For bigger gigs I tend to include a DVD player running as a backup in case of a crash. I’ve never actually needed it yet, but it’s nice to have the safety net.

Here’s a simple technique utilizing Adobe Encore to turn your AFX composition into an Autoplaying DVD, sans menus. It also uses Dynamic Link (which I’m don’t use nearly enough), so if you update your composition you can rerender “direct” to DVD.

For super-simple DVD burning from just about any format your computer will play you can’t go past Nero Vision, but this is a slightly more interactive, professional technique.

via Adobe Blogs

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  • If you're on a Mac, Toast also burns looping menu-less DVDs too. Just turn off the menus and set it to auto-play. Works fairly well.

    The encoding options aren't quite as advanced, and it has a hard time doing anamorphic or 16:9, so don't expect miracles. is also on the mac, and free, but it won't burn a quicktime movie if it is missing audio.

  • Well, as of 30 minutes ago I am indeed on a Mac as well 🙂

    Thanks for the tips Justin.