If you’ve been looking to get into circuit bending your own musical instruments and need that extra push to make the jump, MAKE Magazine has posted both a PDF and video podcast with a basic how-to. I got to play with the resulting instrument Bre built, and it’s great fun; the Speak & Spell is based on the design by Reed Ghazala, “father of circuit bending” who has made a couple of appearances here on CDM.

Here’s the video:

In this weekend projects video, Bre Pettis and Justin Gerardy hack into a speak and spell and an omnichord.

From: Circuit Bending – Make: Video Podcast

Circuit Bending – Make: PDF Podcast

For more information, be sure to pick up a back issue of MAKE Magazine issue 4, the music special; I contributed several articles to that including portions of the circuit bending feature. The online extra for that feature has additional bending resources:

MAKE Magazine Issue 4: Circuit Bending

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  • And me wanting to get my hands on an intact omnichord… what a shame… 😉

    Very few Omnis and Qs around here in Germany, unfortunately.

  • No, I'm with you … I'm not always for bending good instruments. There are other options.

  • BirdFLU

    Cool that hey made the instructional vid. But, damn, bending the Omnicord is kind of brave. I've never seen them cheaper than $150 used. Maybe he found one in Grandma's closet and she let him keep it.

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