8-bit music has definitely caught the attention of the mainstream. GameSpy has a good five-way interview with part of the group behind the new album of Kraftwerk covers, 8-bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk.

8-Bit Operators: It’s More Fun to Console

They miss my friend Kim Haeyoung (Bubblyfish), who made one of my favorite tracks on the album. (Hey, mainstream press, boys and girls can both play electronic music, 8-bit or 64-bit.) But it is a good read, and if you haven’t heard the album yet, it’s a lot of fun — partly for the broad range of interpretations on the album:

8-bit Operators

Kraftwerk goes nicely with Commodore 64’s, Game Boys, and NES systems, though it’s a tiny instrumental step rather than the leap that was Switched on Bach. Dig the shot of C64 homebrew music console Prophet64 in the Gamespy image.

In a week when we were pondering a new version of Logic Pro, it’s nice to know the Commodore 64 still lives. I mean, come on, which platform is the coolest here (stick it out for the end):

  • Bojan LandekiÄ&

    Best entertainment I've seen this year, in any media! Awesome work!

  • Bojan LandekiÄ&

    Best entertainment I've seen this year! Great work! But the site needs a redesign, too many flashy things slow scrolling down!

  • BassTooth

    yes, hardcore porn.

  • julian

    I think you'll find its a Vic 20! ahem….

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  • Rozling

    Anyone else think that guy in the picture looks like a young Billy Corgan?

  • Tomcatt


    Oh my GOD. That's the best video I've seen in a long time. And it about sums things up to from then to now. C64 DID rule the world. Life was simple. File were plenty, music was everywhere with killer demo groups. Didn't the .GIF started on C64?