It wouldn’t be a winter NAMM music trade show without the galleries of musical curiosities that are Barry Wood’s NAMM Oddities. Barry’s finds range from the unique and useful to the utterly baffling. Many of the techno geek toys aren’t strictly new, but they are strictly strange and unusual. And there’s plenty of evidence to suggest us digital musicians aren’t nearly as odd as the people who play guitars made to look like women’s anatomy or constructed from hunting trophies.

Barry writes to his fans:

This was the tenth year that I’ve put myself through the torture that is a NAMM Show in order to expose these specimens to the harsh light of day.

I hope you appreciate my sacrifice 😉

We do, Barry, we do. We’ll sacrifice some productivity in your honor:

NAMM Oddities 2007


  • That soundabout looks awesome, cant wait for that. Anyone know how much it is likely to cost?

    Also would be good if it integrated with other apps like Ableton.

  • I wonder what kinda "usefull" distortion

    The Metasonix Scrotum Smasher

    will be able to squeeeze out of …

    ( Hmmm i also wanna know kind of stuff the Metasonix marketingpeople use for their coffees )


  • syncr

    RE: Soundabout

    Very useful little widget.

    I second the desire for more drop to cursor applications. Live, Logic, DP…

    Kept hoping to see him run those soundclips through AU/VST plugs though. Wouldn't that be nifty.

  • Who's sacrificing productivity?