Nat “funnelbc”, creator of the CDM logo and graphic appearance, took on a project the rest of us at Team CDM thought was completely insane: make 28 gig posters, in 28 days, for free.

Miraculously, Nat has escaped alive, and the results are fantastic. Good luck paying a designer to give you gig posters like this. These two warm my heart because of their digital music create-i-ness:

Day 27, Tsuki

28×28 Day 17 – Moulinex + Xinobi

For the complete set, see the lineup on onetonnemusic:

Gig Posters Archives

  • bliss

    Wow! I just checked out the archives. Cute and humorous–hard to beat combination. Great stuff!

  • I got one.

    Fuck Cancer Fest.

    That was for me.


  • Maybe I'm missing something here but how come many of them don't have any info on about the event they are supposed to be promoting? Nice pieces of art certainly though.