I got a disturbing comment on a past story on Brian Moore Guitars working on hybrid MIDI/audio USB transmission for guitars. The poster suggested Brian Moore was no more. That would be sad news, as Brian Moore makes some fantastic custom instruments with MIDI and USB interfaces, top-notch stuff. Fortunately, a company spokesperson has confirmed that while the company is changing, it’s not going away:

We are in a transition mode from Brian Moore Guitars, Inc. to a new entity, with new investors, called iGuitar, Inc.

The company has made some changes specifically in the area of Custom Shop and traditional guitar product to focus resources on products and technologies for the future, such as then next generation iGuitar.USB and other new products. We will be in an R&D mode, continuing to develop our intellectual property for the next few months.

We have also moved to a new facility where we will continue to service and support all Brian Moore and iGuitar products. (see new address below)

At this time there is a very limited number of guitars being completed as our focus will be on the above transition.

The new service address is:
iGuitar, Inc.
290 Main Street – Building #3
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Note: We previously listed an incorrect address. The Cold Spring address is the new iGuitar, Inc. address. Thanks.

Glad to hear that we haven’t heard the last of the iGuitars; I’ll naturally keep you posted about any results of that R&D.

  • Adrian Anders

    iGuitar…. Really? It's one thing to name a product line that, it's another to name your whole company that. The iThing is already starting to wear a little thin these days. It's like naming your guitar company Walkguitar back in the 80's. Sure it will seem hip at that point, biting the style of Sony's popular product… but move forward 15 years, and all of a sudden the name loses much of its appeal.


  • Michael Una

    That's cool. Too bad about the name though. Are they going to make the guitars out of translucent purple acrylic?


  • bliss

    The name Brian Moore Guitars is too mom and pop for today's generation. iGuitar is much, much more C3PO sounding.

  • dead_red_eyes

    What in the hell is with all of these companies making iThis and iThat ? Ugh.

  • RichardL

    I've always thought the name iGuitar was terrible. It's too cutesy for a guitar. I guess BM Guitars isn't a very good name either. It's one reason why I have a Godin Freeway SA guitar rather than an iGuitar.

  • Damon

    Whew! That was close… Moore was almost less

  • bliss

    Why can't it be mGuitar? Or bm Guitar? Or ibmGuitar?

  • Nick

    IMHO, the biggest problem is not the name: it's the look of their guitar. It's a pointy 80's inspired "Super-Strat" design.

    It would be nice if they came out with a few other options for headstoks and body shapes. Even Line6 didn't do the heavy metal thing with their POD guitar thing.

    Come to think of it, Line6 is their biggest competitor, because, unlike Gibson, they are moving units and improving all the time.

    Gimme a BrianMoore guitar with an on-board Adrenalinn and I'll bite đŸ˜‰