I miss the days when we were this excited about synthesizers:

Via the awesomely-named Brotherhood of the Octopus.

  • I use this synth regularly and it's a lot like that. Whenever you want a screaming racecar sounds, fire up your DX10 and let it rip.

  • I remember this commmercial from when I was a kid.

    man this brings me back!

    We almost NEVER see adverts for musical instruments these days.

    Did Roland EVER advertise anything?


  • I still have one here 🙂

  • oh man…awesome! Yeah i miss the excitment as well!!

  • Very awesome, very 80's, I only wish we had cool commercials like this out today, what a flashback that is.

    Here's another advertisement with a very 80's style, this time a print ad of a synth I own, the Roland Super JX-10: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewswihart/388609

  • I miss my DX100, but I don't think I ever put my helmet on to play it. 😀