I’m sure that most people reading this site will be familiar with The Electro Funk Daddy Superstar Break, but in case you’ve missed it:

via DaveSegue.

Edit: Who makes embed videos auto play? That’s just obnoxious. Changed to Youtube

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  • …and nuts to YouTube for have the videos on their website autoplay. I'd like to open videos in multiple tabs without it sounding like some crappy new remix.

  • Fortunately youtube embeds don't autoplay, though I agree with you Eliot. Myspace is the worst though, there is a myspace preference which prevents tracks from playing automatically, although I've never actually had it work. Down with Autoplay!

  • Beardy Man is amazing. Check the Tim Shaw audio clip on his website. I just love the scratching (and itching heh) and reverse technique he does. If you play bit where he reverses Tim Shaw's name in reverse it actually sounds quite close to it.