Percussa micro super signal processor

Josh Jancourtz took some great photos for us from the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center at the NAMM show, because you can never see drool-inspiring gear from too many angles. We’ll be catching up with new NAMM announcements all week and will do our full CDM wrap-up in the next few days, but in the meantime, here are some photos:

Josh Jancourtz: Winter NAMM 2007 [flickr]

If you were in Anaheim and want to share some of your own snaps, or pictures of anything else, for that matter (Irish pub crawl?), it’s easy — just join our Create Digital Music flickr pool:

Create Digital Music pool

Keep contributing, and someday we’ll build a Hugh Hefner-style mansion and invite everyone to a real pool. Just watch the circuit-bent electronics — waterproof synths in the pool only, please.

NAMM coverage on your blog? Aside from our own NAMM wrap-up, we’ll be compiling links to our favorite NAMM write-ups elsewhere. If you’ve got NAMM photos and stories you’d like us to consider, just drop us a line and we’ll add you to our wrap-up later this week.