An anonymous reader has Ableton Live running successfully on Apple TV — yes, Apple TV the actual hardware. If you haven’t been watching the Mac blogs, the Apple TV is in fact a mini computer and hackers are all over it. Suddenly, what looked like somewhat bland hardware may become more popular because of hackers. Will you soon be carrying Apple TV’s to a gig? We’re waiting on our tipster to provide some more screen grabs and video with details, but in the meantime, here’s a snapshot (viewed from another Mac remotely).

More on Apple TV hacking:
Apple TV boots from USB (without opening case) [ AwkwardTV, which has some other good hacking information ]

  • cdmr

    I don't get it. Isn't the computer in Apple TV even less powerful than a mac mini (which is barely powerful enough to run Live)? If you wanted a tiny box to run Live on at a gig why would you choose AppleTV?

  • I have to talk to our source about performance. Does anyone have a good line on specs? Apple Insider says it's a Pentium M 1.0, which actually would be capable of running Live, though you're right, you wouldn't buy this for that purpose. I could see someone using their Apple TV in an installation or something, doubling as … well, an Apple TV. Graphics capabilities may be more interesting, as we know it can hack that.

    It's a novelty, definitely.

    I will take issue with the idea that a Mac mini can "barely" run Live. Quite the contrary; the Intel Core chips in the new machines should tear quite nicely through Live, especially at the price. I just prefer a MacBook for its additional functionality, CPU speed, upgradeability, and screen. On a budget, though, and if you want an external screen, you could be very happy with the mini. It'll even run Logic Pro nicely on its own or as a Logic node.

  • Kodama

    Faster than alot of G4's I'd bet, the Pentium M is basically a Core Solo.

  • If Apple Insider can be trusted, it's running on only a 350MHz bus, so definitely no Core Solo. But the Pentium M is definitely a step up from older G4s.

  • Oli

    What about, well, could get a basic audio i/o working off it's USB (like the M-Audio Jamlab or something). it should be fast enough to run Amplitube or Guitar Rig.

    Bonus points to have it boot straight into your pre-loaded setup, complete with a Behringer FCB1010. maybe even run that off live, and have it wifi sync with a performance machine to take care of it's own live looping.

    (tho, i don't know. just rambling)

  • Well, all of this will be easier with a mini, which is far more capable for only a little more money. But yes, theoretically it may be possible to hack some of these capabilities in, for someone wanting their ATV to do double duty. 🙂

  • cdmr

    @Peter … AppleTV as a cheap wireless box for art installations is a great idea.

  • I am the one who hacked this up, right now

    there is no USB support, BUT i am very close to

    getting the Apple Network Midi running, the latency

    is around 12 MS.

    It can be loaded embedded on the box, and the only

    application you see is Ableton live.

    I will be posting a video of it running and

    instructions shortly.

  • It's like half the price of a mac mini.

    If you're just doing some fairly simple mixing without massive effects then it would be a cool way to roll. Its the size of some outboard soundcards.

    I'd love to have a tiny little comp hooked up to my 19" widescreen. If only they made decent carry cases for monitors.

    Good going.

  • Pete West

    How do you control it? I'm guessing the remote doesn't cut it …

    – or is this just one of those useless hacks that you have to control from another machine?

  • Damon

    Still not enough a reason to buy a Tivo

  • You can get mouse and keyboard to work, our later

    work from sat/sunday gets a full OSX system onto

    the box.

    MIDI forthcoming.

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