Monome 100h

The Monome creators have announced they’ve almost sold out of their open-sourced, open-ended, button-filled Monome 40h hardware. The original Monome has proved to be a bit of a cult hit since it was first produced, finding a wide variety of applications for musicians and visualists. The old will make way for a new, 16 x 16 “100h” controller in place of the 8 x 8 “40h.”

Peak at the 100h []

The new wooden enclosure (black walnut) looks gorgeous; the faceplate remains aluminum. I wonder if some will actually prefer the fewer-button design; if so, you’d better act quickly before they run out. Of course, this being open hardware, with a little work you can build your own custom model, as we saw here. (See Building a Custom Monome Controller, with STS9’s David Phipps.) David’s unit went with a rectangular rather than square configuration.

Pricing on the new model: TBD, but they’re estimating well over US$1000. (Grab those smaller ones while you can, apparently!) Availability: expected early August. No preorders yet.

The new Monome will be at the Maker Faire along with yours truly, and I also hope to catch up with creator Brian Crabtree soon.

  • el paolo

    The UPS guy showed up with my 40h today. Suffice to say, that's been my evening thus far–that is, mashing out rhythms on the step sequencer. I don't think I could handle the 16×16. Just too many buttons for a novice like me. Maybe I'll be ready to graduate after I put 100+ hours in jamming out on this one. It's turning out to be everything I expected.

  • Damon

    Well, this site is no longer on my cool list

  • dead_red_eyes

    What do you mean by that Damon?

  • NineTailedFox

    Fair question…

    I've gone for the 40h. I'll be drumming with the other three limbs, and think I'd risk getting lost in a 16×16 grid of smaller buttons. Plus portability, plus the fact that lust for this thing was starting to interfere with my breathing, and I couldn't have waited until August. I'm struggling to contain myself even knowing it'll be shipped next week…

  • i love my 40h!

    my triggerfinger is getting sold because of it's arrival.

    it's a perfect match for my vci-100.

    running traktor and live with them both rocks.

    the monomes are going superfast – buy one before it's too late!

  • el paolo

    I agree w/ dead_red_eyes–what does Damon's comment imply?

  • I believe Damon's comments referred to his "Cool" list. You know, the kind of list that everybody keeps and trades with their friends.

    You guys are so uncool! You're all totally off my "Cool" list and now on my "Uncool" list, right under item number one, HAVING A COOL LIST.

    Damon may have had a point though, the monome controller is kind of lame. What next the Abacus controller. Pa-ar-ar-tay!

  • wow.

    they are completely sold out.

    glad i got mine when i did.

  • daniel

    i cant believe anyone would say that the 40h or 100h are uncool! maybe they are not for everyone, but they are the most interesting and innovative controller this side of the JazzMutant Lemur.