I don’t know how I managed to miss the release of the CodaNova VMX VJ, but thanks to Grigori for bringing it to my attention:


Now this is more like it. The NuVJ is on the right track, but without having had a go my initial impression is that it doesn’t have quite enough controls and is too tied to the DJ-style layout. It may be perfect for Arkaos, the ReACT may be perfect for Resolume, but unfortunately I’m not buying my midi controllers to use in one single program.

The VMX VJ seems to be addressing these concerns: Plenty of trigger buttons, multiple jog wheels and cross faders (who decided that a single crossfader was enough for VJing?)

  • 99 fully assignable controllers
  • Plug & Play Windows XP & MAC OS X, Linux support with USB drivers
  • 2 jogs and 2 cross fader for live video scratching
  • 8 tracks with soft touch fader
  • 20 knobs
  • 28 switches (loops, play, pause, replay etc …)
  • 39 radio buttons (special FX…)
  • dim. 29×41 cm – same as a 17″ laptop 
  • white steel

Has anyone managed to get their hands on one of them? A little steep at 500 euro, but the build quality looks great from those photos, if only the same thing could be said for the photos themselves. Perhaps the VMX guys could swing one my way in exchange for some extremely professional looking product shots.

  • Yeah, we got our hands on one of them. Actually it is Serial number ONE, and signed by the whole codanova team, including France’s premier vj, LeCollagiste. Todd and i grabbed the unit during its premier at France’s AVIT event, Vision’R two weeks ago. You can check out pics of the signed unit and other pics from the vision r event (which also included the premier of vixids 16 channel video mixer) or see it in quicktime from our podcast entry about the event in the bellavoise clip, which is titled Vision R day one on the loopcast At the end of the film you can see Bombaklak performing with the unit, who was also one of their betatesters. We have been so busy since getting the unit that i havent had time to post a review. But, basically i can tell you that it is a very robust machine, with excelent buttons..very nipply, and the two crossfaders at the bottom right are quick faders, so really good for slamming. The faders at the top left are a bit stickier, allowing for precise motion. Although the layout of the machine is pretty much identical visually with resolume, we have configured it and used it live in the last two weeks both with vidvox’s VDMX 5 as well as with the beta version of our new 3D software 3L As a result, we have recently signed a partnership deal with codanova to develop another dedicated vj midi controller. Rather than passing on only rave reviews of the controller, i will let you all know one thing that i don’t like about it, but i am sure many others will: it is enclosed in a very sturdy steel case. which means it can take a lot of beating…but that robustness comes at a price, as it makes up a majority of the unit’s 3 kilo (six pound) weight. The unit is slightly larger than a 17″ powerbook.All in all, it is one of the best and most configureable vj controllers to come on the market. At a 500 euro price tag, it is however probably a big ticket item for most vj’s. But if u want something that was designed by some pretty hot live performing vj’s who know what they are doing rather than a repurposed music instrument controller, this unit is the hot tip. cheers 🙂

  • grigori

    cheers for posting the link to artificaileyes videoblog again. reminded me to check it it again, havent seen it in a while!

    while looking at the awesomness of Vision'R 2007 spotted couple of VMX VJ and by clicking the quicktime movie frame by frame, I, to my totall awe came across VJX16-4, which is absolutely amazing piece of hardware for any VJ…

    V4, i'm sorry you might be taking second place after this fellow.

    Half of vjforums community lining up to sell they kidneys to have something like this. Not sure on the price, but its sure to be a hot little pankake for visualist community. Jaymis, mention this in a post blog as well… this is too crazy to ignore!


  • grigori

    VJX16-4 will be around 2200 euro inc vat when it comes out.

  • hey grigori, thanks for the props… and dont forget about the AE reblog 🙂 Actually, the VIXID is the reason that Todd and i went to paris originally. The unit u see in the vision r film is the production sale unit was available for sale there. We saw the beta unit at AVIT berlin and were prety stunned by it…until we performed with it. There was a after party jam at the c-base where the unit was hooked up with a bunch of us all hooked into it, and it was a complete nightmare. The sales production unit is much slimmer in height and lighter than the beta units. The mixer is essentially a matrix switcher with a bunch of presets. So, yes, the unit has a lot of capabilities… 8 svhs inputs and 8 composite, with 3 dedicated outs, meaning u can send a discrete combination of any composition of 4 inputs to each output. The REAL news about this mixer though, is the HARDWARE compositing… meaning u have ADD subract, multiply etc blend modes for each 4x bank, and independent opacity for each layer in the composition. Here is my caveat, however, and the reason why todd and i did not buy a unit at the Vision-R festival, and opted instead to grab the VMX VJ: It is just not a mixer for performing. It is a mixer for live production work–this based on our experience in seeing and using the thing. Dont give up your V4 just yet – todd and i use two of them linked together to get all of our inputs hooked up,and in the end, although i would like to have the 16 inputs and the hardware composition, the 2200 euro is just not worth the price, wheni consider what the new VDMX 5 does. And a little birdie has told me that Ray is finishing up a multichannel multiscreen plugin…which meansthat u can any compbination of layers in VDMX 5 to a seperate output…and VDMX 5 has amazing blend compositing.The only downside is that u need a multiple videcard machine…this wont be happening on laptops!

  • MoRpH

    PCProjects comments on the thread point to it not being quite the "quality build" ppl were hoping for.

    As for the VIXID I admire what they are trying to do (like the codanova crew) but the hardwired layer inputs are just archaic.

  • grigori

    exiledsurfer and morph,

    Cheers for additional feedback and comments. Hehehe.. vdmx software name is very similar to my vj name – vdmo kstati, I'll try it out this arvo..

    And judging by the comments feedback looks like software apps can give a lot of new offered hardware a run for they money no matter how you look at it.

  • what vixid should have delivered us is a 4 channel mixer with 4 composite and 4 svhs ins on the back of the machine, 3 composite and 3 svh outs, and the hardware blending modes, and called it a day…but they are trying to build a machine which also has appeal for lighting and production companies.

  • Jim Morrison

    Anyone know if its possible to split a Midi-signal between 2 pieces of software?

    For example, use the VMX VJ for Resolume & VVVV…
    or Resolume and Traktor…?

    Would live to know (and justify the price tag).


  • Hi Jim. You shouldn't have problems "splitting" the control between two pieces of software. You just have to be a bit thoughtful about how you setup the mappings. If you map a knob to a function in Resolume, then either don't map it to any function in Traktor, or be aware that it will always have an effect in both programs.

  • Sapete anche se è una fanoiznulità abilitato di default sulle nuove macchine e sulle macchine aggiornate dalla versione 4?grazieSergio