We looked at the VMX controller from Codanova last month on Create Digital Motion, because it instantly looked like a terrific VJ controller. It’s not cheap at EUR500, but it certainly doesn’t want for controls. Now the creators have shot some video of the VMX running FL Studio 6.

Look how lovingly he tweaks those knobs.

  • Damon

    That is a very nice controller. Does it run on electricity or natural gas?

  • Running entirely on soul power.

    I am a little disappointed with their video here, though, in that they leave off the most interesting half — the bit on the right. The combination of all those controls with jog and cross-fade was what initially made us think visual controller. But FL Studio would present lots of interesting possibilities, as well (and quite insane programming potential). Making demo videos is hard — but to me, this controller configuration seems as though it's more versatile than you might think just from watching this.

  • Just a quick comment about a misunderstanding.

    This demo vid' is about VMX Studio One, not the VMX VJ. Its price is EUR389.


  • este prgrama is very good