Percussa micro super signal processor

The perfect computer DJ controller remains elusive. Serious turntablist DJs, of course, will want decks. But what if you’re scratching homebrew Reaktor instruments, or jogging through video for a VJ set (which, sorry, isn’t really subtle enough to require a full deck), or just adding scratch to a laptop set?

Our own Adrian Anders notes the new Vestax VCI-100 in comments:

Vestax VCI-100 Product Page

Here’s what it looks like on paper (or, erm, website pixels anyway):

  1. Jog wheel “constructed with a high-resolution pulse sensor; touch sensor and acrylic platter mechanism”. Have to actually try that out to know what that feels like. Jog wheels have built-in “sensor LED.”
  2. Hardware-adjustable crossfader controls
  3. USB MIDI connection, bus-powered
  4. 90 assignable parameters
  5. Plug and play (class-compliant)
  6. Bundled with Traktor LE

The controller layout is a little unusual in that there’s a loop/sampler section at top left and generic “effects” controls at upper right. I’m guessing some folks will like that, and others won’t.

Pricing, availability — no official word. Hopefully we’ll hear more at NAMM.

Updated: DJDeals is showing March 2007 availability and US$499 price (lower, unlisted price available):
DJDeals VCI-100

I’d want to test it first, obviously, and I’d take reseller availability dates with a grain of salt, but that gives us a ballpark.

NAMM Hands-on:

More on the VCI-100 from Josh Jancourtz on the floor of the Winter NAMM show:
NAMM: Vestax VCI-100, Heavy Metal MIDI Controller for the DJ