In honor of post-Valentine’s Day weekend, the Love Philter.

FL Studio, better known to PC musicians as “Fruity Loops”, is now available in its version 7 upgrade. (This release was announced last month but wasn’t immediately available.) FL Studio’s lifetime upgrades mean that, unlike your operating system, the upgrade is free if you’re a previous owner. And FL Studio 7 also brings compatibility with Windows Vista — and XP, ME, 2k, 98, and 95. In addition to all the existing tricks, FL7 has new features like a beefed-up, built in audio editor-slicer-dicer and a new effects called the Love Philter that chains together eight filters for delay and sound-shaping effects.

FL may not be for everyone, as we saw in feedback, but for those who adjust to its way of working there’s not much quite like it. There’s a downloadable demo if you want to give it a spin on that new Vista install (or Boot Camp partition, depending on how you roll). New users have some confusing pricing options ranging from US$49 up, depending on which flavor you get; suffice to say you still get lifetime upgrades and the basic version could still be fun.

Hope to get some hands-on time with FL soon; I’ve had the itch ever since I saw Onyx jamming with his monster Ableton Live + FL Studio rig last month at the Backlit Lounge in SF.

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  • I love the free lifetime upgrades. You don't just get bugfixes, but also great additions like Edison and Love Philter!

    Some people used to bash Fruity's pattern based limitations (which would supposedly lead to linear, boring, uninspired music etc), but FL Studio is starting to look more and more like a traditional sequencer with automation and pattern clips.

  • I never understood the "it's pattern-based, therefore it only makes boring music" argument. It's almost like saying "graph paper has straight lines, therefore you can't draw curves on it." The 100,000 trance kiddies playing with cracked versions of it aren't going to poison your own creativity.

    But I *can* sympathize with the workflow just not being right for some people — because it *is* different. Personally, I can't really get around as well in other host/sequencers.

    Of all the new stuff in 7, the ones I really care about are the multithreading support and the extremely spiffy and useful new parametric EQ.

  • c3ajeff

    If you're looking for a *first* DAW, by all means FL Studio is the one to buy. If you're used to something else, you may find FL Studio quite different – but even old ProTools users like me can learn and now I find myself doing more and more production work in FL Studio because it works and it's just fun to use, not to mention all the useful goodies that come with it.

  • JB

    I've never even looked at the product because of its stupid name.

  • It's a fantastic program. I've been loving it for about 6 or 7 years now.

    I wish they stopped calling it 'FL Studio' and were just proud about calling it 'Fruity Loops'.

    To those who don't enjoy the name: I'm glad you're not using the program!

  • Jamesy

    This is a good program even tho im still using the Demo version for now (waiting for my software to come through the post) i will enjoy it more when i can record my own tracks and probably publish them on froums such as EA 🙂

  • el paolo

    FL has been my "first DAW" since this past summer. The decision to pick it up was a price / feature one, really. It took a while to get used to the patterns and make sense of how they worked with the playlist, but now that I have it down, FL is both a wonderful scratchpad (for quick, dirty ideas in 5-20 minutes) and great for more elaborate tracks. The pattern clips add a lot of flexibility and have allowed for a lot of creativity in slicing drum loops and melodies and such. I think my only complaint is that it isn't easier to map more of the MIDI controls on my x-station to it (which is probably my own fault for not reading how).

    I don't use FL exclusively, though. Next to it on my quick launch toolbar is a copy of Reason 3, which offers a slightly different experience and brings out compositions I wouldn't come up w/ in FL. The medium really does matter.

  • Oli

    just hit Onxy's myspace… wow… bad ass!

    "hell yeah" go now!

  • I'll defend the name as well as the program. And, hilariously enough, the Google search for "fruit loops" actually gets this application as its first hit, beating out the breakfast cereal. (The cereal is, admittedly, spelled "froot", presumably because it's so far from fruit.)

    Foosnark, well said. And likewise, you can churn out techno with Max/MSP and experimental ambient music with Reason; the choice matters, but it's different for different people.

  • Marcos

    hay guys, i have vista and i want to record my solo but FL driver is not supported by vista. any suggestion?

  • although i agree that the idea that pattern based systems create boring music is an exaggeration, but i think the system does have influence on the output. people will do what's easy within the software – what the designers had in mind. sure, you can work around the features, but that can be unreasonable, too. why would you spend so much effort trying to get around the design "features" when you could just use another program?

    i have to say that i am also somewhat turned off by the name, too. not so much because i do think of it as "FL studio". but still, the name implies a certain sort of "attitude" or something, and looking at some screen shots kind of confirms that. there's nothing wrong with having a little personality, but some people prefer a more neutral environment.

    it's kind of like how if your desk is covered in junk (or treasure trolls), it can decrease your productivity, even if the stuff isn't really in your way.

    i might have the wrong impression of the software. i would definitely look deeper into it if i was in the market for new software.

  • Right, but saying "I don't like this tool for my work" and saying "this is pattern-based, so it'll only make boring music" are two completely different things. I'm personally excited that tools can feel so different to work with, and that not everyone responds the same way. At the same time, there are definitely times when I have to walk away from the latest app / soft synth just because I can't handle another tool.

  • just hit Onxy’s myspace… wow… bad ass!

    “hell yeah” go now!

    That is the *only* way to properly describe Onyx.

    If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, Onyx is throwing the latest Backlit Lounge SF this Wednesday, 21 February at the RX Gallery, with a sweet artist lineup from start to finish.

    Details here:

  • FL Studio was my first DAW over a year ago. I liked the pattern based aspect of it. It made it rather easy and quick to create the barebones of a track.

    Since then I have moved to Ableton and never looked back. The only thing I wished I had was the sequencer from Fl studio. Though, it was replaced when I found Guru, which acts similar yet has a much better GUI.

  • Well the screenshot is just of the filter – you can arrange your work environment and use whatever skin you want in the environment. Don't like the dark dungeon feel? Then create your own 'neutral' one.

  • AUM

    All this idea that FLstudio is purely pattern based is just nonsense.

    If you use the playlist properly and treat each

    "pattern" as a channel which you can then assign to a mixer channel and use the piano roll feature which has been included for many years, you have a system which performs every function that the conventinal DAW's performs and then some.

    Couple this with the ease of hardware and vst integration and you have a creative tool that will allow the most demanding musician to create release worthy tracks without ever having to use another application.

    I've use Cubase SL and SX 3 and Ableton live 5& 6 with the same hardware and FLstudio integrates with other hardware and apps more easily than any of them.

    Read the manual and learn how to exploit the power you will not be disappointed

  • Gayan Ekanayake

    Reply soon when the new version of fruty loop is free to down load

  • denzio

    one of the most simplest but powerful audio tool out there..who says it can't create "curves" in as in a graph.. i've used it as a sequencer for drum parts of a rock band… using my own samples from my own live kit.. nobody knew it was sequenced..ive used different types of DAW..but i will never be without FL..

  • Bigm

    I know quite of few Artists being digitally signed using flstudio along with some vinyl. This program is like any other good thing in life, u use the one that works best for you. I have to say though that fl has really grown up. My only draw back is how it sometimes consumes to much cpu while adding external vst soft synths and the way it handles some fm and poly synthesis. Sometimes fl will cause a synth to pop on its first trigger so u have to record that and wav. edit it out. kinda lame but the rest is all good.

  • CPU consumption and external VSTs is likely not FL's fault. Aside from inefficient plug-ins, I'm told a newer spec will finally prevent plugs from taking up CPU while idle. But then, that's part of why it's nice having some great tools in FL itself — as much as I love plug-ins, keeping some strong instruments in the mix in the host itself has some real advantages.

  • fazil sha

    thanks for frutity loops i have created my own album in this studio and i am very happy that fruity loops has luanched his latest version

    thanks for fruity loops

  • alcatrix


  • sAiJeMiChAeL

    I really love this stuff!

    I finished my first album in lesser time than I've expected…

    "name" doesn't matter, how it works does!

    More Power to aLL Fruity Loopers!!!

  • Produced in Cubase for a couple years and all was good. Recently copped the demo of frutyloops just to check it out and damn its HOT! It is so much easier an efficient to use than Cubase. The pattern based approach is actually kinda cool aswell. I'm definately converting.


    If there is any wonder I HAVE encountered in my life, it is the wonder of fruityloops the FLSTUDIO. Being the best producer in Africa, it is what I use and i would never leave my lovely FLSTUDIO. It is sweeter than sex and more powerful than strength. If there is any other software let it show and FL will conquer.

  • Hey guys.

    Would this fruity loops works with my Axiom 61 for production and recordings? Or do i need some more devises? welcomes all ideas.

    Thank you guys

  • william

    how do u get fl studio to work on vista thanks

  • all those who hate the name, sorry(go to hell), fruity loops is the best in my world and the latest version(7 xxl producer edition) is off the hook, hey all those who really love this program keep on makin good and fruity music, if u wanna share ideas and or partner up with me to do great stuff here is my email, mail me and lets make music. long live fruity loops long live we the proud users and long live our beats. holla

  • you suck mine is betta

  • Problums

    I love fl ive played around with it for the past year now and noticed my basic knowledge of digital based music grow and grow with it. i found it easy as it allowed me to make the music i wanted without the equipment that i cant afford. i dont care wat anyone says you can make any type of music on it ive made dub tracks, punk-techno tracks and electronica traks among many more. if you use it right you can do the shit. Just one thing i cant get the vocoder to work for me so that the sample can actually be understood. any tips?

  • Bharath

    it is suberb & nice am using it

  • Bharath

    it is suberb & nice am using it