Studio Daily has an interview with 300’s VFX Art Director Grant Freckelton about the processes and ideas behind the look of Frank Miller’s 300 (Opened on the 9th, trailer on Like Sin City before it, this film is a visual feast, so it’s great to get a look at the processes and tools (Photoshop, After Effects, Shake) used by those bringing motion graphics to the big screen.

Unfortunately there isn’t any imagery of the production process, but the words held my interest all the way through. Linked is a short writeup on the challenges they had taking material shot underwater and making it look “dry”. (Think Portishead – Only You).

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Via HD4Indies.
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  • Oscar

    this film is definitely visually astounding! It's worth seeing on the big screen and is filled with plenty of great action scenes!

    in searching around for the latest take on 300 after opening weekend, i stumbled upon this cool 300 contest on this new site Zannel. Looks like WB teamed up with them and they are giving away lots of cash and cool 300 collectibles.