Glitch, Synthetic and Real: Free Vintage Fairlight VJ Clips, Glitch in Jitter

The 2007 way of promoting your VJing: giving away clips. So while we’re on the subject of legal, free clips to use in your next visual set (classic movies were the subject last week), this week: 68 Vintage Fairlight VJ Loops by VJzoo (2007) [, from Get ready for some grungy, glitchy 80s electro-style […]

Yahoo Pipes RSS Tool Takes Patching Mainstream

Patching, programming visually by connecting virtual patch cords between onscreen objects, has generally been the domain of the few. Max/MSP/Jitter and Pd lovers and modular soft synth fans all patch regularly. But the mainstream audience? Now, Yahoo is letting you “remix” and “mash-up” RSS feeds from the Web, and guess what interface they’re using? Yahoo […]

Peter Kirn - February 19, 2007

Image-Line Deckadance: The DJ App/Plug-in To End All DJ Apps ?

The creators of Fruity Loops aka FL Studio (Image Line software) have just announced a new DJ application called DeckaDance, and this thing looks like the answers to our prayers. We here at CDM love applications that don’t tie you into a specific controller/hardware/control vinyl solution. DeckaDance seems to have everything we’ve ever wanted in […]

Wallace Winfrey - February 19, 2007

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