The trend of gelatinous music interfaces continues. Last week, it was Eric Singer’s Slime-o-Tron, as seen at the Etsy/MAKE/CDM evening. Now, via the increasingly-hopping CDM flickr pool, A*A*R*O*N sends us his Jell-O sound sculpture, looking a bit like an alien brain with wires coming out of it.

Jello Sound Sculpture [flickr]

There’s always room for sound sculpture! And it includes a special green eye.

This project was part of an assignment for USC’s Media Lab: “Surprise Menu: Eleven Courses in Seven Days” – Second Year Combined One-Week Interactive Design Project. Here’s the brief — brilliant:

Each student has been provided a serving platter and cover dome with which they have conceived of, designed and produced an interactive experience in which something happens upon removal of the cover.

Interactive experiences aside, I hope at least one of the projects was edible.

IMD Forum for 3/8/06: Second Year MFA Projects

I love the crazy projects, but if you’d rather take photos of your Moog or your latest laptop gig and upload those to the flickr pool, that’s okay, too. Actually, we can just make JELL-O or other delicious processed snacks the requirement. So, make sure there’s a pudding pop next to your MacBook, and we’ll take it.

  • Damon

    Ok, I'll bite…. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    FINALLY, a way to accurately capture that all too elusive jiggle effect… HAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    Though, this is one of those gimmicks bound to expire in a matter of days, if you fail to store it in the refrigerator! HAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    Tech Support: "Hmmm, when the manual talks about sample rates, that is not intended to suggest you should be eating the interface…." HAAAAAA!!!

    Music Store Salesperson: "No, it does not come with a wall wart, though it does ship with a couch potato." HAAAAAAA!!!!

    Customer Service: "No, there is no need to upgrade the firmware, unless you have left it out in the sun." HAAAAAAA!!!!

    Word of Mouth (ZING!): "Well, the sound is kind of chill, and the GUI is fantastic!" HAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Potential Customer: "Does it come in any other flavors?" HAAAAAAAA!!!

  • paul

    meh… I'd use bacon. for fat sounds.