If you really like the idea of creating your own Logic EXS24 sample patches but end up not because it’s really, really a pain in the ass, you will love Keymap from Redmatica. The demo I saw took a single audio file of half a dozen instrument samples at different pitches, then automatically sliced them into regions, detected the root pitch of each region, mapped them to keyboard, and created seamless loop points—all in about the time it took you to read this.

That means you can do a recording in one pass that samples different pitches of your source (even in a random pitch order) and let Keyspan handle all the grunt work of setting up a basic patch.

Keymap is shipping for the NAMM show. Although there is currently no U.S. distribution, you’ll be able to get it online for 200 Euros at the Redmatica Web site.

More at www.redmatica.com

Ed: Read that first paragraph again — Keymap works from a single file of audio, not a bunch of different key samples. And we didn’t even get into surround support. Yeah, we can do some damage with this. More pics from Josh after the jump. -PK

  • Definitely interesting, but it's very unfortunate that there's no demo, as 200 Euros is a out of impulse buy territory…

  • I'll see if we can get a review copy, Mateo. Impulse buy it's not, but if it works as advertised, that'll definitely pay for it.

  • sleen

    Too bad it doesn't sort by amplitude or velocity…soundforge already has commands for setting markers based on thresholds, markers to regions, regions to waves…and awave already has a detect and set root pitch with tuning options…and EXS 24 already has a multi import command with set by root. Having one tool do all this is fabulous…

    …but what about VELOCITIES? Or Energy? This is really where designers could use help. I am NOT taping pennies to drum sticks for example. A script that could sort pitched or non-pitched samples by energy would make designing all instruments easier…

    …in fact if this was built into the wave header or part of the sampler this info could assist with sample substitution for traditional instruments, or hybrids based on spectral energy equivalence.

  • sleen

    ok never mind…read the details…supposedly does dynamic automapping…

    WICKED!!!!! 🙂