I am currently in the midst of an awesome toys storm! This week has seen the arrival of a Macbook, Crumpler Backpack and I just picked up my M3 DS Simply from the post office. With a Numark AVM02 arriving tomorrow, I’m worried that I’ll become paralysed by the sheer weight of cool techy stuff. Hence: Pocket Review!

Peter put the DS Lite and DS-Xtreme in his Digital Musician Holiday Wish List. I picked up a DS a couple of weeks ago, but thought the DS-Xtreme looked a little pricey and wanted something which would use SD or MicroSD media, as they’re the formats used by my still camera and phone.

Et volia. The Nintendo DS M3 Simply. A choice echoed by a comment made on CDM 3 days ago. AU$61 (US$48) delivered from Bamboo Gaming, it arrived in 9 days, and includes a “thumbdrive” form factor MicroSD reader, driver CD, and a cute little holder to attach to your keyring or mobile phone lanyard or nose ring or whatever it is the cool kids are doing on my lawn.

That’s all interesting, but there are loads of reviews online which could tell you what you’ll get in the box if you buy one of these things. What they don’t really get across is how simple this thing is. Following these instructions it took me less than ten minutes to go from this:

Before M3 DS Simply

To this! Nitrotracker. DSMidiWifi baybee!


Modding my XBox to run Media Center was complicated enough that I enlisted another geek to do it for me. Getting homebrew running on the DS took less time than copying and resizing the above images.

Nintendo DS M3 Simply: Recommended! [tags]nintendo, DS, homebrew, trackers, gaming, midi, hacks, hardware, mobile, software, wireless[/tags]

Updated: I had to patch NitroTracker with DLDI for R4DS using the instructions here to get NitroTracker accessing the filesystem and saving correctly.

  • Tob

    I must agree, the new Slot-1 (DS card slot) cards make running homebrew a hundred times easier and cheaper (Note to self: Update hardware recommendations on the NitroTracker homepage). Since they go into the DS slot they don't require PassMe, Flashme or NoPasses, so you're ready to go with only one card that costs less than 50$/€.

    Competing devices that should also be mentioned are the SuperCard DS One, the R4DS and the DS-Xtreme, which is more expensive but has internal flash memory instead of using MicroSD cards. Most homebrew (including NitroTracker) runs fine on these cards.

    A more complete list of Slot-1 cards is available here.

  • Oh man, this looks great. do you know if it works with osx?
    Too bad that Bamboo will be out of stock until February 30th…
    is that a double leap year?

  • Well, I also got an M3MicroSDLite, and its got some problems with the compability of homebrew-software because of insufficient driver support when it gets to read and write. Would be cool to hear updates from you about that. I think today I would choose DS-X. NinjaSD, should be also good and compatible.

  • Tob

    marc: Since these cards (except for the DSX) are only adapters for microSD cards, the only question is if the card reader is OSX compatible, and I can't imagine why it shouldn't be.

    020200: Have you tried patching with DLDI? This is generally the solution to all card compatibility problems. For the M3 Lite, you need the "M3 Adapter (SD Card)" version.

  • Lewis

    M3 Simply or SuperCard DS?