Waldorf’s Zarenbourg electric piano was on display at their NAMM booth. Beholding its grand, future-retro design, you’ll immediately wonder: are there tines and pickups under the Zarenbourg’s hood, or a digital sound engine?

The answer, alas, is the latter, which will be appreciated by keyboardists who value the ability to use multiple built-in sounds and effects along with an editor librarian in VST and Audio Units.

There are also several bold color schemes for the Zarenbourg’s shell, including a huge Union Jack flag, so you can keep your Zarenbourg coordinated with your Mini. The large, flat top also lends itself nicely to holding another keyboard and/or computer setup.

The Zarenbourg is scheduled to ship in May for around $5k MSRP.

Waldorf Music (en)

Ed.: It’s a tough NAMM show for the Zarenbourg: Waldorf’s electric piano has to face up to the real Rhodes moniker. Odds are, I think, the new Waldorf synths may fare better buzz-wise. I see an electromechanical vs. simulated electric piano smackdown in the future. The winners: lovers of electric pianos. The losers: anyone wanting an electric piano with the Canadian flag will need to get a custom paint job. Though I betcha you’ll be one-of-a-kind. -PK

  • Porco Rosso

    The design of the cabinet is certainly retro.

    But wouldn't it be fab/gear if someone were to do a midi controller keyboard that matched the look of the Vox Continental Organ?

    black keys, chrome Z legs, red top…

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  • Roger

    I've been hoping someone would come out with a suitable rival to the overpriced Clavia Nord C1 that would offer not only (dual manual, physically modeled) Vox and Farfisa sounds, but also Gibson G-101, misc. Ace Tone, Fender Contempo, Yamaha YC-25D/ YC-45D, etc., with a killer effects engine, reverse-color keys, drawbars, and tabs. Since most of the major national ads are starting to incorporate combo organs sounds in their campaigns, maybe SOMEONE will hop on this idea and make it happen…..and, if they keep the price competitive, I'll be the first buyer. Glad to hear others are in the market for this too!