driver port) and return, then the number next to the BCD2000 and return, then 0 (zero) and return. The MIDIRules will load, and eventually all the lights will go on and off on your BCD2000 and you’re away.

    Hope that’s of some help! ☺


    DJ Logan Morrison

  • dj.loganmorrison

    Bad bad Logan, the link from number 3 is and the link *missing* with the modified Java app from number 4 can be downloaded here

    *blush yawn* Sorry it's 2am and wasn't watching 🙂

  • dj.loganmorrison
  • Gerry

    hey, well looks like that site is down for me, cant dl the driver! someone put up a mirror maybe?


    If you use it please comment, it says it istrash?

    Does it work?

  • Sorry about that; DynDNS decided to close my account while I was away on holiday. The site should be up again now.

  • David Ellis

    OK im up to the point where i need to install the midi rules program. however after i downloaded all i could find was a pc .exe application to launch it. I'.ve been banging my heads for hours now and am no futher. cna someone please help me out

  • David: follow the instructions here.

    It contains the link to the Mac version (third down in the list of things you need).

  • So I'm sitting here with my BCD2000 and my new Vista laptop, being told that I'll have to wait for an undisclosed amount of time before I get Vista drivers…that really sucks considering I have a DJ gig in less that six weeks. Doah!

  • very excited about this. was hearing that berhinger was going to release another version of the hardware that works with mac's, but why the fuck would i buy another same model after waiting so long for them to be complient with my setup.

    im going to try to go through and download everything and set it up later.

    but it was just a sigh of relief (after i had given up for months) to see someone has bridged the gap for the controller and mac users.

  • Felipe Raul

    guys could anyone tell me how does the BCD2000 work on a mac with software like ABLETON LIVE that has midi learn ? Will I be able to use everything, including the jog wheels ?

  • Duby4u

    Hi, first of all thanks Evinyatar for your help.

    Would like to know if there is any news about audio card on bcd2000.

    Midi work perfect for me on Ableton Live.

  • Einar

    I need driver for vista now…

  • Moras

    i have a problem to with my pc.the configuration is :AMD Barton 2500(working @ 1800 mhz),512 Mb DDR,windows xp sp2.I don`t know what is happening but when i choose in a dj software the asio driver the cpu goes to 100%.if i use virtual dj he goes down after a few sec and then the sound become noisey and stay noisey.i let it like that and the in conf of VDj i chage to bcd without asio and works again until i try to load another track when the hole s… happens again.i tried in deckadance 1.07.when i select the driver to bcd asio the CPU goes @ 100% and he`s staying there.i can`t do my cpu to low for this?i formated my hole hdd(is a maxtor 80 gb) and i have only windows and drivers for bcd and the dj soft.still not working.i tried to use bcd as a soudcard in playng well but if a open a folder or something the sound become noisey again and the cpu meter stay high.i think is something whith the drivers or is the cpu to slow for this?i`ve trid it on a amd 64 3800+(working @ 2,4 ghz) 1 gb ram.on that pc is working well with the b-dj but with virtual dj or other software is not.on intel pc`s everything is verry good.,…perfect i can say…but on every amd is s….PLEASE HELP ME !!!i`ve waited so long for a tool like this and now i can`t do anything whit it.

  • Hey there……Just wanted to say I am currently running my BCD2000 with Deckadance DJ Software and it runs perfectly…..Much in the same way that a Pioneer CDJ unit works…..The jog wheel acts as a audible song search (in either direction) while song is paused, and it acts as a pitch bend while song is playing…Its brillant….The guys at Deckadance made a special tks file just for the BCD2000…..Make sure you engage the BCD2000 feature within the program and watch your BCD come to life in ways you had only been able to wish for prior…..

  • Doruk Aksoy

    I have a laptop with Vista which XP can't be installed because the XP drivers of the laptop does not exist. Any idea when the BCD Vista driver will be launched ? Perfect product from Behringer but without software support it doesnt mean anything. Pls hurry you Behringer people…

  • Dave Fruitional

    I have the same problem as Doruk, I have a great new laptop running Vista Ultimate with an Edirol UA-25 interface and a piece of crap BCD2000 that I bought last year. The BCD was supposed to help me start DJing and add controller data to my own Productions using the BCD2000 with Ableton Live, unfortunately without drivers its many dials and faders are redundant. My only use for this piece of junk now is as a basic stereo soundcard for my slow bust-up XP machine, which is too old to run DJ applications.

    Where is an apology from Behringer, where is the support? this kit would be great if they only fixed the software. I went back to the shop to complain, a major one in London and they just said "Never trust Behringer" =) I won't be duped again.

  • i have a bcd 2000 and turion6x2 dual core VISta LAPTOP and the bcd is not working properly.i already downloaded the latest driver but it still does not work freezes and the crossfader strangely acts as pitch control sometimes. thats weird aint it?

    can you help me with tbhis problem?