Rather than launch into technical jargon, let me summarize. It’s giant. It has lots of faders and knobs and color screens and such. Not only can you not afford it, you can’t lift it, either. It has an insanely stupid name. But it’s quite beautiful, like a 1979 vision of the future dreamt up by defense contractors.

Supposedly, it’s a digital mixing console. Pity, as it looks like it’d fit right in on your nuclear submarine. If I’m every successful as an evil mastermind, I’ll regularly hold late-night music sessions on my nuclear sub. I’ll sync the sub’s reactor system to, well, Reaktor, and use the periscope to control filter cutoff in Ableton Live. You’re invited. Mash-ups of the Beatles — well, that’s a no-brainer. (“And our friends are all aboard” / “Many more of them live next door” / “And the band begins to play…”)

In the world of Allen & Heath, this is a “compact” digital mixing console. (See the product site for what a non-compact version looks like.) It’s “designed for smaller applications such as theatres, churches and touring bands.” Hmmm … my idea of a band tour generally involves some cheap plastic control surface in a tote bag, not this and a bus, but that’s why I’m not a real rock star.

And they somehow decided to call the whole line iLive, which sounds like some tinny plastic speaker accessory for iPod.

Got £15,000 + ? This is yours, starting July 2007. Other members of the CDM staff would rather have this. In the meantime, back to my far-cheaper controllers and mixers.

iLive Digital Mixing Line

Yup. Even the EQ section has sex appeal.
  • Sinistro maluco!

  • OMFG! My back hurts just to look at it!

  • DiG

    A: it's quality

    B: it's a 'mixing CONSOLE' (not a live digital 'dj/mash up artist mixer')

    this is your average sized console:

    so yeah, it's pretty damn compact.

  • DiG, come on. Look at the size of the upper panel, the enormous EQ section, the giant screen, and the amount of space between controls. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but this board isn't built for economy — either in price or size. And anyone who spends any time around the applications they mention (theater, touring bands, churches) has to admit you don't see anything like this. Well, unless you're talking stadiums, U2, and megachurches.

    Don't get me wrong: this is a beautiful, beautiful board, in all its excess. And if you know a church who owns this, I'm free Sunday morning.

  • NineTailedFox

    Submarine? Nah… If I had one of these, I'd have to hook it up to voice activation and sit in a swivelly chair gravely intoning "Make it so!" all day.

  • Kako

    I heard something about some hardware stolen from NASA…

  • dnparadice

    wow, I love it. I agree it looks like the 1970s vision of 2000. maybee its made out of space age super lite materials.

  • kenoir

    The Allen Heath is about 2 times the size and much heavier than this live console


    I wonder how "i" it is. It would be illogical to carry this thing with me if I'm touring with some bands or music groups.

    I believe they used a long time to develop this product and deliver this to against consoles from Midas and Soundcraft which for me seems like a big concert level console. And the release of it is not recent, it's announced quite a half yr ago.

    Just forget the word ilive, it's only a name for a console trying to cath up with the trend