There are some strange sites out there. This one, found via Google Alerts, apparently is a Russian site designed to lure readers looking for illegal downloadable PDFs of books. As it happens, the page for my book seems to be stolen from the description; there’s no pirated copy of my book available. (Too bad; I would have been flattered.) But the ad that coincidentally showed up when I loaded the page made me laugh:

I’m not sure whether this means my book helps single guys attract women, or whether it can actually stand in for a romantic life. You be the judge. Anyway, something’s helping sales over on Amazon, so maybe this “ad campaign” worked:

Real World Digital Audio

  • sex sells ( as we know it by now )

  • Love it. And I've got the book and I've got a girlfriend, so I can only give a big thumbs up for Real World Digital Audio! It worked for me!

  • MichaelG

    I have a girlfriend, and I still need to read it.

  • Well I don't know about you guys, but I do not have a girlfriend, and after reading this post, I ran over to and placed an order. No joke. Well… maybe 12% joke. But I did order it. Wish me luck!

  • Michael Pearson

    This book helped me record my girlfriend's band. Does that count?

  • Heck, my hope is that computer music gets girlfriends, is FOR girlfriends, gets boyfriends, etc., etc.

  • bledder

    Better check it again, the book is available all over the internet in CHM format.

  • I only said it wasn't available at this site. I know it's been pirated all over the place; I'm guessing all the e-books from Pearson make it out.

    It's unfortunate, because book sales are tiny as is, and a lot of stuff winds up going out of print as a result.

  • That sucks that it's readily available. It's an excellent book, and well worth the cash. I wholeheartedly recommend buying it.

  • velocipede

    Maybe your sales are picking up because word gets around that it's good. (Dunno about the girlfriend angle unless I can count my wife and 2-year old daughter…)

  • Awesome. Well, I received this book after already being married for 1 year…and we're still married! With today's 50% divorce rate, perhaps our marriage bliss is a partial result of my owning the book? You can't say it's definitely not true… Thanks Peter!


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