Scope DSP Card
German manufacturer CreamWare – best known for their Scope DSP cards and ASB tabletop synthesizers – was declared insolvent on December 18, 2006. Those of you who’ve been following the company for a few years will recall that they hit a similar rough patch in 2004, but re-emerged to release their acclaimed lineup of ASB hardware synthesizers, along with updates to their Scope DSP software.

Luckily, this cloud has a silver lining. The company’s assets have been acquired by two companies with considerable CreamWare experience: SonicCore and InDSP.

SonicCore is a German company run by former Scope developers Holger Drenkelfort and Juergen Kindermann who will continue to develop, support and market Scope DSP boards under the CreamWare name. Drenkelfort made the following statement on the PlanetZ forum this morning: “As we have been deeply involved from the beginning in the development of both SCOPE hard- and software, it’s a very special pleasure for us to provide ongoing support for these great products. Furthermore, we will continue the manufacturing and selling of SCOPE products and devices, as we believe that’s the least this platform deserves. You can be sure there will be some nice offerings to come in the future.”

It appears that rights to the hardware synthesizer technology have been acquired by InDSP, the India-based design company that developed the ASB gear. This arrangement seems ideal, since InDSP is helmed by former CreamWare exec Frank Hund. There’s no word on whether the current ASB lineup will remain in production, but I strongly suspect InDSP will be behind some shiny new hardware at the upcoming Frankfurt Musikmesse.

All in all, this should enable CreamWare technology to live on and flourish.

  • I've always wanted to check out Scope, but their cards don't seem to fit in the latest computers.

    Let's see what happens over time. Wish them well.

    I always thought Creamware was doomed because their disorganized web site and horrible color scheme 😐

  • Cynic

    Fuck it, I still rock a Pulsar2 in my production XP rig. Works fine.

    Scope por vida…….

  • I run 2 scope cards in an old bx-based p3, admittedly overclocked a bit (pci bus still @ 33) alongside my main desktop & laptop. Not ideal if you're wanting a single software app but Scope cards work great alongside ableton & logic. The bx chipset, the tuatalin asus tusl-c and i865 seem to be king for pci bandwidth and so you can cobble something together dirt cheap.

    I should mention that I am involved with a 3rd party Creamware dev and so am a bit biased.

    Keep an eye out for John Bowen at Messe too…

  • I always liked the sound of the Creamware cards – would love to see an updated model that could run as plugins and had os x drivers.

  • I'm glad to see them dodge another bullet, if this actually counts as such, but I hold little hope for Oh-Sex drivers and updates hardware. I'd love to be wrong, though.

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  • i am creamware luna2 user.

    creamware do not support users. xtc mode is buggy (parameters enter), no updates.

    just fucking marketing!!! 🙁

  • andi: The CreamWare product line will be marketed by SonicCore in the future. This should provide much better customer support and software updates than you received from the now-deceased Creamware Audio GmbH.

  • Funky R

    I'am a creamware user since 2001 and i hope they new hardware will come son becauqe i'll never work with any other good hardware. I' ll say good luck to frank, creamware, soniccore & indsp.

  • Damsel in distress…Ive got Creamware Scope but the person who helped me doesn’t come any more and I need to learn how to use and understand it. Do you know of any training videos or similar? Or is there some training on fundamentals which would then help me to understand Creamware Scope I cant get sound with Cubase SX but I can with Wavelab. Ive posted to Steinberg’s Cubase SX forum for window XP yesterday but not resolved.

    I do hope you can help


  • Mumble

    At Pesha: I'm also in need of such tutorial. So if you find anything, please let me know.


  • Mikka

    You need help? Head over to the Planet Z website. Good people ….