“I would rather have a robot singing our songs than myself.” So explains the lead singer vocoder user for the electro-rock band Shout Out Out Out Out on a new feature on CBC Radio 3. The new program takes on gadget love among musicians. “Our resident gear-freak Tariq Hussain gets the skinny on some of the out-of-the-ordinary equipment used by Canadian musicians,” explains CBC’s John Paolozzi. The idea is to learn how bands get a certain sound.

CBC Radio 3: Gear Heads Episode 1

The first band interview is a decent one, and it seems CBC is pumping out lots of high-quality music streams. (Warning: they’ve set all their players to auto-play, darnit!) Thanks, John!

  • Can I ever relate. I'm sure many musicians have a secret wish list of gear they would go out and buy the day after a lotto win. I'm sure I could blow a cool hundred grand in a day or so. 😉

    Local boys <acronym title="Shout Out Out Out Out">SO4</acronym> are easily one of the best Canadian acts right now and their live show is absolutely amazing. Canadian electronic bands like SO4, Chromeo and MSTRKRFT are gaining a lot of popularity lately (at least here in Canada). As a fellow Canadian I'm really excited about the state of electronic music here.