The Clavia booth showcased the new Nord C1 combo organ (the product says C3, but they’re changing it to C1), featuring two sets of digital drawbars for the keys and a third one for bass pedals—in this case a Roland PK-7A connected via MIDI.

Emulations include the B3, Vox Continental, and Farfisa, which are based on the most intimate mechanical details. (Nice playing, dude—and the wheel crosstalk and coil energy robbing in your sound was hot!)

There are built-in rotating speaker effects, as well as a real 11-pin Leslie output. The C1’s Half Moon Switch (at the far left of the bottom keyboard) controls the speed of both.

The C1 is scheduled to ship in April with an MSRP of $3600.

Ed.: Back to the future seems to be the theme of this NAMM, between retro electric pianos, new, real Rhodes, new Waldorf synths, and more. But, Clavia, could we have a MIDI controller-only version? I love the two registers! -PK

Nord C1 Product Page
Clavia main site (currently showing NAMM show report — Stevie Wonder on the Nord Stage Compact? That’s some celeb sighting!)

  • Seba

    "But, Clavia, could we have a MIDI controller-only version? I love the two registers!"


    I'd bet this would work wonders w/ B4 — then of course, I haven't heard this yet. Who knows, I may not need B4!

  • gwugluud

    It's worth the price for the snazzy appearance and the Vox organ emulation alone. Real voxes fall apart and you can't keep all the keys working at once. And I'm told that's how they were even brand new! Wish I would have had this in the early 80's. Better late than never.