Reasons to get your electronic music career / video directing gigs on track: you get to use enormous, cavernous studios for chroma key shoots with people dancing around in bunny outfits.

Warning: NSFW, sophomoric bunny-on-bunny action. Not that it matters much to me: their shooting studio is what makes me blush.

Keying outfits that nice makes me want to put on a bunny outfit and jig. Sure, most working VJs don’t get to produce footage this way, but … we can dream. Or look for an empty warehouse.

Thanks to the excellent electronic music site Filter27. New Groove Armada album is due April 30. Technically, that’s Create Digital Music news, but I’m guessing the beats will also be useful for keeping yourself going as you work on new projects with Photoshop CS3.

Any favorite new music videos? Send them our way.

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  • Michael

    I actually doubt that the bunnies are suits, but that doesn't make the video any less good 😉

  • DaNni

    I believe the bunnies are 3D matchmoved to the video, and the purpose of the green screen with markers is to help with the tracking… and to fool people that they are real bunnies being keyed out…

  • rom don

    I like the clip.

    I love the bass,Like alice Vanghoul

  • Nek

    I'm sure it's mocap + 3d

  • ISK


  • BRO

    can some one tell me if the bunnies are costumes or computer generated this will settle a big argument cool video etherway

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