Performance Illumination: Flexiglow Light Speed Keyboard Reviewed on DansData

Dansdata has a review of the Flexiglow Light Speed illuminated keyboard. I’ve switched from my trusty but ageing Thinkpad (with handy LED light in the lid) to a Small Form Factor PC for gigs, so I’m in the market for something with a little lighting. [tags]keyboards, hardware, reviews, performance, leds[/tags]

Faders as Instrument: Playing the Vestax Faderboard

Imagine a mixer interface applied to a real instrument, and you’ve got the Vestax Faderboard, a “keyboard-like sampling / modular instrument that operates exclusively on faders.” shing02 (Shingo Annen), the designer of the Faderboard, writes in to talk about his creation and let us know videos of this unusual instrument are now available on YouTube. […]

Peter Kirn - March 22, 2007

Native Instruments Releases Detailed Vista Compatibility Information

See what makes people say “WOW!” faster — showing them the Vista interface (yawn), or showing them some of the zany ensembles in Reaktor 5 (wow). Yeah, thought so. Native Instruments today made a statement on compatibility and performance under Windows Vista for their full product line. They’ve been doing what sounds like some fairly […]

Peter Kirn - March 22, 2007

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