Yamaha has revealed its upcoming products to be shown at the NAMM show later this month:

  1. New keyboard integration with Steinberg and Arturia software
  2. Motif XS and MM6 synths, based on the MO series
  3. New MIDI/USB controllers and USB MIDI adapters from CME, plus an expanded wireless line (though we’re still waiting on the existing wireless hardware to ship from CME)

  4. New PSR and EZ series portable keyboards and DD drum kits
  5. A new music lab for schools
  6. 500-watt compact PA

A couple of interesting items here. CME has had plenty of surprises when it comes to MIDI hardware, some hits and some not. New synths are nice, as well.

Also on the NAMM radar, M-Audio are promising new stuff, including their Torq DJ line, and if Apple announces an update to Logic or anything else music-related, I’d expect they’ll do it at NAMM rather than at Macworld following past tradition.

I know some of you have made New Years Resolutions not to be distracted by new gear, so I’ll trust you to ignore those stories. Those of you who are researching purchases, though, or are just curious know you can rely on CDM.

  • Don't forget the Metasonix Scrotum Smasher! ; )

  • Adrian Anders

    The vestax vci-100 looks hot:


    Finally, some pro-dj makers get into the MIDI controller game. It only took them like 5 years past when they should have jumped in the first place. Oh well, as long as they deliver the same rock-solid performance and feel as their analog audio mixers it should be a really dope product.


  • Jim B

    Any more details or a link on the Arturia info? Also the cryptic comment "New synths are nice, as well." is there anything behind this?

    Oooh I love the NAMM rumors even more than Macworld ones, but I want more details man!!!

  • Well, this isn't a rumor — this comes straight from Yamaha. Any additional details, though, are likely to be embargoed until the week of the show, and I try to play by the rules. The new synths are "based on the MO" line; that's all we know.

    I do know some other stuff I can't talk about yet, and the general sense I get is that we'll have a lot of interesting announcements at this NAMM.

    Thanks for the tips, matrix + Adrian!

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  • Well, I still want to know when Yamaha is finally going to release Toshio Iwai's Tenori-On ( http://www.global.yamaha.com/design/tenori-on/ ), d*mmit! 😉

    Any news on that this year, or am I going to expire of old age before it ever gets beyond an (albeit extremely kewl) prototype?



  • Howard

    anything about an upgrade for the s90es?