Wallace is CDM’s resident turntablist, and he’s also immune to blind gear lust. I’m waiting to pass judgment until I get first-hand contact with Xponent, but I’m equally confused from a product perspective. Now, let’s see — we could copy and paste a press release here. Or we could try Wally. I just hope we’re able to figure out what he really thinks. -PK

Let me get this straight – an overpriced control surface is what’s gonna change DJing?

M-Audio Torq Xponent

M-Audio announced their Xponent control surface/USB audio interface today, and this long-time DJ is distinctly underwhelmed. You know, when all there was to the SynchroScience line was the Torq software, the Conectiv and the X-Session Pro, I had this idea that they were building this mini-galaxy of interoperable DJ gear that one could purchase bit by bit and eventually put together a nice, integrated digital DJ system with all the bells and whistles. However, the emergence of the Xponent today turns out to be a bit of a head scratcher.

First of all, where are the inputs? It’s got 2 sets of RCA outputs, but no inputs. This thing neither encompasses the functionality of the Conectiv nor does it look like it really works with it. Sure, if I’m a Mac user I can create an aggregate audio device with the Xponent and the Conectiv, but given that Windows users CAN’T do this, I get a pretty strong feeling that this thing is not designed to work alongside the Conectiv.

OK, so let’s judge it on it’s own. MSRP $750 for a USB 1.1 audio interface and MIDI control surface made of plastic? It’s colorful, I’ll give it that – but it doesn’t even have 1/4″ jacks on it. Where’s the mic input? This thing is designed strictly for the person who wants to DJ with their computer and the Xponent and THAT’S IT. You know, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s designed to be the replacement for one’s DJ CD players for the DJ who DOESN’T want to DJ mp3s on their turntables, in which case, that DJ is a luddite and probably not going to be attracted to something like this.

OK, so maybe it’s a nice control surface for people who want to DJ with Ableton Live. Still though, I wonder if those people don’t already have an audio interface for their laptop, in which case, why would they want to spend $675-700 street on this when they could get the much slicker-looking Vestax VCI-100 control surface for $499?

I just don’t understand. I think M-Audio has missed a real opportunity here by not making this something that either works with or includes the functionality of the Conectiv. However, one thing I do understand is this — any manufacturer out there who promises that they’re going to “change DJing” has a shiny new piece of plastic to sell, and that’s about it.

  • Tom

    [rubs hands] My army of M-Audio haterz is growing strong…

  • The whole Torq-DJ Forums are super pissed. M-Audio basically threw this out as a fuck you to everyone who was cool enough to early adopt thier conectiv box. Now I can either sell it and get an xponent or I can take my business elsewhere.

    I guess it just wasn't built for current conectiv users, who they want to buy the xfade thing to use with turntables, but still, neither one really has enough buttons.

    Where is the sampler? Where are the other fx knobs? Why shell out all the $$ to make this with a trackpad and everything and then fall short on the amount of buttons???

  • maz

    I knew this wouldn't be a great product. I've been hating on them for quite some time. Burned by four different products. Glad I sold them off and replaced them with things like Novation and Edirol and faderfox :p

  • Well, wait a sec, Dr. Paul — since the Conectiv is basically just an audio interface, and this isn't, why not keep that box and get a different DJ control surface, like the Faderfox (which has a terrific DJ controller), or, once it's available, the new Vestax we saw here? I can see why the Torq-DJ people are upset, because this doesn't seem to fit with what M-Audio already released. But assuming they're happy with Conectiv and the software, there's nothing keeping them from avoiding this and buying something else. And if they're not happy with Conectiv and Torq, well, then maybe they should go a different direction anyway. πŸ™‚

  • Jon

    Basically all this is is a glorified Hercules DJ console. Wait…no it isn't…the Hercules DJC has inputs. πŸ˜‰ How was this going to change DJing again?

  • Nicholas Vegas

    I think that one of the best things of this controller ( cause its not more than this )is

    "the size" It looks like a very interesting growed up Controller, unfortunatly its wrapped in a horrible designed Plastic Case but at least with Funny (functionally) Lights incl.

    Believe me, its horrible to fuddle around with the "very superb" Faderfox Dj-1 in the darkness of some booth/party after a few Gin'n'Tonics.

    Btw. i dont believe that the inc. Audio interface of the xponent can really takes measure with my Echo Indigo Dj.

    Like i said before , i will wait till the Musikmesse & take a closer look to the

    other competitors & specially

    to the Vestax one in shiny metal πŸ˜‰

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  • Yeah, but Nicholas, that problem with the Faderfoxes is solved with a little portable USB light / small lamp.

    That said, I'm going to have to book a flight to Messe. Probably more fun than Anaheim, anyway, right? Where's my German phrasebook?

  • Sooo ummm, it kinda looks like a bcd2000 but without inputs and a few more buttons…. What could possible make this thing better then picking up a bcd for $150?

  • Peter your right with the Lamp, i use one,

    but i was more mentioning "The Size"

    of the ( i admit, damn brilliant pro )Foxes

    from Mathias.

    Looking at the vid. @ gearwire.com

    it looks to me like i said above,

    2 good things: Lights & Size.

    I will be at the Musikmesse too,

    its a lot nearer to me than anaheim.

    Quite around the corner πŸ˜‰

  • Watching the video, but two things I don't understand … why are the lights pulsing meaninglessly, and am I supposed to be into DJ Junior Sanchez's set there? Apologies, Mr. DJ … maybe you're still trying to work out how the hardware works?

  • i thought quite the same (lol)

  • llorca

    Don't agree at all with everyone here. Ok, this thing is super-ugly, but the features are everything i can expect from a good dj controller. First, there are pitch-faders, and sorry guyz, i still have a lot of fun beat-matching tracks MYSELF. I know a lot of dj's who gave up dj'ing with ableton live because automatic beatmatching took all the fun off dj'ing. Plus, customers tend to see you as "cheaters" and not "real dj's".

    This thing is small and you can travel with your laptop + Component. Plus, there's an audio card in this thing, and that makes it a better product than the vestax controller (that lacks one). One thing you have to keep in mind, is that if you 're travelling and playing in clubs abroad, plugin two or three devices (midi controller + pcmcia audio card + laptop) becomes quickly a pain in the ass. Believe me, 2 minutes makes a difference when you're setting up on stage in front of people waiting for you to throw a "record".

    Basically, all you need if you want to dj is this controller + laptop. I don't see the point of having inputs and I don't agree with this "everything bundled solution" : if u want to dj, buy a good dj gear. And imo, for the moment, there's none (a couple ?). I don't believe there could be (for the moment) a good digital dj + digital producer solution all in one controller… we'd need pitch faders, jog wheels, keyboard, pads, audio card… all this in a small portable device ? Come on.

    The only negative thing i can see about this m-audio thing is : they are trying to compete with the hercule dj thing, which is lame because this is not a "PRO" solution. And makes me dubious about the Component audio-card's quality and the plastic knobs quality…

  • Duke4ever

    that video is quite repulsing :/

  • If I had seen this product before my purchase of Connectiv, I would have known better to buy another M-Audio "innovation".

    This reminds me of the time my friend convinced me to go with him to see a Big Name DJ that had been touring the US and was really getting a lot of press. I was hesitant, but I thought that there had to be something to it if so many people were willing to shell out an enormous ticket charge to see this DJ play… Right?

    Wrong, when the DJ finally hit the stage after arriving late and causing backstage drama, the moment of truth arrived. He came out to smoke and lights, and on the very first record he attempted to mix in, he trainwrecked the mix and knocked the needle off the other record.

    It was so ugly that all I could do was laugh and walk out.

  • whadog

    The lights seem to be flashing with the beat of the music. This is a little hard to tell from the additional strobes going off around the DJ.

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  • degauze

    In the interest of saving people time:
    Oh, and its friggin 50 dollars on amazon.

  • Dave

    I'm not a DJ but I am interested in getting into it. I have purchased Connectiv and the other controller just to mess around with for a couple weeks and I am going to take them back and exchange them for an Xponent.

    What I am is a computer guy, and I have looked at all the other solutions you guys mention, serato, hercules (bought and returned), connectiv, BCD2000, BCD3000 and the Vestax described in this thread. So far from my perspective the xponent is the ideal product.

    All I want is my laptop, a controller, speakers and headphones. I shouldnt need anything else. Why do I want to lug around a bunch of equipment or for that matter pay for it? Why send control codes from a CD or vinyl to my computer when I could just do it from a stand-alone controller? The Hercules controller only works on mac or PC not both. The BCD 2000 is like programming your own OS to try to get it to work with Traktor. The Vestax still requires a breakout sound box and looked like the button layout was not as good as the Xponent. The Xponent has midi in and out, it has a track pad… it has built in sound. How many people use Mics? If you are running a Mic, why not just use it through your mixer… or if you really want to run it through your computer, just use the xponent as a controller and use a breakout sound box.

    I must be getting all these terms wrong, but I can tell you there is no other product on the market that I have seen that makes DJing of your computer as easy as Xponent.

    Final note: Torq Xponent rocks. This software is a huge reason to go with the xponent because the xponent will have the best integration with this software… Which seems much like traktor but easier to use…. and the one I seem to get the best results with. (messed with the hercules one, traktor, ableton live and the pioneer one).

  • Well after much mole-ing over of all the other usb Audio devices it seems that XPONENT is the best…..I was stumpt a bit by the 16-bit/48kHz max sample rate because I saw that other sound cards had better (higher) ratings….but….if your using mostly mp3s with a bit rate of 192 (or lower), its pointless to have a better sound card because you cant really get better sound from these mp3 formats…This unit is way better than the weird ass klunky Veztax (Metal Monster)….And Numark and Hercules are just stupid toys for home DJS……

  • Chris

    I think the specs of this product are just awesome. At the moment it's the only professional level product I can think of that integrates a comprehensive controller, audio interface, mixer and software in a seamless way. I could imagine if you'd build a small rack for Xponent you could slide the laptop keyboard underneath it and just operate the laptop with the integrated xponent track pad. Can't wait to buy this.

  • Tom_k2

    To all the haters : Grow the F*** up!

    If it's a toy for you, if it's really that bad then why even post your hatefull messages, just give your opinion on it. You like it or not, bottom line. Personaly I am a DJ and music producer and I am going to pursue my DJ career with it. I wanted to buy two CDJ's but then I saw some Xponent videos. I don't understand why people who already own Connective are so pissed. You don't need XPONENT if you already have 2 turntables with Connective. Is it that hard to understand? I am so tired of all those negative people. You are just a bunch of haters.

  • don knotts

    does it get power off the usb? or is it dendent on the plug? i often have problems getting an open outlet just for my laptop. usb powered would rock – the less outlets to find, the better

  • detroiter

    First of all, I thoroughly resent the 'luddite' comment in the article. I used to appreciate CDM reviews and opinions, but that was offensive. Anyone using this product and M-Audio themselves are actually the opposite of so-called Luddites. We're totally moving beyond turntables- the ancient beasts that they are, and moving toward a totally digital future.

    I'm agreeing with llorca, Dave, stevo & Tom_k2:

    Any vinyl purist simply sticks with vinyl. When you start a discussion on vinyl control, you only have two arguments- one on the superiority of vinyl control or the superiority of digital playback. Digital playback is what attracts me to Xponent. After owning FinalScratch, going through upgrades and using Traktor DJ Studio with it (oh yeah, and moving several times), I found that all I really needed was good pitch faders. Other than turntablists, it seems to me that better DJs never touch the turntable except to drop the needle and cue.

    If the Xponent MIDI implementation doesn't allow

    hair's breadth adjustments for perfect beat matching, then this product is truly useless and, without a 24-bit/96khz audio interface, this is truly overpriced. But to me, the long-throw pitch faders will make or break the Xponent as a "professional grade" controller. I can always use an outboard audio interface like the Focusrite Saffire LE since I prefer to play my tracks as WAV, AIFF or FLAC for full audio quality. I suppose M-Audio's "professional" intentions are false.

  • detroiter

    On second thought, CDs are only 16-bit/44.1khz and all of your mixer & CD features are included in the controller and software, plus features like the sampler and effects- so the package overall is priced well IF the knobs, faders and response at least mimic good analog equipment.

    And before I get flamed on what "better DJs" do, most of your common DJ tricks can be emulated with the Xponent and CD turntables. IMO, if you have a problem with Xponent, you have a problem with CD turntables and computer playback in general.

    Another thing- is M-Audio trying to compete with Allen & Heath with the candy colored controls?

  • Wallace Winfrey

    It doesn't make a difference how long or short the pitch faders are if you're using MIDI. You're still stuck with 128 possible values for pitch adjustment, which is why DJing with any MIDI device essentially sucks – there's not a fine enough resolution to perform effective pitch changes. Traktor was on the right course with the small amount of OSC implementation they did, but I hear it's no longer present in Traktor Scratch, and was woefully underutilized in previous versions of Traktor anyway. Vinyl control, not being based on MIDI, offers a much finer resolution for pitch control and is really the only option seeing as there is a dearth of OSC-based controllers and DJ apps on the market.

  • detroiter

    Thanks for the post, Wallace. I was hoping someone would remedy that issue of 128 values while eliminating the need for steel wheels, but the wait continues. Or you just get over manual beatmatching and let Live do it automatically.

  • Mozzer

    Well the Vestax got panned in a UK review for being built like a tank and performing very sluggishly!

    M-Audio at least have a track record with midi controllers and audio interfaces for computer musicians – Vestax and Numark don't really have a history here with writing low latency drivers and the like so that should be a win for M-Audio. While the lights aren't to everyone's taste I get fed up with not being able to see in DJ boxes around the conutry so they will be a boon for me!

    Get out of the bedroom into a dark DJ box and you'll appreciate their worth! I'm looking forward to this!


  • Wallace Winfrey

    Panned for being built like a tank? In most of the other reviews I've read, being built like a tank is one of it's assets.

    As far as lighting goes, I've been DJing long enough to know to always bring a headlamp, so the lights aren't much of a boon for me.

    I read a couple of reviews (the Scratchworx, the Remix.net review) and I'm sorry to say, I think one thing the reviewers are missing is that any sluggishness (and most of the sluggishness seems to be seen in the same action: trying to "scratch" with the jog wheels) in the VCI-100 is most likely due to the inherent limitations of MIDI and/or Traktor. I really don't see how the Xponent will perform any better in this area, and it's the main reason why I'm not giving up my turntables anytime soon. Until we see a fully OSC-based solution in a digital DJ controller and application, there will never be good enough resolution for a truly high-performance product. It's not latency that's the issue, it's resolution.

  • Shawn

    Unfortunately, Wallace, you are not as wise in the ways of MIDI as you'd like people to believe. A standard MIDI CC only provides 128 values (0-127). The "Pitch faders" on the XPonent, as well as the PITCH BEND on any traditional MIDI device have a MUCH larger resolution… try more 16,000 possible positions. Pitch is not a MIDI CC, but in fact a LSB, MSB message. XPonent's Pitch Faders incorporate this sort of technology, increasing the resolution by orders of magnitude greater than the 128 positions that you imply.

    It should appear to me that you haven't actually put your hands on XPonent… because clearly you don't understand the way it works, or the quality of the components used on it.

    but that's ok, your rants are worded cleverly, so people enjoy reading your criticism. Too bad it's based on your personal bias.

  • Wallace Winfrey

    You're right, this thing does use pitch bend on the pitch faders, and pitch bend messages do indeed have a finer resolution than 128 values! I stand corrected.

    No, I haven't used an Xponent, although I'll be glad to try one should M-Audio decide they want to send one for review. Until that happens, my opinion about the Xponent NOT being the greatest thing to ever hit the world of DJing will remain woefully uninformed. Personally, I'm totally OK with leaving the $600 in the bank and remaining uninformed, and all "clever wording" and implied wisdom aside, I'll bet I'm not the only one.

    Note to happy Xponent users and M-Audio sock puppets: I'm really, really happy that the Xponent has changed the world of DJing for you. You totally got your money's worth with that $600 you spent and you should feel no more need to correct us smart-aleck uninformed bloggers in the comments section of music blogs four months after the fact.

  • Ben

    +1 who feels you're being too harsh on it. So it won't change the world of DJing, big deal, so what — Press Release Overhypes Product is headline news?

    Several things about this product hint that it might just be the best DJ controller on the market in this price range (or indeed any price range until you get up to the A&H Xone:3D…). The proof is in the eating, of course, but I think Wallace is making a mistake to dismiss it out of hand.

    There's the long-throw high-res pitch faders. The build: it may be plastic, but it looks solid. Above all, there's the layout — everything seems really clearly laid out, the illuminated on-button symbols are a clear win (compared to most controllers' identical rectangular buttons with labels adjacent, requiring you to carry a torch even if the buttons themselves light up). And just the overall arrangement and relative size of the controls and buttons seems "right".

    The problems being reported with the VCI-100's bizarre choice of MIDI messages from its jog dials, plus it's low-res short-throw pitch faders, have rather put me off that machine. I'm certainly going to try out the Xponent. It'll have to justify its price tag for me to buy it. It will need to feel like professional quality gear. But maybe it does. Why not keep an open mind?

  • Graham

    Thats why theres so many big named dj's using these products. e.g. Dj falcon (daft crew), pete tong and also james zabiela! dont be so stupid and give it a chance!! ye probably haven't used the new products yet πŸ™‚

  • david1978pdx

    I'm not an experienced DJ at all, but I can tell you the Xponent is an overpriced piece of plastic. The pitch faders have barely any resistance and the crossfader has none at all. The "scratchability" is a joke. I can scratch better on Traktor with a mouse. The lack of additional inputs is a slap in the face to the world of DJ'ing. If you want to spin mp3's stick to the time code control vinyl/cd's.

  • Shawzy

    Well i quite like this concept that M-Audio have put together. I would however have liked to have seen a Mic input, and the option to plug a pair of turntables in so you have the option of using time code vinyl aswell. One thing that nobody seems to have picked up on in all the rants I've read above is that you cannot change any faders should they go down! so i think it would be better to post a wish list on M-Audio site and be constructive rather than just slate the product to infinity! After all, this is just the Mk1, there's bound to be a Mk2 if M-Audio are worth they're salt and are truly committed to producing a professional product for all. All they have to do is listen to what people want, at the end of the day they want to sell product, and that's the way they'll do it.

    I've DJ'd since 1980, so i should be a die hard turntable man, but you have to embrace new technology. I like to be able to beat match traditionally, but with auto sync around today you now have more time to concentrate on how interesting the performance sounds with FX, loops and samples etc. to really carve your individual creative genius!. I think that's far better than spending all your time trying to get the beat right in your cans! at the end of the day the person on the dancefloor cant here that bit, and thats not what they've come to here you do either!

    Happy Jocking! guys, and try and look at the positives!

  • christopher lee

    Ok..You bitter ol' dj purist need to lighten up. I've been a dj for a few years and i love this thing. All you cry babies are talking about "wah wah, theres no inputs". Ever think about pluging the output into any dj mixer??? Amazing! Now you have mic inputs, phono inputs, and probably a few line inputs. And btw..I havent read all the post on this thing and if im repeating someone, sorry. Oh and you "grammar nazis" need to lay off. I dont spend my time reading dictionarys.

    Also about the plasic casing. If it was metal, it would probably would weight 50 lbs, and if anyone knows about carrying alot vinyl to a gig that you later find out that doesnt have turntables, carrying unnecessary weight SUCKS!!

    Just a thought..what are the casings of the cdj's made of????? Plastic!! I mean just a thought.

    I love the fact that its a fun portable system with shit loads of very convientent effects, and what i see as a reasonable price.

    I mean its not designed for djs that regulary play Ibiza, but for for the local bedroom dj who wants a system that doesnt require 1000's and 1000's of dollars, this is a pretty good choice.

    So to all you haters and dj cry babies…"Rats Off To Ya"

  • The Mighty T Dazzler

    If you are house music Dj, the Xponent is going to blow your mind with all of it's capabilities. If you're a scratch Dj….um not so much

  • Lance

    When I went from vinyl to cd i was sceptical and did not like the transition, however after using cd for a while i soon fell in love with cd. The same has happend now – moving from cd to mp3 & MIDI has been uncomfortable, but the more i use it the better it becomes.MP3 – MIDI certainly allows a world of new opportunities. The hardware: I was VERY dissapointed with the sliders – they are out of control [ie way to loose]and dont help precision at all.They also have a "toy' feeling to them. The nudge buttons are too close to the platters and if you have big hands [fingers] then this becomes a problem. All the other buttons however have a great feel to them. The lighting on teh board is also well thought out.The software:Not bad at all – th library options are limited, ie you cannotview track "year" for instance and i had to go and add teh year into "track number" in the ID3 tag on the mp3 file so that year now shows instead of track number. Why they have got track number is beyond me as track number is irrelavant when you opwn thousands of singles on mp3. I like the "record feature' – thsi is great to review ones sets with later. It also builds up an auto playlist – using this together with the record function allows one to objectively review ones music choice and mixing at anytime after the gig. Just make sure yoiu are using a Laptop with 2GIG and 1GIG Ram [duo -core processor ] with 7200rpm HD as the minimum. Also donr run ANY other apps while performing as latency creeps in. All round a good product – but not excellent – maybe im still getting over the loss of my CDJ 800's – but when thinking of set ups and wiring, thsi baby knocks your socks off.

  • Ok here is my persepcetive on the xponent.

    First some background, having decided to move from CDs to a digital format I tried a BCD 2000. Wow this sucked the Xylo software failed on a regular basis and I thought the crowd would kill me. Next I thought ok lets try the BCD 3000. Major improvement now running traktor software. However the LE version left me cold so I upgraded to the full version. The microphone never worked either unless no track was loaded into the DECK.

    Then I thought what's better than this?

    My criteria is I don't want to mess about with external sound cards and headphone jacks.

    That excluded the VESTAX, however I do run a lexicon sound card for DIGITAL Karaoke.

    So I buy an Xponent RRP in Australia only $995. Interesting piece of kit does it work yeah kind of after to you ditch 64 Bit Vista and go back to XP.

    First GIG

    I plugged it all in and then nothing happens screen simply says xponent not connected – shit – no time to work it out back to the BCD 3000.

    Finally figured it out the software and hardware will only reconnect to the first USB port you originally connected to! What bright spark thought of this!!!!

    Important safety tip that one.

    GIG No 2

    I set it up the gear connect external HDD drive start torq then the laptop and the HDD want to talk to each other. This causes the music to reloop at 4 beats over and over!

    Great stuff this time I have my CDs and CDJ 100s as a back up. Never the less this piece of expensive shit will work so help me!

    Ok the Ext HDD finally decides to let me access tracks and the music starts to run. I wipe the sweet off my head and thank god.

    Am I finally in the clear ummmm NO the Torq software decides to crash for no apparent reason!!! Oh joy the music stops again as does the dance floor, although some chick keeps wanting to talk to me FFS!!!

    Comments here about lack of mic input this would not have been of any help as the software crashed, for me that was ok as I take a mixer to plug the xponent into.

    I get torq restarted and it settles down. Ok this is it the world is good I a get a cold glass of water from the bar to settle me down.

    Now I start looking up the next tracks but torq has other ideas, looking quickly at the data base file and your fav folders causes the music to drop out for a fraction of a second. Can it get any worse??

    Another important safetly tip.

    After 4 drop outs I have it worked out. The final 3 hours of the gig went fine. I even built up the courage to loop a couple of tracks. My thought was if it's working at the moment don't F$%K with it.

    Do I trust the torq software in a word NO NO and NO I'd rather use Traktor, where I have never had these drop out problems.

    The unit itself is fine but the headphone cue buttons could be better located on the deck.

    It has enough shiny bits to do a gig for me, however I'm more focused reliability.

    I earn a living from DJing so this is not the same as someone playing around at home who might have time to fault find with every little problem. It's important to me for things to work first time everytime.

    Is it a Toy? No it's not a toy it is a MIDI controller is it as good as CDs?

    Well I've not encounted the same problems with CDS unless a laser is getting tired or the CD is wearing/scratched. Which is the reason I switched.

    I would think that CDs in the next few years will be like vinyl is today. Only hard core DJs will persist.

    My MP3s are recorded at either 224 or 320 KBS which make it sound pretty good.

    Will I go back to CDs hell no I'm sick of lugging cases of cds having CD lost or stolen at gigs or getting scratched.

    What I would like is something that could simply plug straight into the amp with all software inbuilt with a 500 gig HDD.

    I don't care so much about running other apps on a laptop when I'm working.

    I'd prefer to simply have LCD monitor over a laptop. But that would be a perfect world…

    Who knows they might even include a mic input but that's another story.

  • Daniel

    DJ Raven. Every thought of actually learning the program and interface BEFORE doing a gig. You're friggin nuts! A tool using a tool makes a nut.

  • Most of these comments provide no real truth to what I have witnessed for myself, The Xponent is

    a fine piece of work, I use it with my old Hercules MK2 as the soundcard for my torq control vinyl…No problems ever.

  • DJ FLYER, Sweden

    Never gonna touch a cd again, love my xponent, way better than the bcd 3000 I first got.

    Ok, its not perfect, but nothing really is πŸ˜‰

    The only bad thing is the software. Now I know why U get torq for free when U buy xponent. Its so crappy, they cant get anyone to pay for it!

    Everytime I used loop and effect at the same time it crashed. Thats no good if you got like 2-300 clubbers in front of U.

    I use virtual dj for software now, done about 30 gigs with it and it worked perfect (traktor is ok too).

    I run the sound true a 2 line+mic in/2 out routmixer to fix the lack of microfon and input for backup music (ipod).

    Some folks think it too expensive, well thats probably cause the dont make any money on their dj-ing πŸ˜‰

    One of the best things about it is the quality of the sound. Tested it along with a bcd 3000 and a hercules, and its easy to hear why M-audio are so big on digital sound. The impovement were really great with the xponent.

    I tried four different hardware and software and xponent + vitual dj is my favorit choice.

  • I read a whole page of people complaining about LEDs burning out on multiple machines. Does anyone know if this issue has been solved yet?


  • I used to hate it, but now I absolutely love the Xponent.

    After i sold my small sailboat for the money to buy it, and found out that the sound was crackling and the torq software didn't work, i was thoroughly pissed!

    I went a month trouble-shooting with the m-audio support staff (which is superb, by the way), They eventually told me to send it in for repair… three weeks later, instead of a repaired xponent, a shiny brand-new unit was shipped to me!!! πŸ™‚ it seems that I had one of the first models and it was defective – my new one works perfectly in every aspect (including the software) … One last thing: i forget who said this originally, but the Xponent does NOT have a low amount of buttons and knobs — it actually has more that enough, plus it can hold TWO WHOLE BANKS of midi-assignments