EVO5 Countdown
Chat rooms are a-buzz with talk of a “truly revolutionary” digital DJ mixer from Ecler called the EVO5. In lieu of burdening people with actual product information, however, Ecler is providing a sleek countdown timer.

At www.evobyecler.com, visitors can see the countdown—currently about 20 days, 23 hours, and 37 minutes—after which time Musikmesse commences and the revolution will be fully revealed.

As the clock ticks down, speculation heats up.

From touch screens to VST hosting capabilites to surround sound effects to moving faders to high-definition MIDI control: there seems to be no shortage of guesswork as to what might be so special about the EVO5.

“It’s got a fingerprint reader, and if you’re not the DJ, it won’t work,” said Joey C., a Wednesday night DJ at a Detroit gentlemen’s club. “In fact, it gives you a shock. Nothing lethal or anything, but just like to say, back off.”

“I heard the EVO5 is going to be the iPhone killer,” said Neil, a barista at a large chain coffee shop. “But they can’t announce it right now because they’re settling with Mitsubishi over their EVO5 car. So they did the timer thing.”

Just as Y2K came and went without a trace, some countdowns do end with more fizzle than bang. Yet the mere declaration of this revolutionary mixer is already having an impact on the industry.

“I traded my Hercules for Halo 2 and was about to get the Torq,” said 12-year-old Justin. “But now there’s the EVO5 coming in just 21 days, 14 hours, and 3 minutes. I mean, it could be way cooler. I’ll wait.”

DJ Sonny B. of Newark, NJ is three years into digitizing his vinyl collection of over 5,000 records. “All that shit’s on hold now,” he said. “I mean, what if this revolutionary thing is something that will like just digitize the shit automatically? Then I’d be wasting my time now.”

Even people with no intention of buying a DJ mixer are being swept up in the euphoria.

“It’s mesmerizing,” said Pearl, a side-door receptionist at a Kansas YMCA. “I’ve been seeing this countdown in my sleep. It’s better than Tetris.”

  • bliss

    Are they serious? A biometrics reader on a DJ mixer? Why stop at fingerprints. Maybe it takes blood and urine samples as well. Prints out a DNA sequencing map and then uses that data to encrypt and watermark playlists. It probably also comes with a Q-tip saliva collection starter pack that the DJ can use to sample the crowds. The DJ smears the samples onto small glass discs that are fed into the EVO5's front loading slot. They're scanned, and based on the results can't miss playlists, mixes and remixes are created, all on the fly.

  • Maybe it will transform into a robot that sets up your rig for you. Form of ROADIE!

  • First thing was that it Blasts all (?) the

    the sites around the world who published the

    (anonymous?) leaked picture of the EVO5.

    Its Butt Ugly.

  • rumor has it that Craig Anderton was given exclusive preview access to the EVO and was apparently so in awe of it that he had to retire from writing for lack of words to describe..the EVO5BYECLER. its that amazing.

    in fact, i think we should have a lull of posts, before the announcement, to create a 'calm before the storm'.

  • Downpressor

    best product release snark ever!

  • typodaemon

    Biometric finger print reader? No, but it does have a breathalizer and it won't operate until you're sufficiently toasty.

    But on the leaked pictures and specs bit… I can understand sites that get previews not posting before they're supposed to, because they need to maintain their relationship with the manufacturer. But sites that don't care about the manufacturer, why don't they still have the info posted? (say, joe nobody's blog or slashdot – if they even care anymore, its been a while since i've been over there)

  • Typodaemon, you may right, but im sure

    that this is all (Mass Market) Marketing

    nothing else (and its riciculous).

    Question is : Is this the right thing to do if you want to Launch a High End PRO Mixer ???

    Lets do a comparision with the KORG ZERO

    when the time is right.

  • This smells a little hoaxy..

  • "the onion" comes to create digital music

  • Let's see how about a 4D crossfader, NAND flash drive. Hardware Time-Code vinyl interface, push-pull midi knobs…Ipod Docking…Firewire…Bluetooth host…

    blah prolly just be an upgrade to their last mixer.

  • I don't know why you'd choose Ecler to make fun of… their products have been awesome. Also, they totally need some sort of marketing to reach American DJs and club owners. Their products have been superior and cheaper than most of what people are buying in the DJ market. I for one really can't wait to see what they have to say.

  • llorca

    yeah… every time those brands launch a new product, they use those "revolutionnary", "never-seen-before" kind of words to describe it. At the end, you find out its a crappy mixer. Tiring.

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