CAUTION: if you are still enjoying the EVO5 countdown, and don’t want to be tainted with any product details until the official announcement at Musikmesse in 15 days, STOP READING NOW!

Preliminary specifications for the EVO5 digital mixer obtained by Create Digital Music reveal the folowing:

  1. It’s a 5-channel mixer with MIDI and effects. (Ok, you might have guessed that, but anyway…)
  2. The EVO5 includes a 12-channel FireWire interface that provides 6 stereo in and 6 stereo out, so you can stream audio to and from Ableton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, and other applications.
  3. 4 channels of the EVO5 can handle the FireWire audio, the 5th is for microphone input.
  4. MIDI can also be transmitted over FireWire and there are both MIDI In and Out ports.
  5. 4 continuous rotary knobs under the display can be used for MIDI control, as can the channel EQ knobs, which are non-continuous.
  6. I/O includes 4 phono preamps, 5 line inputs, and RCA and XLR outputs.

Beyond this promising feature set, much of the EVO5’s potential success seems to be riding on its user interface. The EVO5 has apparently been in development for over a year with the revered Italian design firm, Giugiaro, best known for high-end European sports cars like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. This is the first time Giugiaro has designed a DJ product and their involvement raises expectations for a fresh perspective on the DJ mixer UI.

One can only assume that the low-res rendering images floating around won’t do it justice!

Ed.: Hmmm, I think I’d probably take an Alfa Romeo over what looks like a fairly ordinary mixer, but we’ll see! -PK

  • SWEET JESUS!!! Its the messiah!!!

  • Adrian Anders

    Huh. In light of recent Korg, Vestax, et al offerings I'm rather underwealmed by this. Except for an (arguably) improved UI, there's little that sets this apart from the recent crop of interfaces/DJ mixers.



  • Do these mixers with integrated soundcards do a better job with the sound processing than a separate soundcard and midi controller?

    I'm not sure exactly how they would be better. Have they engineered discreet processing for each channel and then integrated it after mixing? Have they designed a soundcard that is somehow optimized for this exact type of application?

    Or are most of these basically just a scratch mixer with a soundcard and some midi knobs all in one box?

    As for the designer, I think they need to get some Apple guys so do some next level jog wheel crossfader innovations.

    When looking at what appears to be a midi scratch mixer I'm just not convinced that I need midi EQing when I already have analog EQing. If it was good enough for vinyl why bother draining your wallet and cpu?

    I agree with Adrian, the Vestax controller looks cool and it actually looks like it would be fun to use. I'll look at that and decide between it and the Behringer rotary controller. I'd love to see some new pcmcia cards like the Indigo DJ.

  • @DJ McManus: I don't see any significant quality advantage to built-in audio over a separate audio card, no. I think the main pluses are just convenience and (depending on how it's set up and how you want to use it) possibly some additional flexibility in mixing.

    "are most of these basically just a scratch mixer with a soundcard and some midi knobs all in one box?"

    Yep, you've got it. 🙂

    Of course, that is useful in itself, and it's a lot simpler than using a separate sound card and mixer as far as routing/cabling.

    @Adrian: Obviously, they overhyped this, which is why Josh ribbed them last week. This might be a decent alternative to the Korg and other mixers, though — it's just a competitive choice rather than something revolutionary. I'm mystified by the tendency of these manufacturers toward more and more hype. I think they don't fully understand what the Web is about and how to publicize stuff. We'll write about it anyway, just because we're still waiting for the perfect digital mixer.

  • I think that this product should be a hit in the area that really counts… usability. Ecler has done a great job in the past of making a mixer that functions like it should, at a price that is reasonable. As opposed to the over priced products from Pioneer, Vestax, and Allen and Heath. I look at the brand as the innovative version of Rane. They may have hyped this mixer by having that website, however compare their marketing to their competition and its their marketing that underwhelms.

  • im sick of these things being called firewire mixers, when they cant mix firewire.

    does anyone make a mixer you can plug 3 computers into (via firewire) and mix them down?

  • Looks like they dont wanted to pay the usual Giugiaro Bill and just franchised the name 😉

    Btw im with Carmen, at least a "Multi-Dimensional Mixing Unit" (lets just call it like this )

    should be capable to handle (min.) 2 Laptops by having 2 Audiointerface. Or maybe just deliver it without any "Built In" Soundcards, just equipped with expansion Slots to upgrade the unit, if desired.

  • bliss

    I didn't see anything in the specs about a thumbprint scanner… Was looking forward to that. That's a deal-breaker for me.

  • Remember all the rumours before the unveiling?

    Where's the key and ignition area to start this thing up?

  • The advantage of the firewire card is convenience, yes. With this mixer (and others with built in soundcards), you can use, say, ableton, and have each of its tracks outputs enter into each input on the mixer via firewire. This all goes thru a single cable, and because of the minimal connections, there is no loss of audio quality.

    Normally, you would need a PC, an external multi-channel soundcard AND RCA wires from each output channel on the soundcard to each input channel on the mixer. This would also take up inputs that can be used by CD players etc..

    With the internal firewire card, you can just assign PC outputs to whichever channels on your mixer. You can also assign the OUTPUTS from the mixer to the INPUTS (to record) on your PC.

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  • typodaemon

    bliss, no breathalizer either. 🙁

    Convience goes a long way in audio gear, especially dj equipment. Most dj's aren't pushing new techniques or anything revolutionary, so having everything in one box together is a selling point. Its easy to connect and easy to move.

    I just wish companies would come up with better marketing – how many times have been told the biz is about to be revolutionized or it will never be the same? How many count down timers have we seen?

    But then again, out of 49 comments on all the stories on the front page… this commands 11, so why fix what isn't broken?

  • I just want an affordable 4+ channel mixer that sends MIDI clock info to ableton so that it can synch with turntable/CDJ's!

  • Quirk Street, Check out the Nuo5! It's not exactly cheap, but it can be bought for about $1000. At that price it does quite a lot if you compare it to similar mixers. If you bought one used you could get it for a lot less!

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  • jsm

    now, would the sound card of this mixer be able to read and transmit the timecoded vinyl signals to control mp3 in the laptops? and i never used ecler product before, but is the making of their mixers ans the sound quality is as good as a a&h?

  • New word on the NUO5…it WILL be TRAKTOR SCRATCH certified! This means you can get just the TRAKTOR SCRATCH program and the vinyls, and use the mixer's Firewire card as the interface….no external interface box needed!

  • oops..I mean EVO5

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  • just got one of these. all you need is the traktor scratch UPGRADE and the vinyls and you are good to GO. the sound on this thing is seriously good, i went for this over a djm 800 HANDS DOWN. and as for the fool that was labelling this in the same arena as the Krog firewire series? The Korg can't handle low end and the curve on the graphics is SHIT! i've checked all these things out in person and this mixer is the boss. fact.