No matter how many music tech toys you have, no matter how many music tech toys you’ve ever seen, Nine Inch Nails still has more. Michael Hetrick writes to point us to his latest post over on KVR:

Total Gear-Porn on new NIN site [KVR Audio Forums]

It’s especially nice to see some of the no-prisoners, raunchy, tube beauty of Metasonix in there.

Of course, we’ve seen Trent and NIN deliver the gear lust before:

Hotel Room Studio: NIN’s Rack-Mounted Dual G5s

Inside NIN’s Studio on Audiohead

  • I'm jealous!

  • P. Corley

    That setup is probably used for the music they don't release because they certainly don't need that much electronic kit to record layer upon layer of guitars.

  • Yeah, but you have to admit, it looks really impressive as you tweak knobs. 😉

  • well, the setup is being used for music that *hasn't yet* been released . .

    people always bring up that point with nine inch nails music. do they really need all that stuff? i'd assume that there's more there than is really needed just because, what (rich) tech enthusiast has only the gear that's needed?

    i'm wondering, what kind of music *would* take advantage of all this stuff? (i'm not so into recording, so i have no idea what i'm looking at . . .)

  • Come on, has no-one here listened to "The Fragile?" I know the album was apparently not a big seller, but it really should be hard to say that NIN is just "layers of guitars" after that.

  • ColMustard

    Well, you're looking at a few racks of tasty compressors and EQs and the like in this photo. This is the analog version of what a great project studio should look like. Glorious racks of GML, Empirical Labs, Neve, Pultec, Chandler, UA, API… droool. Us not so rich gear junkies now use "racks" of Wave, URS, and Bombfactory plug-in versions of these pieces.

    So, what kind of music could take advantage of the gear shown on this picture alone? Practically anybody who's recording music.

  • so, basically, all those comments i hear about nine inch nails having gear they clearly don't use is b.s. then?

    i also agree that describing nine inch nails music as just layers of guitars is kind of incorrect. you don't have to go to the fragile, either. there's a lot of synthesizer and effects on every album, i think.

  • ColMustard, with you, for sure. And we've certainly heard from the engineers who designed some of this gear (everyone from Bob Moog re: analog synths to George Massenberg on audio processing) that digital doesn't always get quite the same result (especially things like dynamic processing).

    I think we can drool safely. I'm still happy there are people who will create sounds and music NIN would never dream of, on much cheaper setups — that's why it's wonderful there are so many musicians in the world.

    In the meantime, I'm only annoyed because yet gain a NIN rig has me turning green. 😉

  • And there is absolutely no way in the world that any NIN release has been "layer upon layer of guitars".

  • msngr415

    give the new instrumental album Ghost i-iv a listen. it sounds so textured and far beyond just layered guitars.

    however a little side note there was a track on the fragile that consisted of over 40 plus layered guitars.

    i wish i could work in that room on that rig. my broke ass just has to stick with my mac laptop running logic/reason/live6 and my usb controllers. one day….one day

  • Mr. Jarre

    this is nonsense.

  • Machiavenni

    NIN has no more gear than your average pro studio – it's just jam packed together in a small space.

    It's not the tools that make a musician though. It's the creative spark. That is more important than all the tech in the world – and it's not for sale.