In this case it was “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” as the folks at Moog backed up their promise of ANOTHER DIMENSION with an intimate solo theremin performance. A sizable crowd enjoyed this breath of fresh air in a convention jam packed with high energy live gigs.

Ed.: Moog Music has an incredible group of friends when it comes to Theremin players. In this case, the artist is Japanese Theremin superstar ERI, who has the enviable domain She’s truly one of us, as she likes pulling up her webpage on her DS.

I’m still excited about the new Moog Theremin kit. Need to pick one of those up.

In other items from the theremin beat, our friends at Theremin World have some great items recently: a lost Clara Rockmore album on iTunes, a Theremin soft synth, and a chance to learn from master thereminist Carolina Eyck in L.A.. All this, and they’re getting attention in the New York Times. Theremin is, after all, the instrument of record. Congrats! -PK

  • lollerpants

    Anybody know anything about MIDI theremins? As cool as I think theremins are, the band I'm planning is pretty much all electronic and I'd like it keep it that way for a variety of purposes.

    Then again, I did just buy an E-mu 1820m and I need something to plug into all those inputs…

  • Lollerpants, looking at one specifically?

    There's also nothing stopping you from routing a Theremin into digital effects / a laptop audio input (which I think is what you mean on the 1820m). To me, part of the appeal of the Theremin is the direct connection of controls to sound. But there's no reason you shouldn't also be able to take that data and do MIDI… I'd just think at that point if there weren't other controller possibilities, depending on what you want to do.

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  • moogie

    i enjoyed Play of eri with NAMM show.

    her and her Play is very attractive.

    Bob moog discovered the woman who had an excellent talent.

  • Thanks for the linkback PK! What new theremin kit are you referring to? I haven't heard anything about this! Eri sent us the same photo of her playing the all-wood Etherwave Pro, but surely they're not going to sell a $1300 theremin as a kit? Moog's website has nothing about a new kit, so if you've got a scoop, please share! Keep up the suberb reporting!