Why should you get excited about Nexsyn, the hybrid soft synth/sample player available starting today from KeyToSound that was developed by Max Groenlund, creator of the Studio 9000 for Koblo?

While I could ramble on about Nexsyn’s true stereo signal path, its 4 Gig Big Fish Audio sample library, its ability to load a 400MB piano in 15 seconds, blah, blah, blah, the most innovative and exciting thing about Nexsyn has nothing to do with any of that. It’s got to do with NetNotes.

NetNotes is a proprietary browser that lets you audition Nexsyn presets from other users. You can play presets via keyboard and even use them in your sequencer. You just can’t save them until you “buy” them. Hold on, relax! You don’t buy other people’s presets with real money, you buy them with NetNotes.

You get 1000 NetNotes with your software purchase, which you can use to buy Nexsyn presets. So how much do presets cost? Well, it depends, because the creator sets the price. That means you too can upload your own original presets and set your price. You can even create public and private folders for your preset offerings.

This system is bound to exhibit some very interesting free market dynamics, theoretically with simpler presets from novices going for cheap and presets used on Trent Reznor’s latest album fetching top NetNotes. An incentive is created for users to make quality patches available to the community in addition to downloading them.

What happens if you spend more on presets than you sell and you run out of NetNotes? You can buy another 1000 more from KeyToSound for $20. (This time it’s real dollars.)

Conversely, if you’ve accumulated 10,000 NetNotes you’ll be able to redeem these for yet-to-be-determined goodies such as professional sample libraries or $100 off a new product release.

All in all, NetNotes is an intriguing fusion of social networking and commerce aspiring to offer good sounds and good fun for all. Other companies are sure to take note.

$299 street price. Mac OS X or Windows XP.

More at www.keytosound.com

Josh Jancourtz is live on the floor of the NAMM show in Anaheim. We’ll be catching up with his dispatches through the week. And we’ll be sure to revisit KeyToSound’s new instrument once we get our hands on it.

  • Tom

    KeyToSound? I remember their free "Universal Binary is coming very soon" vaporware called Remedy. BTW: The win version of Remedy is buggy as hell. Sometimes no synth is better than a free synth.

  • Tom's conscienc

    Hi Tom,

    You're posting to the wrong article…. this is an article about Nexsyn and NetNotes.

  • tom, there will be a new remedy version update available as always FOR FREE very soon as soon as we are done testing it for all current platforms.

    meanwhile since the topic was Nexsyn, as a lead betatester, i can vouch that there are a number of us banging on it furiously to make sure that you cant crash it. the version we presented at namm behaved nicely for us under all cirucmstances, whether running standalone or shelled within a host application such as protools LE 7.3 or Logic Pro Mac or Cubase Pro on Windows.

    so sit tight as our user community grows and the input from the communtiy continues to generate the direction NexSyn will take.

    and feel free to contribute any more ideas you might have in the future, we are always listening. thanks for chiming in.

  • Donald Barlow

    Yes, why should we get excited about this new plugin? Because its manufacturer has devised an innovative new way to screw money out of the gullable idoits that will use it. Thanks for that!

  • Donald, have you ever talked to anyone in music software development (let alone specifically plug-in development)? There are generally better ways of getting rich.

    Anyway, Josh is excited. I'm not sure yet, but it's an interesting idea.

    As for bugs, I had a feeling that would come up; I think there was an update already to at least one of the KeyToSound plug-ins.

  • Hey listen, I'm as cynical as the next guy. Just to be clear, though, in theory no NetNotes users will ever have to pay real money as long as they balance how many presets they share with how many they take. The other thing that is promising is an integrated system for auditioning sounds directly–including in whatever sequence you're working on. As someone used to searching in random places for Nord Modular patches, unzipping them, loading them, etc., NetNotes seems very convenient with all presets organized and immediate. To me this system has a lot of potential in theory, and I'm hoping the potential is realized.

  • Sam Hill

    Ok, first of all, the people who posted the nastygrams are just ungrateful, but probably too young to know any better. Remedy is a great synth with killer sounds. However, I don't think it is UB yet, even though the .vst says "universal" when I do a get info, so I am waiting anxiously for the UB release!

    Programmers deserve more for their hard work & releasing a free synth than being attacked viciously by some ungrateful person. Hard work, little reward, people expect too much, who is going to keep giving you cool free stuff if you act like a child when it is a little bit late? are s

    Which is not to say that a little discussion about the prices of software shouldn't happen – pretty much everything on the market these days is in the $200 range, which is too bad if you are someone like me who will whip out the credit card for a $30- $50 synth any time, but can't sneak a $200 expense past the wife…

  • Superbowser

    Musicians are mimosa. PlugIn User or Collectors are funny….the all need a gardener……

    Thanx to KeyToSound for good sounding and easy to use synth plug !

  • bb

    Hi everyone..

    @Tom: I'm curious… where did everyone get under the impression that Remedy is not UB? it is, and it's available in UB right now from keytosound's site. Unstable? Not so. I've run 10 instances of it doing different things in ableton. I've talked to someone who ran 22 instances of it in logic. It's not unstable. If you have issues, write tech support, that's why they have it, and there's support even for this free synth, which I have yet to find from almost any free synth makers… not to mention, there are almost literally NO free vst/au's for mac… Remedy is one of few that is actually free and works fully upon download.

    @Donald: Keytosound ripping people off with Netnotes? HOW? if you're a sound designer, you make sounds. you upload them to your netnotes, people demo them and download them. you get more netotes. I sincerely doubt that anyone is going to be "ripped off" here… so I'd be really curious as to how you say that K2S is ripping anyone off with Netnotes. Have you used the netnotes browser, or talked to anyone who's used it? Why do you think K2S is ripping off users if they give you 1000 netnotes to start with, which, at an average of 5 netnotes per preset, gives you at least 100 preset downloads?

    I'm just wondering what all the hate is about… no one else has made anything like Netnotes – should we all keep using Reason and NI's software, or should we try something else?

    Seriously – use a piece of software before you flame it.

  • bb

    BTW, I reference the K2S page for Remedy:


    Universal Binary, installs in VST, AU, RTAS 6 and 7 formts. It's not vaporware, it's real, and it's being used by a ton of users who enjoy it.

  • bb