Winning the award this month for “Most Insane Project Mockup”, I give you the Plattabass. It’s a bass. It’s a record player. It has magnetic sensors embedded in the neck. And yes, that is a crossfader. Even crazier: Mobius (Ray Belden) plans to actually build this thing. We’ll be watching.

Proposed specs, courtesy Ray:

  1. 2 assignable cross faders, an extreme pitch control that goes to zero RMP, a thumb worn magnet that triggers a sensor inlaid in the back of the neck
  2. Three control knobs, and 2 TRS stereo outputs
  3. Fender P bass neck, Basslines 1/4 pound pickups, and Fender flat-wound strings
  4. Technics 1200 motor, plater , and controls
  5. The experimental, spring loaded ,3 pole, zero drag stylus cartridge caddy / Bas string bridge, will be a one off custom piece of metal work
  6. I will need a dsp unit that has a phono preamp built in, I was thinking I could cannibalize a Rane TTM-56

What, no built-in refrigerator for the brewskis? Can’t really see the purpose, then.

For those of you who are unbelievers, Ray says he is photographing work on a prototype as he builds it. Hopefully we’ll have photographic evidence soon.

Believe it or not, though, this isn’t the strangest project we’ve seen yet involving Ms. Pinky, the brilliant-yet-affordable control vinyl system (see CDM Ms. Pinky tag). It’s only right that it’d get built into a bass having already been used inside tree trunks and powering vibrating chaise lounges. Got an unusual Pinky project of your own? Do let us know.

Thanks, Ray and Wallace! (Close-up image after the jump.)

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  • gimme a J

    The record player needs to lie perfectly horizontal or close to it, doesn't it? Not the best position for playing bass. Maybe that cartridge is (yuck) spring-loaded?

    The records will skip when the bass is played, won't they?

    This seems, um… how to say it nicely… pointless, if not misguided.

    Please see if Ray will explain why he thinks it makes sense to integrate these 2 things into one unit.

  • Mobius Ray

    To all who lack skill, but love to dis. The plattabass is a hybrid instrument I dreamed up because I am a turntablist who plays the bass. Just because you can't figure out why I am making it does not mean it is pointless. If you ever strapped on a bass, you'll know its difficult to do much else while playing it, even though there is plenty of time to play accompaniments on other instruments during the jam. Every since I saw the Run DMC wear a pair of turntables on their shoulders, I wanted to find a way to walk around with a turntable and perform. I am a craftsman with skill working glass, metal , and wood, but I knew very little about guitars when I set out to make the Plattabass. I contacted my old friend, and world class luthier Dave Tupper, who was kind enough to give me some lessons on setup, and basic construction technics. Since then I have collected several old basses , and turntables to cannibalize for prototyping. I have all the parts assembled in my lab for the first Plattabass now. I even have a layout photo . Soon there will be a video up on Revver for you all to watch in awe. Mobuis Ray

  • I can verify Mobius Ray is insane!

  • gimme a J

    So, you dis me for saying that it "seems" pointless even while I politely asked for an explanation.

    Then you blathered on without actually explaining much.

    Finally, you mispelled your own name.

    Have a great day!

  • Easy, easy netizens! Interwebs = hastily written comments and zero tone. Be nice.

    I would like to hear more, exactly, about how this will work, I agree, but I would refrain from using the word "pointless."

  • gimme a J

    I submit that my tone may have seemed dismissive, if not downright rude, and I apologize for that. The Plattabass is just so bizarre (which is not a bad thing!) that I can't comprehend the concept behind it.

    It's an interesting project, Mobius Ray, otherwise I wouldn't have asked for more info!


  • Mobius Ray

    It's all good. We all have different ideas about how to produce music. This is my instrument, made specificly for my skill set, and style. I have no problem with someone who struggles to understand what I am doing, but I don't care for negative comments. I am happy to explain the concept, but I think you would really just have to see it. So when it's done, I will be posting video. Unfortunately I have had very little time to work on the plattabass in the past couple months , but it is still in the works. I will keep this blog up to date as it develops.

  • Mobius Ray

    Okay, so It's been a long while, and I have done very little to complete this project. I have been spent the last 14 months, building , and maintaining bicycles for Stanford students. I will be focusing on my music projects for the rest of the year. I will hopefully be able to post photos of a prototype before to long. Thanks for being patient.

  • Make two – i want one!

  • Fascinating approach, Mobius Ray.

    Best wishes from Mobius Megatar (federally registered trademark for our musical instruments). We make unusual basses. (See videos and songs and design pix on our site.)

    However, I think maybe yours is even more unusual.

    — Traktor Topaz, U.S. Manager for Mobius Megatar

  • just4me2

    Love to hear more about it. Why isn't it on your myspace?

  • Cool Tooltablist idea!

    share a tutorial when finish it!

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  • Mobius Ray

    Plattabass build update: I've been building guitars with the guys at   

    I'm getting an excellent education on the process of buing a quality instrument. I have not forgotten about the Plattabass. I hope to have a working prototype soon. 

    Mobius Ray 

  • There is this really awesome band from Toronto called Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. The dj Jason Parsons uses a custom cdj guitar hero controller hack which sounded very cool and looked somewhat practical to use. Check it @1:20: