Digidesign reports that Pro Tools for Vista is “coming soon.” How soon? Um … soon. I’ve heard through the grapevine that a Pro Tools release is expected within the next few months. In the meantime, Pro Tools users should avoid Vista for the time being; it won’t work. I know we have some huge fans and haters of both Digidesign and Microsoft, so I’ll let you read this sentence however you like: “Stay tuned — all the power of Pro Tools paired with the benefits of Windows Vista is coming soon.”

  • triks

    this is some some major bullshit….iam feening for protools ……jeezzz.

  • moonweed

    "Stay Tuned – All the brain power from the corporate heads at Digidesign crashed when failing to properly prepare for all the benefits of Vista….I just don't understand how so many highly profitable companies failed at making sure their products were vista ready. Being the most anticipated & significant event in Windows History, failing to ensure compatibility at launch is just like forgetting the hamburger meat at a Burger King Grand Opening.

  • kenny

    the question is —- will I have to buy the new protools software(protools 7 and above) when I upgrade my computer to vista

  • Jason

    same as kennys's question but i also got this mbox 2 that i cant do anything with. will there be a way to salvage this new mbox 2 wih vista?

  • This sucks! Digidesign will definantly charge for the upgrade, and I just got my mbox2!

  • Will

    i dont think digi will charge if you bought the mbox2 recently

  • S/H

    how can all the other companies be so wrong and microsoft be right I have a new pc and not much of anything is compatable with VISTA I think microsoft is trying to take over the software industry completely

  • Jeremy

    Pro tools not being "Vista ready" was an opportunity for me to revisit Sonar 6.2. It does everything that Pro Tools does and MORE, much more!

    It's loaded with plugins that come with it. Sayonara Pro Tools!

  • Yes, you will have to buy Pro Tools Vista to take advantage of the increased performance of 64 bit processing, unless you purchased it recently, in which case digidesign will give you the software for free.

    Digidesign knew that they were doing when they didn't have a vista ready version of Pro Tools, in fact, they waited until Sonar and Ableton had their 64 bit versions in circulation and released the digi003 interface (an excuse to not have a vista pro tools ready, perhaps?) before even mentioning Pro Tools Vista. They DELAYED Pro Tools Vista as LONG AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD. They did this because the biggest difference between Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE are the algorithms. With the advent of 64 bit platforms there is no reason for the actual audio processing to be any different of that of HD any longer. Digidesign sells these HD systems for a small fortune. They sell as many of them as they can. It looks like LE could very well replace HD. Digidesign does not witsh this to occur. If the algorithms are the same, the only thing the HD system has on the LE system is Latency, and Latency, can be compensated for.

    My point is, there won't really be much of a difference between HD and LE after Pro Tools Vista hits the market…well, there shouldn't be at any rate…I wouldn't put it past the guys in marketing at Digidesign to find some other way of crippling the vista LE version so you still have to buy HD to get the results you need.


  • Monte, I think you're unclear on what this stuff means.

    Only SONAR has both a 64-bit processing engine (for audio) and 64-bit OS compatibility (on x64 XP and 64-bit Vista). That's not an endorsement of SONAR, because frankly that's not the main variable for most people. But it is the only major DAW for which you can say that, as a matter of fact.

    Pro Tools HD has a 48-bit mixing architecture (audio) and is native only on 32-bit platforms.

    Ableton Live has neither a 64-bit audio engine nor 64-bit OS compatibility.

    The major advantage of HD over these other systems is that it runs on dedicated DSP hardware — which incidentally introduces latency of its own, so even that isn't really why they're doing that. It's a stable, predictable architecture capable of performing some intensive DSP operations. People who develop for that platform may argue it's better. People who develop for native architectures like SONAR, Cubase, DP, Logic, Live, and so on, may argue that's better. But Vista is really a separate issue all around.

    The reason Digidesign is likely to charge you for the version of Pro Tools that runs on Vista is simple: development costs money, supporting old systems is often impractical, and an easy way to *make* money is to charge your existing user base for upgrades. That's just a business reality of music software, and even the "free upgrades forever" folks like FL Studio have to find something else to sell (add-ons, etc.).

    Exactly how you time those upgrades is another question, but other industry heavyweights like Adobe will also charge money for the Vista-savvy version. And that's their choice. Certainly, developers who offer free or cheap upgrades will get more good will from their user base.

    64-bit audio, though, can run just fine on 32-bit platforms, like 32-bit Vista or 32-bit XP. And it's not the same as "HD."

  • "64-bit audio, though, can run just fine on 32-bit platforms, like 32-bit Vista or 32-bit XP. And it’s not the same as “HD.”"

    You are right, Peter, 64 bit audio CAN be processed by 32 bit systems. There isn't a resolution of audio that 32 bit processors cannot process…it's just a matter of how much time the processor will take to complete the operation. The problem with 48 bit fixed is that you need a hell of a lot of bits to accurately add 500,000 to 5, whereas in floating point you can do it a lot easier…the problem with floating point is that you get more "rounding" of bits, which makes dithering very difficult. I think that's why LE sounds so much different to me than LE. In order for 48 bit fixed algorithms to function on a desktop, however, the computer would have to have quite a bit of processing power. But now that PC's are so powerful, I see no reason other than marketing to have LE systems be inferior to HD systems.

    What I don't understand is, why LE systems don't utilize 48 bit fixed algorithms. I mean, both should be capable of accurately summing tracks…yet HD sounds SOOOOOO much better than LE.

    Why, Peter, do the 48 bit algorithms in HD sound so much better than the alogrithms LE uses? Did digidesign purposefully cripple the LE algorithms just enough to make you want HD?

    What I am thinking is that now that 64 bit processors are standard there is no reason for the algorithms that sum the tracks together in Pro TOols HD to be any different from the algorithms that sum audio in LE.

    Ableton Live and Sonar have versions that work on a 64 bit OS. The Ableton Live update is 6.0.5. Weather or not they took advantage of the increased processing power and beefed up the algorithms for Vista versions I do not know because I did not write the code. Ableton Live 6.0.5 is Vista ready, that's all I was saying. I do not use Ableton or Sonar because I am a Pro Tools guy of 8 years.

    Do you think the only reason that Pro Tools LE sounds bad after adding all the tracks up is because of marketing? Are you saying that there is no reason for HD to be able to make superior mixes than that of LE other than for Digidesign to make money by making you buy into HD? Here I thought that digidesign had a good excuse for LE to be less of a product than HD.

    If what you say is true then I guess Pro Tools LE for Vista will just be faster, and not actually be any better than LE for XP. That really sucks…they COULD make LE just as powerful as HD, and with Pro Tools Vista this SHOULD be the case, but I fear that it won't because I KNOW Digidesign doesn't want to stop selling their HD systems…

    I was going to buy an HD system, but then I heard that Pro Tools Vista was coming out, I wanted to wait to see if Digidesign took advantage of the processing power of these 64 bit dual core processors, and changed their algorithms to suit…but I fear that LE algorithms will still be different than HD.

    You are correct in seeing that I am limited on my understanding of digital processing, I appreciate you taking the time to enlighten me. I want to understand why there is such a difference between LE and HD…any help in this matter would be MOST appreciated.


  • ronnie

    so if i have pro tools an upgrade to vista my protools wont work at all

  • daniel

    All of this Hi tech talk on 32 bit & 64 bit and watever … It's all legit and I respect your concerns but in my opinion this is the kind of stuff that producers and engeneers that have been in the buisness for years would be laughing at. Even your XP Based Pro Tools LE 32bit whatever is far more powerfull than many engineers would have dreamed of just 15 years ago!! Listen to how great those recordings sounded. I'm not trying to criticize any of you but just remember while you venting your concerns that we are still very condusive to creating great recordings despite the quick unseemingly fair changes in recording technology. If your an average joe that wants to sit at home and make and record a great song without empting your pocket book the MBOX 2 is still a pretty powerfull tool if used correctly despite all the deep techy stuff. Most Consumers that buy a Protools LE System are not going to be able to distinguish a difference between the figures you all discused. However I do agree Protools LE is not begginer freindly!! Why not Look at the way Logic Or even Garage Band handles recording?

  • woodstock

    I'm using a mac intel and PRO TOOLS M-POWER and while my other aplications work fine even with the OS System upgrades they recomend, the only thing that won't work at all is Pro Tools.

    My advise don't waste your time

  • People who attempt protools installs and complain about it not working obviously A) did no research before buying their interface and software or B) just doesn't know what they're doing. Protools is a program that is meant for people working in the pro audio industry. It was never meant to be a program meant for little johnny 15 year old who got some money from his parents and wants to record.

    First, go research what the requirements are. Check your computer. If you have a match, then go for it. If you think you have a problem, YOU PROBABLY DO!

    Secondly, moving to windows vista immediately for pro audio is STUPID. We have new technology released all the time. I can honestly say that I never put faith in fresh technology, because thats when you run into problems. If you rely on Vista for your pro audio needs, you're going to look awesome when a client walks in, and you're elbow deep in problems. Just stick with XP. Enjoy it…and get a second computer to run vista on if you really need it.

  • THERE IS AN ANSWER!!!! Fuck Vista off and just run XP.. vista isn't all that special and if you are setting up your computer for pro tools then you dont need the extra internet security because all that should be on your pro tools computer is pro tools!!!… yes.. good answer, thank me later…

  • YEs i think Andrew is right! Even thgouh imagine only what you can do with VEGAS (sonic foundry) and ACID lol! Check out what i ve did with it!


    mp3 encoded in 320k/s

    Computer : a simple INTEL 4 processor1.64 GHZ

    I think its ala about having a gifted hear! Though i am a pro-tools fan because it works better for me! And that yea i am in the music production and recording bizness and aswell for radio fm and web radio sound engineering!


  • jah-meister

    I think your missing the point of 64bit vs 32bit

    First up, most won't hear the difference.

    If you do, then your a professional with trained hearing!

    However, the real issue here is that 64 bit OS with a true 64 bit DAW, has a massive memory address. This will change the way you work,and will make my life easier and make the music much more sweet without the pain of a retarded 2 to 4 Gb of RAM.

    I hear all you whiners out there yadda yadda yadda, oh but 15 years ago you didn't need it!

    Oh give me a break…….who cares buddy!

    Nice, true, but no longer relevant.

    The bitch about algorhythms, float point, apparent quality its really so infantile.

    FACT is the future is here [ 64BIT ], and the one industry in the WHOLE world who really needs it is ours.

    If you don't realise it, the companies won't bother producing it, because your not demanding it. So they'll sell you the same bullshit and you pay top dollar for it.

    What is the future?

    Well, shortly we will have massive ram memory address for VST effects and VSTi, so the lustre of a HD system is starting to fade.

    New DAW code to take advantage of MASSIVE RAM Memory addresses, so you don't stream from your hard disk anymore, so the latency issues go out the window [ get the picture ? ].

    Before you say, "well but if your system crashes you loose it all", just wait for it, the system will have a contengency for it 🙂

    Hmmmmmmmmmm now I got you thinking!

    Non volatile memory in massive large amounts, Hard disks with no moving parts, man I'm getting an erection just thinking about it!

    The system crashes and I loose NOTHING!

    I re-start my system and its desktop is EXACTLY where I left it. SO you still wana buy HD?

    I want all the power to work the way I want, with out having to bounce,… then go back to writing music simply like they did 15 years ago with my deluxe state of the art studio, but with the knowlege its at my finger tips……..

    so I can do what the hell ever I like.

    Then you can say, we can create it, because I had the vision and the power and now the TOOLS,

    no thanks to Pro Tools. 🙂

    This represents the money that stayed in my bank account, and never made it to Digidesign HQ $$$$$$.

    So get some real vision, see beyond your nose and hear whats between your ears. Then save the burning hole in your pocket.

    Yo, Jahmeister OUT! 🙂

  • technophonics

    Wow look an intelligent comment!

    Lets put this into perspective for the NOOBS.

    Vista is latin for another window.

    As you may know, it has traditionally been applied to properties with expensive views or surrounding lands.

    Of course this all comes at a cost!

    As the prospective land lord of a new asset you should be made aware of the leaking roof and cracks in the foundation.

    Sure it may be called Vista, and yes the view is great. But this so called convenience and affluence comes at a great cost!

    Mainly any bit of gain in memory head room and CPU power, which in the last couple of years has been formidable.

    The opportunity to take the current XP64 platform further with a better host for professionals has been cast to the sands of history & time.

    This is motivated by money and perceived marketing strategy to get moms and pops who can't use computers, and the motivation to converge other markets into their vertical growth factors and strategic placement.

    Meaning that its not enough to have an OS on the market, we have to intergrate the TV, Radio, Broadcast, Home Entertainment, Security, House Hold Coms and Controls and telecommunications industry and any god dam thing we can swallow along the way into becomming fricken GOD and all paths to enlightenment.

    So before you think I'm digressing here, I'll cut to the chase.

    VISTA is not for the recording professional. Its for the 75% other people out there who use PC computers [ Note: MAC OS doesn't get a mention, that because your for dessert].

    The idiot who wants to put VISTA on his DAW, should turn off all visual rendering eye candy or tune it for performance.Then the only problem you'll have is the fact its got a massive code bloat deficit and a load of memory leaks and the very foundation of windows, …..

    well went out the window!

    Now if you want VISTA for eye candy for your girlfriend or prospective wife well fine. Move into that fine new pad with the VISTA.

    But if you want it for your DAW, your not a professional, your a dickhead or your too reckless to have in my studio.

    Leave this piece of shite for the moms and pops.

    Eventually the technology will be taylored for your market, but this ain't the promise land.

    Pro Tools for VISTA, what a joke!

    The Digi execs are business people not sheep, though they milk your cows and goats and fleece all you fools.

    I aggree with guy above keep your money and exploit the hard ware gains and dump HD & Accel unless you need it. You can make hot stuff of a studio with the right kit and software.

    You'll keep your bank manager happy, pick up a nice girl, marry and move to a place with a real VISTA.

    Take the lead from some of the best veterans of studio mastering who are selling up their Pro Tools rigs, for simpler accomodation which does more at half the price.

    Then you can invest some of that free capital.

    Don't be foolish to aquire the issues of both software and hardware implementation failures.

    The hell of device driver purgatory is not for you. Enjoy your music creation and don't make it your torment.

    I'd don't expect an answer or comment, because your smart enough to read the truth.

    If not shut up, wait awhile………..try Vista,

    then you'll know.

    For those who need Pro Tools and Vista, your pants are on fire hehe he he he he 🙂

  • @technophonics:

    Vista is not just all about looking pretty. It got major performance enhancement technologies to support its great looking GUI. So once you turn off Aero and all that jazz, what do you get? Greate performance boost for your DAW!

    Do some research before you speak. I'll give you a few magic words: SuperFetch, which improve memory responsiveness; ReadyBoost & ReadyDrive for Disk I/O.

    RainRecording did an interesting performance testing with Cubase4. The results? Vista outperforms XP in every case.

    Like other typical Vista-bashers, you must have seen Vista in the shop for 5 minutes and drew the conclusion that because it looks so good it must be crap. Or if you had the chance to try it out on your computer but still think it's crap, you're obviously too retarded to work it.

    Why do you think people use Mac OSX for their DAWs? Because it looks good?

  • kris

    i just bought a new laptop for the purpose of doing home recordings with pro tools and surprise surprise the fucking thing doesn't work. fuck you digidesign and fuck you microsoft

  • technophonics

    @A# sholephonic

    I'm not a Vista basher, and just because the President of Rain has been offered money to change his mind about Vista. After bashing it to death [ get your facts right son ]. It makes no difference.

    Disk optimizations can be done to existing technologies. Giving it a new name doesn't prove anything, when they finally get it right …….well Hooray, I'll be in it.

    Until then stop whining about Pro Tools for Vista, your missing the point, not to mention the real advance is 64 bit not outdated 32 bit.

    Your obviously a dick head if you compare Vista to OSX, AS MUCH AS I WISH I WAS WRONG ABOUT VISTA! As I loathe the idea of having to go back to OSX because of the fact they got 64bit support right the first time.

    I suggest you test it for yourself, if it soooooooooo great, good for you, I'm happy for you. Then go out and make some REAL music.

    IF YOU USE VISTA, the first thing you'll do is turn off all Visual eye candy, gee that sounds familiar hmmmmmm 😉 WELL GEE I WONDER WHY?

    Oh wait that's right,it as good as OSX isn't it?

    Get a life bozo, then check with REAL PRO's about wheather they'll use VISTA, then ask why not.

    Rain can go on the record and contradict every thing they've said, but there is plenty of video interviews on the net with him saying its crap and their is no real advantage at the momment.

    Not that I give a hoot what he says, because he is a nobody who's main business is selling his other main revenue earners, and lo and behold he is in their pocket! Gee wonder why EINSTEIN?

    @ Kris, I feel sorry for you dude, but just roll back your OS, you'll BE RIGHT AS RAIN!


    Gota love the music!

  • I wasn't comparing OSX to Vista. That would be comparing apples and oranges. It was a metaphor like saying don't judge the book by its cover.

    64-bit support is more like a marketing joke: 64-bit support on a 32-bit kernel. Go figure! Some applications even performs slower when recompiled in 64-bit (source). Apple even advice against porting to 64-bit for audio/video applications (source). Want more disappointing news? Tiger 64-bit support was built for PowerPC only. And since Apple moved to Intel, welcome to the club!

    All OSes are built for the general public, I know I don't fancy Aero and User Account Control, so I can turn it off and enjoy all the performance enhancement. At least I can do that, what do you gotta do if you don't want Aqua?

    Oh and by the way, the REAL PROs don't go around calling ppl "dickheads" or "a**holes", nor telling them "your too reckless to have in my studio".

    I use both Mac and Windows. And at the moment I'm on XP but if there is a Pro Tools for Vista I don't mind changing. It's not what you use, it's how you use it. And people should have a choice.

    At least you were right at one thing: I should stop wasting my time on you and start making more music.

  • technophonics

    Tisk tisk now soulphonic is changing his tune.

    No help with regards wasting time as thats an inevetibility.

    First up, you don't call people retards, as you've no idea who your talking to and its unpolite. So simple pull your head in and you can refer to the system as retarded, which it is.

    64 bit application should be written correctly from the start, not some hack job token attempt.

    Professionals in this area SELL HARDWARE indirectly and push technology to the edge.

    As such they deserve respect, otherwise you get crap served up time and again.

    And reckless is appropriate in these circumstances, as its too new and needs work.

    Unfortunatley for MS many manufacturers have been complacent and lazy with regards to VISTA test and driver development. They had 2 years to participate, but sat on their hands and devoted no resouces to it, then pointed at Microsoft when the shit hit the fan and people like Kris cry FOUL!

    PRO's don't make rash decisions, they plot a careful path to complete goals with little down time for the client and business. This affects everybodies pocket. Bill GATES has his pockets full so he needs no help from me.

    For the record I LOVE BILL GATES, because he makes me money in more ways than one. And I certainly love it when peole like you pay me and my company lots of money to FIX THEIR PROBLEMS.

    If you have a project studio for personal expression, then its your choice and perhaps reckless might not be applicable to you.

    BUT then I did not direct this to you personally.

    My thoughts are you take this way TOO personally and are defensive of your position. Why ?

    Hmmmmm the truth hurts doesn't it, personally I find it liberating.

    I think you should look at the reasons why some PORTED applications perform poorer under 64 Bit. But don't apply the reasoning that this is becuase its 64 bit, thats short sighted.

    Manufacture of both software and hardware must get serious about it and not make some token gesture to silence those on the edge of the technology.

    Its real simple, OUR INDUSTRY NEEDS it to fuel the advances made with regards in the box digital production. If you don't work in the box, you don't care. Thus your off the cuff discourse.

    Personally I care that your music creation gets all the tools you need, and that people don't need massive amounts of funds to have PRO Studio made with PRO TOOLS hardware. Because no bodies serious about 64 bit.

    I use both Win & OSX, but Windows is the democracy of the computer world and our industry making it fair and accesible for everyone……think about it [ END of Story ].

    If your serious about 64 bit any latency issues as stated above can be solved. The memory address benefits are massive, but Pro Tools will be forced to change their business strategy. By the way they have a Pro Tools version now that performs more than brilliantly with out the need for hardware, if you have a powerful computer. But it don't sell hardware.

    When you need to scale this to large studio's that a given that you need to spend. But then its business.

    Your souce links are nice but your not reading between the lines and thier motives.

    So stop wasting time, go make some beautiful music and I wish you all the success. Really seriously TRUE!

  • Jason


  • Sam

    Digi is not charging for the updates if you've recently purchased your mbox, if you don't know what your talking about then please don't just say it

  • Drew

    technophonics …. please stop. if you want to criticize vista, and digidesign, and microsoft…. fine, just stop criticizing the people on this board. you aren't better than anyone on here, and until we read about your recordings in music magazines across the country, we dont care THAT much about what you have to say.

  • Soundpig

    I resisted Protools for years (Vegas) until I started producing in Nashville. Wish I'd made the switch sooner. Windows has many masters to please(DRM,Department of Justice,NSA, etc) but XP sp2 (with ALL Network and most other services SHUT DOWN has Protools 7.3.1 more stable then any Windows program I've encountered since Windows for Workgroops! My money says when it comes out it will be cool and bugs will happen and we will work thru it(sounds like the music/audio business to me). The real rub I suspect is Windows Vista has taken even more power/resource from the owner of the machine and made Protools a tough fit in a resource restricted environment(MRU, RPC, etc ring a bell?). Isn't memory management a code issue anyways?? I thought I found Protools has resident memory refresh that keeps it stable? All said Digidesign writes code that works for me. As to LE/HD summing and 48 bit fixed algorithms 64 bit yada yada.. Lots of pros mix individual tracks from Protools HD and LE! by mixing thru traditional analog desks. It may not be "Digital Anal" bit it makes hit records.

  • Not that friggin hard to have XP and Vista on the same machine. Just use XP for ProTools only and vista for your internet shiznit…ProTools runs great on XP as it is now anyways.

  • Fuck you

    It doesn't matter what the hell you're using all that matters is having the highest sample rate possible.

  • Internet fools

    How funny is it that in EVERY forum discussion on any site about anything, theres always a few "dickheads" who turn it all around and make it a personal battle, about something completely different from the topic! Then theres the guy who comes in and says "don't bash people, we don't know you, you're no better, lets all do the right thing and be happy"

  • moxie

    in all fairness, what wins out; good old fashion customer service or traditional Corp. greed?

    you'd think they would want to get us our patches and updates in a reasonable time frame so that the pro-tools users out here could learn how to use the program in vista correctly so when we go out and buy all of the periphrials just in time for the holiday shopping season our deaktops won't crash.

    instead… Digi has decided to hold off and wait until the 3rd quarter to release all of the wares and updates and plugins and goodies at once so we as whole can sit confounded trying how figure out how all their crap works.

    meanwhile… i sit twiddling around with Acid, my Boss Dr3 and some samples from the Simpsons and mixed news reels.


    Why dont you guys do like i do and use Parallels Workstation to virtualize (emulate) windows XP within vista, install the mbox / pro tools to XP and bam

  • I also just called digidesign and spoke with a representative. He confirmed to me that the new Vista-Upgrade will -NOT- be including any hardware updates… so no mbox 3 or 004 or anything else.

    But yeah just like I said in the above post, use Parallels Workstation within Vista to virtualize XP, disable all internet and other BS functions in XP , and voila.


    Hope this solves the problem for now ?

  • wow, the guys that stated the highest sample rate is all that matters is retarded. im dumb founded how the "industy standerd" for recording isn't even capable of running on vista, or xp media center for that matter, wich is suppose to be made for "media" oh well. i spend 2 years in recording school learning everything their is to know about recording and even i know, that when such an anticipated os is being release taht you as a software company must have the updates necessarry to fulfill the needs of you customers!

  • I had a question for jah-meister!

    Tell me if i have a AMD pc dual with 4 gb of ram…i use protools LE with Mbox with manny plugins i know its obvious that i need the latency issue to be gunned down…im really ready to buy a external server to take all my plugins RTAS weight…

    as you said yourself…

    —New DAW code to take advantage of MASSIVE RAM Memory addresses, so you don’t stream from your hard disk anymore, so the latency issues go out the window [ get the picture ? ].—

    yes i see very well indeed…tell me concerning what you said here :

    —Well, shortly we will have massive ram memory address for VST effects and VSTi, so the lustre of a HD system is starting to fade.—

    where can i get a external or another tools to take all the heavy plugins weight or my question is IS IT POSSIBLE with my AMD dual core (that is still not strong enough to bring out what i want) I mean i use protools 7.3.1 because im use to work with it…and huge plugins like WAVES…KONTAKT 2 etc…..Spectrasonics and often for big productions…so im a producer yes but i hesitate to get a HD system! pffff come on…i will do it either way and maybe have the same result in the end! i work well in XP protools…!

    Thanx people to anwser my question!

  • Julio

    Shiiiiiit… After using 6.2 and Fl studio on Vista, and seeing first hand how swift and responsive these programs worked for me, I would LOVE to get my hands on a Pro Tools for Vista. I can't wait. Oh and P.S. Some of you on this board are some real arrogant f__kers…

  • Why Me

    I just bought a super cool system… Quad core Dell XPS 720! Everything is tight, but I can't run Pro Tools????!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Vista has been out for a year and Pro Tools didn't know that?

    I guess I should have read some boards, but it never occured to me that a major software provider didn't know that Vista was coming out (even though it was available for testing for years)!?!?!?!?!????

    Am I the only one very very upset about this?

  • mungrin

    Al you fags saying that if you get Vista for recording then you are stupid and all that.Guess what you assholes?If you go to Bestbuy or whatever,they dont even have XP anymore.So basically if u buy a new PC it will have Vista and you dont have a choice you 50 yr old fags with you home made studio in you moms basement thinking you know everything about recording can suk my fat dik.

  • JustAHunch

    technophonics – bit of advice. You sound like a smart guy/girl whatever. Try artictulating your intelligence in a nice way and maybe people would believe you. Because as it stands now, no one would listen to you. You come off like a spoiled brat on steroids when you speak.

    Protools with Vista support is needed!

    Just my two cents.

  • I love Vista

    I love Vista. I loved Protools, but I guess it's time to find something else until Protools wakes up. Great move Digi! Idiots! It's not like Vista just came up all the sudden. YOu had so many months to plan for this!!! Are you sure you don't work for the highway department of my city?

  • carlos

    Hi every body,

    Do you think it's possible to run an MBox2 on a vista system ? (no possibilty to install XP on the HP HDX9000 also on an external HD…)

    Witch Software else than PT LE 7.1 (if if does exist) could drive the Mbox ?

    Yes i'm dreamin'…

  • Ze de Caixaio

    99.9% of this thread is bull****. I came to find out about Pro Tools LE and Vista, and what I found instead was a bunch of people spouting hearsay, gossip, misinformation, bile, drivel, etc. etc. In other words, an internet forum. There's nothing like looking at (I say looking at instead of reading, because reading involves writing and there isn't much of that here) an internet forum to remind you that most of the human race are idiots and deserve everything they get. I don't want to pick on anyone, and it would not be fair because I am not a masochist and therefore did not look at every post here. But I didn't have to go far to find some fool bragging about how much money Bill Gates makes him – um, I think it's the other way around actually…Bill Gates makes the kind of money that almost makes him into another species entirely, the human race and it's issues really have no meaning to a man who has more money than the entire country of Ireland (at least he did a couple of years ago, I haven't checked lately). In my opinion he is not deserving of that much money because he doesn't seem to know what to do with it. But that much money can change worlds, change the human race. To put it in persepctive – suppose that the guy who thinks that he makes so much money because of Bill Gates makes enough money to take his family to the Super Bowl one year. I'm not saying that he likes football or not, I'm just using it as a yardstick. So he spends $5,000, perhaps a bit more, and they go. No limousines or bathtubs filled with Dom Perignon, but the Hyatt and Bennigan's, with as many appetizers as they wanted, did well enough; and they rented a Town Car too. Of course he'll feel the financial pinch a bit, but it will all work itself out, courtesy of Bill. He's having a good year, thanks to Vista. So what kind of money are we talking about? The bottom line is that it can be measured in thousands. Probably under 100 of them, possibly a little more in a really good year. I know, because I've been there. Big deal, Mr. Rich Because Of Bill Guy! Taxes take a ton of it, and in the end it's nowhere near enough to live the high life. I got out a few years ago, i make my music, I work eBay, I do very well for myself and I am super happy with it all. And I have two record deals. But so as not to get too far ahead here, let's revisit the Super Bowl again. Me personally, I could care less about the Super Bowl or pro sports at all. They are for small minded simpletons who like being manipulated by the media because it saves them from having to use their own minds. And it's also for the 99.9% who gave up shortly after high school and had their kids and now supports the machine. Like the guy who brags about how much money he makes because of Bill Gates and Vista etc. To nip that one in the bud, if you make your money because of Microsoft, ie. repairing issues that people have with their products, well that automatically places you into a certain zone of income and, well let's just say I ain't impressed. Been there, done that, and before I got meself all fixed up and started working on them newfangled computers, and was a young insane guy in 1980's Miami and saw (literally) boatloads of cash, we called people like you "n-word rich." Got himself a few thou and thinks he's a roller now. But anyway, that Super Bowl thing right? Well, most Americans would consider a year that they could take his witless woman and their defective spawn to the Super Bowl a good year. But Bill Gates, if he wanted to, could buy every team, every player, every stadium, every sportcaster, every endorsement, in all four major sports and have them all play for him and him only three hundred and f'ing sixty-five days a year and not have to sell one ticket or ten dollar beer or have one fat f'ing kid spill soda pop on him because no parents these days teach their kids anything even remotely approaching respect for anyone and anything on this planet – he would not have to deal with any of YOU people; and not only that he could keep paying scientists whatever they need until they learn how to resurrect the dead and bring George and John back to life and have the f'ing BEATLES play halftine every single day, with Led Zeppelin opening the show. And you're gonna sit here on a thread that is supposed to be about Pro Tools and Vista and brag about how much money Bill Gates makes you. Man, you're such a tool! And you don't know that you're a tool any more than a hammer does. Not only that, you can't spell and you write. There was once a time that those things commanded respect you know.

    So anyway, I think that it is pretty lame of Digidesign to expect its customers to pay for Vista support when all of the other DAW's, the ones that DON'T require proprietary hardware and use proprietary plugins, have had Vista support since 2006. Hell, you can get Cockos Reaper FOR FREE and it works with Vista and has better routing than Pro Tools. Me, I'll keep an old box around with XP on it to run my MBox. I ain't giving Digidesign SHIT for vista support. I only bought the Mbox cheap at a grand opening so that I could use all of those super-expensive RTAS plugins that I STOLE on torrent sites anyway. I VOLUNTARILY PAY FOR COCKOS REAPER but I wouldn't give Digidesign FIVE F'ING CENTS FOR VISTA COMPATIBILITY. It's all about respecting the customer, and Digidesign has absolutely none of it; the advent of common 64 bit platforms, and companies like Cockos, and even companies like Cakewalk who sell relatively expensive programs like Sonar but that don't have the gall to make you buy hardware and super overpriced proprietary plugins and not provide support VST's (wtg FXpansion – I'm sure Digi loved that little app!)- well all that I can say is that the writing is on the wall, and what goes around comes around, and Digidesign has nothing to offer that can't be had ten times cheaper and that works at least as well and usually better, and usually provides many more features – Digidesign is on the way down and all that I can say is that I'll give them the respect that they gave me as a customer – FUCK1NG NONE!

  • lol

    Pro Tools works for Vista.Pro Tools 7.4 i just got it and it supports Vista so i hope you are happy you Cry babies.

  • decapitor

    whoa whoa whoa protools 7.4 runs on windows vista ULTIMATE and BUSINESS ONLY!!!!! This is like some kind of surreal bad dream. Why in holy hell would they do that considering over 90 percent of people have home premium. There are absolutely NOOOO features in those two versions that would be necessary for protools to run. jesus christ.

  • Ze de Caixiao

    Man I was a bit hard on Digi there huh? They're really not evil and neither is Microsoft, but both of them can be infuriating, because they have been monopolies for so long that they have the lame strategy of making their customers adjust to them, instead of them adjusting to their customers. Hey that's great if you can get away with it, at least for the owners of the business; but it's not a good way to go about things when the competition gets thick and many people are holding grudges because of the way that they have been treated.

    For example – Microsoft just came out with a new OS, right? How long did it take. something like six or seven year, right? But does it seem like at any time during that period Microsoft realised or even cared that the people who buy new computers HATE to get a bunch of junk on it that they don't want, such as trial programs and endless little nags to sign up for MSN and a bunch of popups that, well, pop up all the time when they are trying to work? I mean – I don't know how people who don't know how to turn off or get rid of that stuff can even use their computers. It's so bad that the major retailers offer a service to get rid of it all – imagine that – you have to pay the place that you just spent $2,000 at buying your new computer and accessories another $100 to make the thing useable. And woe on those who bought one of the new Vista boxes with 512MB of memory. My father did, and the computer was simply not useable and wasn't until I added another 512MB and then it only worked half-a$$ed until I put in another 1GB, for a total of 2GB. The only reason that Home Basic exists is so that there is a super-cheap OS that the computer manufacurers can buy in order to keep the sticker price as low as possible. And then Microsoft made it even easier for them to keep the price low by certifying it with 512MB of memory, which in my opinion is the biggest slap in the face, F you to its customers that I've seen by any company for a long time. Because the fact is that Vista does not work to do anything more than load with 512MB and the retailers are selling new computers that don't work. People have to immediately pay another couple of hundred dollars for more memory and some geek squad to take all of the garbage off before they can even use it. That's sad.

    I've been a Windows user for so long and have so much software that I will keep on using it. Many of the programs that i like are not available for Mac. And I have no trouble making Windows work properly. But I have to hand it to Apple. They seem to respect their customers. The customers may pay more up front, but they get a computer that is useable out of the box. It has what it needs to run correctly and isn't loaded up with a whole bunch of crap that if the customers wanted they would have already purchased. So in the end the cost is probably around the same. And since Mac are much more reliable and hardly prone to viruses, an expensive extended warranty is not usually needed. Again, for me thos ethings don't matter. I build and repair my own and I have sources for inexpensive parts and software. But for the non-computer savvy person, windows can be a nightmare. Hence that tool above bragging about how much money Microsoft makes him. If everyone had a Mac, he would be working at Taco Bell.

    So what does this have to do with Digidesign? A lot, because they both seem to operate with the same mission. They do what they want, charge whatever they want, hell, Digi is the first company that I've ever seen to charge for an X.1 update. For example, 7.1 to 7.3. Nobody else charges for those. And at the other side of the spectrum FL gives free updates FOR LIFE. If you have FL1 you can update to FL7 for free. I'm not saying that everyone should do that, but I am saying that to pay to go from 7.1 to 7.3 is disgusting. But the difference here is that while Microsoft does not have, and has never had, any real competition except for Mac and that issue is hardly relevant because Mac has only a tiny share compared to windows, and they have always been there so they have always been part of Microsofts decisions. Linux? Fine, but it's not even a gnat on Windows' ass.

    But Digidesign? They have tons of competition today. It's everywhere. Even for free. When Pro Tools first came out, it was the sh!t. If you wanted to make music with a computer, you got Pro Tools. End of story. And Cakewalk was like the Mac of audio, next in line but hardly worth worrying about. But today? If Pro Tools didn't have the cache and pedigree of that name it would sell today for about what the rest of them sell for, and it would not need expensive hardware or require proprietary plugins. And I'll say this – there is some really good freeware out there. I've tried it. There is no doubt in my mind that a number one hit can be made entirely with free software. And if you want to step up from freeware, even if it's not absolutely necessary, the prices start at less than fifty dollars for the ridiculously powerful Cockos Reaper then to about seventy five dollars for Magix Music Studio which is loaded with stuff that would have cost over a grand not even two years ago and on up at every price point from Orion Platinum to Mackie Tracktion to bundled "lite" versions of software that come free with other things but are really quite powerful and certainly useable and then you get to things like Acid and Live and Sonar, which is probably the most high tech DAW in existence as i write this and it costs much less than Pro Tools and does not require Cakewalk hardware to run or special Cakewalk plugins. And every single one of these things can make music that sounds just as good as with Pro Tools. It is for these reasons that I question Digidesign's future unless they make some drastic changes, the first of which should be to hire some sort of image consultant to make the company seem friendlier, because as it is they come off as aloof and not all that concerned with their customers. For one thing, their website is almost as hard to work navigate as Microsoft's is and it just comes off as cold and clinical. Hey wake up – this is music we're making! It's not CAD.

    Oh well I have changed my mind and I'm going to pay for the update to 7.4. The most that it will cost me is $49, and it might cost me nothing, because I had registered 7.1 after June 1, 2007 and got a free update to 7.3 for that, which I have not yet claimed or registered (I got it when I registered 7.1 so it's there but I have not downloaded or registered it yet). So even though I bought 7.1, I'm now up to 7.3 which is a $49 upgrade and I think that when I register the 7.3 it's going to give me another free update because now 7.4 is out. So it looks like I slipped through at the right time.

    I will admit that a small part of my problem is that when I bought my MBox in Juky 2007, I did not check to see if it supported Vista. I just -assumed- that either it did or that there was a free download or something. I mean – all of the other major DAW's have been supporting it for months. Pro Tools is supposed to be the industry leader. So it never crossed my mind to check. Besides, I was running XP at the time. I was not in any rush to go to Vista, in fact I preferred XP, but the computer died and to fix it I needed to get a new mobo, which meant that I now also need new memory, a new video card, a new power supply, and some new drives because new mobos don't have much IDE support. So I got a laptop instead, because I needed a laptop anyway, and it came with Vista. Yes I could have rolled it back to XP but I've done that before for someone else and it's easier said than done. You run up against hardware that has no XP support as well as other issues like the BIOS fighting with XP. Besides, I paid for that OS and I would like to use it. Why not? There's nothing inherently wrong with Vista, actually once I got it figured out I started liking it. But the low point was definitely when I put my Pro Tools disc in, because that was when I found out that in November of 2007, Pro Tools did not work on Vista. Silly me. I've also found out that some of my most expensive RTAS plugins are not going to work with Pro Tools 7.4 or Vista. Wonderful. Not only do they cost a ton of money but they are now obsolete. But I'm not too worried about that. I am still going to rebuild my dasktop, it's gonna scream with a Core 2 Quad and 1,333 bus and DDR3 memory and two Raptor 150's on RAID (I have one, buying another) and a 1GB video card. I'm going to load a totally stripped down version of XP that I have on it, it has no network support or much else. After a fresh clean install of XP it idles at a rock steady 0-1% processor (the Task Manager itself causes the 1%) and 47MB of memory; after I have all of my DAW software installed it stays at 0-2% amd about 90-110MB of memory. And that was with my old hardware, a P4 3GHz with 2GB DDR and the one Raptor. I think that I have around five processes running on it and of course no startup apps. The thing boots up and shuts down in the blink of an eye and I can run 1ns latency all day long with only the toughest app giving a hiccup, so I leave it at 2ns so I never have to worry about it. It's a pleasure to use.

    PS – as far as the poster above called lol, who shared this bit of wisdom with us "Pro Tools works for Vista.Pro Tools 7.4 I just got it and it supports Vista so I hope you are happy you Cry babies." – hey, no sh!t a-hole! We know that. We're not talking about 7.4. Take a look at the date that this thread was started. March 2007. I don't think that 7.3 was even out yet then.

  • rickyjo

    So I came to find out how to solve the Pro Tools LE (I've just bought it so assume it's 7.4?) and Vista problem. Yep I've got Vista Home Premium. I feel a bit of a wally for not checking but I'm lumbered with them now so thought I'd try to sort it out.

    Thanks to CUTTA above – seems like a useful tip. Can I just ask whether you have to be online to do the Parallels Workstation thing though (I'd prefer to keep my music PC offline forever). And does running the PW slow the machine down?

    And lol can I just check you have got Vista Ultimate or Business and not Home Premium? Even the Digidesign representative said they had received reports of it working on Home Premium, but could not confirm as they had not officially tested it themselves…


  • Denyse

    Your discussion is all very interesting but not everyone changes to Vista by choice. If you purchase a new computer, you can only get it with Vista. So the first thing I looked into was installing XP so that my new MBOX 2 would function. Well guess what…..HP computers with Vista are not compatible with XP – my drivers will no longer work! I am not sure who the fool is here: HP, Microsoft, Digidesign…or me!

  • Mar B

    its true as i went to buy a new cpu, it only had vista i said well i just downgrade to xp, i heardt that can burn out the drivers and leave me with a very useless computer, sucks i gues i have no choice but to start with this new vista thing, which i really do not want to try or that im not looking forward to, i also heard i can have a computer created with xp on it, but why go through all of that and look for the 320 gb hard drive and 2 bg ram and however much anythign else it needs i dont really know much about cpus, im not trying to get riped off, im just trying to hget off of this msuic generator 2 for ps 2 with a 1100 dollar korg keyboard and get on my grind, but what is it so hard and difficult, i just want to make music which i love and which i am thankful that God has given for me to do…what does anyone else thank, if u have anything type of info that can help me make this chage then i would most deff appreciate, GodBles every one here and 1..

  • Well, great. I have pro tools with a Digi 003 and Vista Premeiuem. Now I'z got'sta upgrade to 7.four? What'z up wit dat? Now my G tells me I canst Use PREMEMEIUM that I need the ULTEMATE version of MSVista. Why me? Why is that even something fare to digidesine and all of us profesionalls? Tell me@!!!? You cantst becuz they are try'n to RIP YOU AND I OFF THIS PLANNET!!!!!

    If Audacitee wasnt so teribble I would change it for it rat now!!

  • Mar B

    it does suck, if anyhone has a date exactly when 7.4 coimes out let me know. I seen 7.3 at guitar center and it was greeat it was awsome i know i can get on protools and create even more music and be able to put more tracks to the one song then what i have been ever able to.. well if no sone says anythign esle for a hile Happy new years untill then , i wanted to be able to make a new song on my new cpu with protools after chrsitmas but that wasnt happening, but i still have time i guess maybe before december is Gone you think? Godbless everyone.

  • Ya dude, I know what you meen. Can I run my 003 trhough something else other than protools? I nee dto know since this is taking far to long for my dandy, you know?! Yeah! Protools is a joke and i need to move on with my gig but i have a double oh three, and I need to use my gear for recording better sounding music then i can gets on a newer one you know what i mean becuase thats the hole pointe of being a profeshinal like me and you all out there in the muscic land intdustry where music isnt done on analong sistems any more its all digital and we need proltoos to work on our vista systems so that our clients keep hapy and we keep sending out salutes to new music guroos around the stratosfere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep it real with vista and protlls and dont make it fake no more! COMEONE!!!! this is enough dragon on!

  • Mar B

    i hear of 7.4, i seen that 7.3 versions being used and it looked pretty , very good, i know i can get down with it. i just hope that i can get beyound where im at with my music with this thing, since it should have alot of options of doing new stuff that i havent been able to use before, everyooe who uses it that i ask saysu can do anythign with protools, so i want to be able to do some crazy stuff, wha im using right now, seems to be like a block of my creativity right now , and im looking to expand on everything, thats why i want to move up to protools, ive been looking into it readign everything about it, i just want to be able to move beyound and to professional level recording, i hear that some sort of protools is in every studio, so better began to get used to it…1 hit me up if yall have anything to say anybody…once again…1 and Godbless.

  • Logistical Styles

    This sucks I just got an Mbox2 Mini and I can't use it on my Toshiba Satellite with Vista pre-installed. I wish I knew this beforehand.

  • cc

    this is some major bullshit for sure…GET WITH IT DIGIDESIGN!!!

  • Mar B

    yes i kno, wish there was some way we could all do something about it and then every body on here would get a discount, i here that protoos is workign on vista now but i here horro stories now, i dont know what to believe.I just want to go into a store and see PROTOOLS? VISTA?…YES THATS RIGHT FOLKS WORKING TOGETHER AT LAST…U know something like hat maihgt ake me happy…Might. GoDBless Everybody.

  • Tom

    Alot of you are missing the point why Pro Tools HD is sonically better all around. It is because of the AD to DA convertors they use, not so much the floating point, bit conversion, Vista, OS whatever. That's what gives the most noticeable clarity, larger stereo field and punch that you don't get with the more inexpensive LE system. The HD system has a way better internal clock and convertors. Upgrade your clock and convertors to an Apogee Rosetta and Big Beg and you pretty much have a system that is almost equally the same for recording and playing mixes back. Any top notch studio will tell you the convertors are what helps make a more pro recording. Besides your acoustically treated room, musicianship, ears, and your monitors The Ad to DC convertors are what eveyrone here should be discussing, not some floating point bit ratio thingy!

  • Mar B

    i dont really care about the converters, i havent gotten that far, i just need to know that if i get a cpu i can use protools any versions on it, because of the fact that new cpus come with vista and if so when is it coming out. thats my point 1 and Godbless.

  • trutraveler

    so if you have an mbox mini that you already brough tis digidesign going to help you or do you just have to buy the new prodram they prepose to be coming out with if so this is some bull

  • scott

    I have two xp systems, both crashed because of protools and the mbox..now i have a new 400 dollar paper wieght and coaster(prtools disc) that wont work on vista.. and i have to wait for digi design to correct this…

    ridiculous – the president of digi design should be fired!

    thats my say

  • DjRiGhThOoKs

    ive read that protools 7.4 will run with vista but how does it run? does it run good or run at all? does anyone have any information on this..is anyone using vista and protools?

  • DjRiGhThOoKs


  • Mar B

    thats is true does anyeone have an answer, from all the educated guesses and arguments u hear throguht out this whole board… Can some one who has experience or any knowledge about this speak up. we the people who are trying to get vista are waiting. the customers u know. we who give our money for their product,which always need some costly upgrade, or sometype of new hard ware or soft ware to make what u already had running keep on running. im so tired of this, i want to know something official from somebody. this scks. Some body run tell microsoft. tell Bill gates or whoever is in Charge.Godbles. please pray for me and my family.

  • Eddie Miller


    PC 2007

  • brandon

    I use vista with pro tools. you can only use 32 bit vista, and only pro tools le 7.4. It works just fine. I haven't had any problems with it yet, and I have been using it on vista for a few months. I hopw that helps

  • DjRiGhThOoKs

    nice im gonna rund 7.4 on my vista then

  • rdigga

    i just bought a mbox 2 pro factory(w/pro tools 7.4) and i have microsoft vista home premium on my lap top. will it work or what? i dont want to register my mbox yet cuz if i do, i can not return it for a full refund….i hear you need vista business or ultimate for it to work..but i also hear protools 7.4 works with home premium…can someone help a brotha out ya digg?…i wanna use pro tools already dammit!!!

  • kenny

    whos the distributor and whos the cosumer? one says yes one says no… nobody knows and i am left with an overwhwlming feeling that i am being had…. nonsense!

  • DjRiGhThOoKs

    anyone else running protools with vista? how does it run?

  • Mar B

    thanks brandon that sounds good, its just makes me feel like i want to hear a bit more people favoring that it works, jut too scared to be had or that u may be doing something that i may not know how to do and that it might be working for u. if anybody else has any more good results with vista running on protools let me know, i havent heard asny thing or seen anything on the net new, nothing being broadcast u know if there is a different website saying that vista and protools are working together perfectly in sync then please let me know…Godbless.1.

  • I just bought the whole new pro tools set up with mbox 2 and for some reason it isnt recording any sound. I have all the wires hooked up correctly but still nothing, this vista sh!t is p!ssing me off. I asked the guy at the store if it was compatible and he said yea and I also bought a m-audio keyrig 49 and its not working either, even though i downloaded the 7.4 version and m audio drivers.

  • I am using mpowered 7.4cs2 with Vista 32 and so far it rocks. I have not had any trouble yet (knock on wood). It seems to be running very smoothly and it sounds GREAT!

  • rdigga

    i finally got it to work..protools 7.4 works well with MS Vista HOME PREMIUM…so far so good…but i have this one problem…if i dont record or if there is now active sound for about at least 10 minutes or less, i get no sound..the recording will indeed play, but no sound is coming out…this happens with itunes too…do any of you know how to fix this problem?…i always have to restart my laptop for it it to work again( meaning sound is actually coming out)..is there anything i need to configure for this crap to stop from happening?…I NEED YOUR HELP!!

  • rdigga

    TYPO—->…"if i dont record or if there is NO sound for about…."

  • Lloyd Claycomb

    Vista + Pro Tools = junk. Too bad I'm stuck using Pro Tools since I have some Digidesign hardware. They always seem to be about 2 years behind. What, they didn't know Vista was coming? Lloyd Claycomb.

    Oh, and now that it works, be sure not to run any Vista updates because a Vista update can mess up your working copy of Protools.

    Lloyd Claycomb

  • Steve

    I love digi design I love Pro tools when am going around i go with my laptop its interasting..

  • Mar B

    im tired of everthing, so ive called up Computer usa and had thyem install a conputer with windows for me. for just over 300, ill get a working version of protools and just use it then and that will be that. 2.2 mghz 2 gig ram and 200 gig harddrive im tired of the problems, i dont care about vista or all those upgrade and when it somes to it, ill just do that all some othrt time if i even need it, oce im making music im sure ill just be happy to do so. .www.myspace.com/marlonbaconjr. check out my music and see what u like.

  • just bought an m-box and have vista…then read this!!!……..advice please, pete

  • Mo

    Less talk, more music.

  • and

    wow… i read only one post with the right info about the 32-bits / 64-bits :O

    i wasn't expecting that extremely poor knowledge of the subject…

    Peter Kirn was the one right…

    64-bit floating point internal audio processing HAS NOTHING TO DO with a 64-bit OS, in fact in Sonar you can use it's audio engine with 32 bit OS…

    it's like saying that a 32-bits computer can't handle 128-bits numbers which is pretty stupid…

    i don't know how they make their algorithms, but Floating Point Unit's (FPUs) where 64-bit way before registers became 64-bit (x64)…

    as far as i know, Pro Tools works in 24-bits (HD in 48-bits). Sonar works in 32-bits by default and you can turn the engine into 64-bits mode.

    On the other hand, a 64-bit OS let you handle more system memory + can work with longer registers, so accesing large information should be faster (but not exactly half the time)…

  • brian ebert

    F**k. I can't get my protools to work with Vista Ultimate. I've spent three weeks trying to get it together so i can finish my album. I got it to run protools but it only makes it about three minutes before it shuts down and tells me to adjust the h/w playback blah blah blah. I have it set to the max and it keeps telling me to increase. anyone??? Bueller?…………Bueller?

  • LL

    Digidesign will be loosing a lot of customers who use the LE system because of their neglect in covering Vista 64 bit. Specially because a lot of these users will eventually buy a high end system somewhere in their lives. Just like Chevy and Ford mest up. I sold my 003 on ebay and bought a sonar's powerstudio. I called Digidesign and they said It would be a long wait for them to support Vista 64 bit, (and that is if they do Vista, I guess the will be Waiting for Windows 7). The change has not been easy but it is worth it. Sonar appears to have many more features than Pro tool and it has been time consumming to take advantage of these tools, specially MIDI.

  • I've had more than enough headaches just getting M-Powered to work on my MacBook Pro running Vista. Dropouts, error messages. It was crazy- kind of brought me back to the old DOS days of getting games to work with boot disks.

    Make sure you disable everything except what you absolutely need to run the hardware.

    But there is a better solution for those of you wanting to bridge the gap between LE and HD. I blog about it here http://stephenmatthew.blogspot.com/

  • Tony

    So… I guess you can have windows vista 64 bit and still run pro tools but you raght click on the program for "compatability" and switch to 32. Point is most of us don't want to learn about why not 64 bit, we just want the damn program to load up so we can record on our new computers… Oh and by the way we don't get vista because we know its new and not trustworthy yet… we get it to be up to date with awesome hardware for vista so that no more buffer messages and plug in freazing happens…

  • Reading over theses comments is bull. Don't upgrade to vista?!?!? The problem is that all new computer come with vista already installed and if you want to move a old ass xp computer and use the performance of a newer computer then. Yuor saying we don't know what were doing. What's worse is that i took a VM image of the old xp computer so I could run it on my new one. That shit didn't work at all. The mbox would not turn on. i installed the drivers in the xp session but i guess these idiots at protool could not take the time out to create some damn drivers. Instead to make money they are going to come out with a whole new "enhanced" Pro Tool. I see the guys name is read must work for theses asses. Get with the damn program they are out to make money and try to put the stupidity on the users for not knowing. I'm irritated !!!!!!

  • pro tools is shit fo

    i have vista and mbox2 and protools7.4,,,the sound does come out ,,but thats it!!! any others programs cannot open with mbox2,,theres is no liberty of creation with mbox2,,u cant hear ur music player or anything else trought mbox2,,only what play inside protools 7.4 will come out,,but even that u past more time configuring then doin music,,so i conclude,,if u wanna make music fuck pro tools,,if u wanna a be a geek sound ingeneer then maybe its for u,,,



  • M W

    So does anyone know at this point what the plan is for Digi to support Vista 64-bit versions? Will they do it? What is the timeline? Will the new 003 Rack+ be compatible with Vista 64-bit OS versions? Does anybody have new and up-to-date information on this please? Thank you.

  • TurtLe On The Track

    Aye, I just got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit running on a Intel Core i7. We have the MBOX 2 Mini with Pro Tools 8 and IT WORKS!!!! And my FL STUDIO works with the MBOX soundcard.

  • phil

    im just getting a dell xps as well but running 32 bit vista home premium, im wanting to get an mbox2 with pro tools but now unsure if itl work straight out the box? help?

  • Barry-Belfast

    The only way i got pro tools to even work on vista was not… and to downgrade to windows xp service pack 2 which works, there is no other wa to get pro tools working on a windows based systm, it sucks i know, i blame that wee fruit bill gates

  • ezzyjoe

    here's the thing, i install all the pro tools, restart system, got the midi cards all, all read perfectly, but when i run the program, system ask for the them midi cards again, on vista. ain't saying ssshhh, but pro tools is good, use it in studio, but not at home, mac included but no windows, thats the thing, next time make sure the compability is for all system be4 released. kapish