Music lovers, online tools are getting more useful. They can even recognize that song you can’t remember (boy, there are there some evenings of my life I’d like back), and keep you from missing your favorite artists’ gigs in your home town.

Midomi lets you search for artists and songs the old-fashioned way, via text search. But it also lets you perform “voice search” by singing with a microphone. Here’s the extra hook for vocalists: you can put your own performances in here and get rated on your talent. It’s like Google meets American Idol meets artificial intelligence:

Midomi, via Music

Next up, how often have you heard your favorite, legendary artist played blocks away from you — the week after it happened? There are various online solutions to this problem, but iConcertCal is unique in that it does the work of entering your favorite artists for you, by searching your iTunes library. Now, of course, this could lead to some embarrassing moments, so if you haven’t already cleared that guilty pleasure tune you ripped when you first installed iTunes, now’s the time:

iConcertCal, via the XO Wave Blog

iConcertCal works for both Windows and Mac versions of iTunes. Nice, but anyone know if there’s something like this for MediaMonkey?

Pandora lovers: Tomorrow, I’m having coffee with the founder of Pandora, the nifty music auto-discovery tool. Got any questions you’d like me to ask him? Let me know in comments before tomorrow morning (Wednesday) New York time.

  • JonYo

    Tried it out…crash crash crash! It actually goes for anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds, then crashes. I uninstalled.

    My system:

    2×2.0GHz G5

    2.5 GB RAM

    OS 10.4.8

    iTunes 7.0.2

  • iConcertCal sounds interesting except for the fact that i don't use itunes. anyone know what the non-itunes-embedded solutions are?

  • If you use, it's got a fairly nice integrated event calendar. It can show local (to a custom extent) recommended events based on the artists in your profile that you listen to, or it can just show all the nearby events. All the events are user inputted, so I suppose there's that chance of missing concerts, but it seems pretty solid to me.

  • definitely rates one of my favorite tools. That's great.

    I was sure there was a non-embedded solution that did this, and I suddenly can't find it.

  • It looks like I'm too late, but I'd love to learn more about Pandora's process for incorporating new music into its database. Is it even possible for unsigned artists? I'm sure they're flooded with requests…

  • I guess I read your mind; one of the first questions I asked! The short answer is, yes! The longer answer will be in the interview once I finish transcribing it … early next week at latest.

  • don't use lastfm either. 🙁 ah well.

  • Mike

    I've been using Last.FM for ages, I even joined the CDM group and often listen to CDM Radio on it. But I didn't realise it did gig recommendations too. Damn it that feature is incredible. Thanks to that I've just discovered Philip Glass is going to perform at the Barbican with Patti Smith.

    Thanks guys.