In FL world, this is an integrated wave editor. Those aren’t even supposed to be fun. In FL7, they even include integrated convolution reverbs. Getting the picture?

Despite an intensely loyal following, FL Studio is very possibly the most underrated music creation package on the market. It’s the only major music software to offer customers unlimited lifetime upgrades, so you only have to buy it once. It has a freeform approach to workflow, routing, and playlists, and it’s what we call “mad interoperable.” (Okay, no one says that, but imagine VST/VSTi/VST2, DXi, DXi2, Buzz, ReWire, MIDI, MP3, WAV, OGG.)

And I know quite a few musicians going the MacBook route who will boot into Windows for this program alone. (It’s Windows-only, and since it’s built in Delphi, don’t ever expect that to change.) Last week at Macworld, my man Onyx of Backlit Lounge SF was doing crazy things with FL + Ableton. “Boot Camp from day one, baby,” is his plan when he goes Mac, just to get Windows and FL.

The other amazing thing about FL Studio is how much they’ve been able to squeeze into new releases. FL Studio 7 is officially available this week at NAMM, with store availability due next month. While we wait for our full version, the developers at ImageLine have released some of the features that are coming.

Better track-based sequencing: This has traditionally been FL’s weak point; pattern clips now store audio and automation sequence data. (I think I have to see this to understand exactly what that means. Maybe FL users can help.)

Edison: It’s never been clear exactly how to best integrate a wave editor with an audio program. FL has a novel solution: the new Edison builds in spectral analysis and convolution reverb into an integrated wave-editing “device.”

New filter + EQ: The Love Philter just looks like an intensely fun filtering toy, with 8 ganged filter units and FL’s traditional attention to performance and modulation (Ableton has nothing on this one), and a beautiful mastering parametric EQ that overlays spectral previews.

Multi-core Support: I told you you’d want to boot that MacBook into Windows. FL follows tools like Ableton Live with better multi-core support, perfect for live performance — though this remains a good choice on older machines, too.

Lots of goodies: From multi-undo in Sytrus to Apple Loops AIFF support. (Step 1: install Jam Packs. Step 2: boot MacBook to stripped-down Vista install. Step 3: Play.)

And the results are really quite lovely:

For more information:

Giant screen shot with more feature details

FL7 Press Release

  • <blockquote cite="Peter">Better track-based sequencing: This has traditionally been FL’s weak point; pattern clips now store audio and automation sequence data."

    That description sounds like Samplitude-style "objects": non-destructive representations of audio data that with individual effects, routings and the like. If that's what it is, then it's potentially very powerful, indeed. I've never been able to do much with Fruity Loops, but FL Studio 7 looks like it'll make some sense to me.

  • la caga weon la cagada!!!!!

  • Esrom Cole

    "pattern clips now store audio and automation sequence data."

    In previous version the automation clips were stored in the sequencer window, not with the patterns. Also the pattern clips (or patterns) were represented as simple blocks in the playlist (read as arranger) window, whereas audio clips were waveforms. These additions are very much welcomed

  • Pattern clips are excellent. It makes it much easier to see what you're doing and you can make these clips unique and cut them up, rearrange etc without having to create new patterns. Great improvement!

  • I started with Fruity Loops 3. I havent turned back since. I moved on to 4, then 5 and i just recently got 6. Now i love Fruity loops to death. Its all i know. But the only problem is that i feel like the texture of instruments (4 lack of a better term) is not quite full/ wholesum/ rich..Perhaps its my skills that arent up to par but tell me can i make beats on FL that are billboard material? If this is possible i wont even think of movin to reason or cubase

  • I just see all Fls attempts as too late. With version 6 they added alot of functionalty that other sequencers had been offering for about 5 years previous.

    My main gripe though, is that Fl has never done anything to address better organization of patterns and effects. I was never able to tell which pattern was what number (unless I pen and papered it myself) or which effect went to which channel and which sample or synth was on which one as well.

    That, plus wanting a sequencer for live performance is why I switched to Live 6.

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  • Woot Clip Sequencing! I am a happy man!

  • I started out with FL3 Back in the day as well and never looked back. I been on FL6 XXL Pro Edition since it first dropped. This is one of the Best if not THE BEST and Simplest DAW programs out hands Down!!Its crazy, you can use pretty much any VSTI/ DXI plugins. Which sucks for (Reasons 3.). FL6 is a BEAST cant wait for FL7. YOU CAN CHECK MY BEATS OUT at (

  • JL(jangalang)

    to get the best out of FL. that award winning sound with out upgrading to reason or cubase. learn the programs ins and outs. learn your plug ins. add new vsti plugins. fl sounds are cool but you need more professionally mixed sounds. dont be cheap, buy them. build oyur sound library and basically learn how to mix. dont be afraid to get them masterd. MAJOR NOTE. FL IS WINDOWS ONLY, YEAH RIGHT! YOU CAN USE IT ON MAC. A PROGRAM CALLED PARALLELS BUILD A WINDOWS DESKTOP ON YOUR MAC SO YOU CAN USE BOTH.79.99. PARALLELS.COM. FL FOR LIFE. http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/JANGALANG314

  • JL(jangalang)

    To metro sonus. you can too organize everything. in the playlist click whatever pattern and you can type it in same as the fx channel , you can also place markers on the playlist as needed. no need ever for pen and paper.

  • where can i buy fl studio 7?

  • FL Studio 6 was amazing, i really want this now man!

  • i am trying to create mine own sound recordings but can,t afford to pay with credit card

  • Random person who li

    IT looks good, tasty, and quite fruity. I WANT IT NOW.

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  • mr. godwallace(AKA:

    uhhm… fruits from fls taste sweeter when drowned in happiness . but seriously what is the scoop all i have ever used is fls since 3 came unto us and think its wonderful. does any one use this program for more than just beatin it up? i like the darker side of music and was just wondering if anyone had any samples for me to listen to that would be cool.

  • Julio

    I also have been using fruity since like version 4. I started on an EPS 16+ and a friend of mine was using fl 2(?). Whichever one that was out BEFORE they implemented the piano roll. It was like, dude that program sucks because all you can do is program the little boxes. Once the piano roll came into play, it was all over. I never looked back. Reason is dope too, don't get me wrong. I LOVE reason. But I CAN'T live without FL Studio. I rewire reason when I wan't to use one of those big synths. However, lack of vst pretty much means that I only use reason just to learn it in case I need to use it in the studio…