MixDepot.net, a file-hosting service for DJs and musicians, will soon be no more (thanks, David, for the heads-up!):

Effective May 1, 2007, mixdepot.net will be shutting down. I’ve suspended billing so there won’t be a charge for the final month of service.

Thanks for your support, and I wish you the best of luck in all your DJ pursuits!

In case you haven’t heard of the service, here’s an explanation from the about page:

MixDepot.net was created in early 2005 to solve a problem frequently encountered by electronic music artists and DJs on the Internet. These artists host large files and would like to offer them to as many people as possible. With a traditional web hosting service, they may have plenty of disk space, but eat through their monthly bandwidth allocation within several days. They are then forced to purchase more bandwidth or jump to another host to keep their mixes available.

At MixDepot.net, download bandwidth is unmetered and we only charge our artists for disk space. We also provide automatic BitTorrent support during the first several days when a mix is the most popular to allow the greatest number of people to download the file.

Web services often don’t have the longest shelf life, but it’s still said when things go away. Of course, this brings me to my next question: where you like to host your files?

  • Though not everyone has had rosy experiences, I've been happy with Dreamhost. They offer huge amounts of storage AND bandwidth at excellent prices. Moreover, their new FilesForever feature allows content creators to upload files, where they will be hosted 'forever' for a low one-time fee, and they can then sell or share their files with others. Essentially a simple 'shopping cart' system, without the hassles.

  • Peter

    Pando is great too


    1gb storage, if the files are popular unlimited retention, fast speeds, and rss podcasting.. rad.

  • Does anyone know the reason? I smell an RIAA rat…

  • @phatplastic:

    who else !

  • I think that the best option right now is Libsyn, they've been around since the Podcast revolution started and currently host some of the most popular Podcasters in the world. They have the same model of charging for storage space and not bandwitdh. I've had an account with them since 2005 and no complains, and my Podcast pulls around 120 Gigs of bandwith per month.

  • @phatplastic: The reason could just be waning interest and time. It's run by one person.

  • I've never understood the need for sites like this – I use canaca.ca and regularily push 500 gigs of transfer a month with no problem, and only pay about 8-10 dollars a month. its out there, you just need to search for it 🙂

  • I could see a benefit to a music-specific service, particularly if it came with a player and easy sharing capabilities … other thoughts?

  • I do agree with you Peter. Podcasters and DJs are usually very involved in the specific technology they need for their creative work (Mixers, Microhpones, Ableton, Reason…), but most of them could be intimidated by the challenge of creating an RSS feed, publishing a blog or installing a flash mp3 player. Services like Libsyn, Switchpod or the now defunct MixeDepot are the direct answer to those needs, offering a complete suite for a very low cost monthly feed.

  • Does anyone have the scoop on why they shut down?

  • As a DJ, I have been pretty satisfied with WAXDJ.com. The service is free at 75MB of storage for your mixes, and a paid account will get you 2Gigs of storage for about 7 bucks a month. The cool thing about the service is that they offer the ability to customize a personal website with different HTML themes. The themes are a bit limiting, but easy to set up and change. The service also allows for you to see how your mixes are doing by offering detailed statistics about Downloads, something I use quite often. It's by no means a perfect service, but with MixDepot gone, it's the best alternative I know of.

  • jaimejames

    mixdepot isn't shutting down but andy (founder/owner) was able to someone to take over ownership who could dedicate time maintaining the site.

  • Rob

    I was very satisfied with MixDepot, would like to know if they are really shutting down or not.

    If they do, then I've been thinking about building my own site from scratch. What would be the best way to go about it?

    Let's assume I've written the code and am happy with everything, what essential things do I look out for when finding a host?

    Obviously I need…

    Quite a large amount of disk-space (1 – 10GB)

    People to be able to download my mixes at a reasonable speed

    No bandwidth problems

    Any suggestions?

  • Mikey

    Here's my answer. Today is May 19th. They were supposed to shut down on May 1st…so…I guess that answers everyone's questions! 😀

  • Alex

    Hi, try this service http://www.momupload.com for file hosting

    i've been using it for a long time and i can say, that it's best one i have ever used before.

    Hope this helps. 🙂